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Draco Malfoy:
An Indepth Look

Name: Draco Malfoy
Age: 14
Birthday: Should be the Winter Solstice, 1980
Hair Colour: Blonde (golden to silver)
Eye Colour: Oceanic (blue-gray)
Parents: Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy
Siblings: None known
Friends: Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Marcus Flint, Death Eaters & families
Enemies: Harry Potter, any Weasley, Hermione Granger, Rubeus Hagrid, Barty Crouch Jr. who turned him into a ferret, certain Hippogriffs
Pets: An eagle owl and barn owl who bring him things
Position: Slytherin student in Harry's year, seeker for Slytherin Quidditch team, Hogwarts resident bully, son of Death Eater
Quotes: "My father told me all the Weasleys have red hair, freckles, and more children than they can afford." / "You'll soon find out some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there." / "Think my name's funny, do you?"

Personality & Clockwork
< >Draco Malfoy is the blonde, oceanic-eyed (that's my line) who everyone loves to hate. He is the class browbeater, the pain in Harry's butt, the gleam in his father's eye, and a devilishly sexy young man. ::grins a bit evilly:: And he has also quickly become one of my favorite characters, or at least the one - next to darling Severus Snape - who intrigues me the most. The same can be said for many Harry Potter fans.
< >He is a dark character, cast away into such a terrible stereotype one sometimes wonders how he might ever get out. You can almost see Draco digging his hole deeper and settle into it, sobbing but submissive the entire way. He is cunning, sarcastic, and ruthless to no end. He's underhandedly helped Gryffindor lose 150 points in one midnight stroll, nearly got Hagrid in trouble for a dragon, has abused Neville countless time, exchanged very crude insults with the famous trio, purposely angered a hippogriff which was nearly beheaded for what he did to it. His comment about Cedric Diggory and Muggle-borns, though, is one of the worst things he's done - which, incidentally seems to bother some people as to why he's become one of the most popular characters to write about in fan fiction. I don't know why, either, but I'm fascinated and almost always have been.
< >Most people believe he has the possibility of swiftly becoming a Death Eater and replacing his father as a high-ranking comrade of Voldemort. No one can really agree whether or not he will choose. And although J. K. Rowling thwarted the rumor that Harry and Draco will team up, it is still theorized that Draco may renounce his father's way. Whether or not he turns to the good side is just another question up in the air. Those who believe that he will deny Lord Voldemort are also split in two, leaving a fork in the road for Draco were he to choose this path. He'd either become quiet passive, help Albus Dumbledore, or - and frankly, I just thought of this - he'd be lying dead somewhere for either reason.
< >Draco, being the sort of person he is and how he's grown up, was admittedly probably under the influence of his father to find an ally in Harry. He is most certainly jealous of Harry Potter, but his hand in friendship on the train in the first book may have been an attempt to find a friend. This is a growing suspicion due to Draco's obvious characteristics and way he acts around Harry - resentful but hovering, as if he stills wants to find a friend in Harry. The unfortunate thing is that Draco has been brought up to think that he can get whatever he wants (which is also an eyebrow raising point in slash fiction, noted further down) and feels his pompous attitude is all that he needs to shove his weight around. The very idea that Harry can readily refuse his friendship forces Draco to, rather reluctantly, re-evaluate his life and himself. His inner struggle and bitterness brings about a turmoil that he cannot keep inside him but acts as if it is only resentment towards a certain scar-headed classmate. He's so scared of not knowing who he is, not getting what he wants - scratch that, not knowing what he wants - that he puts up a veil, locking people out with nasty sneers and dark stares, and doesn't know how yet to come out from the dark.
< >Personally, Draco is a dreamer and very much an outsider. He is lonely, afraid, and melancholy. I'll actually go as far as saying that he's like me when I was a child. He is spoiled, he has no real friends save for the thugs - who I strongly suspect report upon his every move to their fathers for Lucius - and hanger-on Pansy Parkinson, and to his great unhappiness doesn't know his place in the world. Draco is battling with his heart and the social structure around him, and he's very fearful to know which one wins. All he knows it that whatever happens, there are dire, omnipresent consequences.

< >I consider Draco to be a very clever and smart individual, right up there with Hermione. It's just that we don't know much about it, save for that he's Professor Snape's favorite student and that illustrates at least something. Like I said before, he hides - almost cowers - beneath a veil of secrecy and lets no one in to see who he really is - an intelligent human being. Of course, with a father like Lucius Malfoy, he also certainly has training in the Dark Arts. He knows a great deal about the world and is quite well aware of the social structure of the wizarding world; this obviously illustrates to the reader that his father has showered his son in politics and politics is a hard sport. You need to be intelligent, crafty, and careful in the political scheme of life, and Draco certainly is all that. Yet he still doesn't let on all he knows.
< >This cover-up of a rather blatant intelligence alludes to a sense of embarrassment, as if he is ashamed to put himself on display. It would seem that Draco Malfoy being considered "brainy" would be a weakening of the cold, bitter barrier he has built up around him. He is unquestionably one of the smartest characters; pity he makes it seem as if it's a bad thing.

< >Draco is increasingly (although I've thought so for a long time) becoming a demigod-like creature. Draco is written up as a tall, silky-haired blonde - silver or gold, preferably longish and tied back - young man with controversial eyes. In short, he's almost like Legolas from Lord of the Rings; I just almost wish he had pointy ears. ::hears shrieking:: Should not have brought up Legolas, should not have brought up Legolas. ::scolds self rather vehemently:: Anyway, I suggest any person not wanting to read about the godliness of Draco Malfoy to skip this section. ::winks::
< >While Draco Malfoy is supposed to be an evil, or at least dark, character, I find this fact especially ironic. Think that you did not know who Harry Potter was - yes, I know that's impossible, but just try for a moment. Hold up a picture of an expressionless, scarred, dark-haired Harry Potter and an expressionless, unscathed, blonde Draco Malfoy, especially looking a lot older than they are in the books. Who would you pick for the nemesis? Perhaps if you're odd, you'll pick Draco. Otherwise, you'd probably pick Harry Potter, because he is actually the darker looking character, save for his eyes which could be taken as cold. Draco Malfoy is the pristine, innocent looking one of the two, and thus the stereotypical hero. We only know differently because of the books. ::smirks a bit::
< >Draco's eyes . . . oh, my, Draco's eyes. They have to be the most written about eyes this side of the millennia. Through his dark blue or silver-gray (the colour is very debatable) irises, he can cajole you into believing he is deeply in love, or he can bestow upon the onlooker a carefully mastered, sinister glare that causes both grief and absolute madness. He can convey animosity and love at the same time, and the bittersweet combination of fire and ice can take one's breath away.
< >Don't be surprised if all of a sudden Draco says sometime down the road - in a very good Austin Powers impersonation - "I am a sexy beast!"

< >Draco seams very proud of his father and speaks constantly him. His relationship with his father has often been questioned. I believe that Draco is physically, emotionally, verbally, and psychologically abused - and I shove away any suggestion there is sexual abuse involved. That is not Lucius Malfoy's style (more in his profile). As for the aforementioned abuse, it is believed Lucius beats his son or at least does not show much restraint when it comes to punishment and force. A concrete example would be at the end of Chamber of Secrets when Lucius doesn't hesitate when he turns to hit Harry, very hard, for tricking him into releasing Dobby the House Elf. Kids heading into their teenage years furthermore do not fully advocate what their parents do, say, or think. Draco does all of the aforementioned and I believe it is an act to fool the outside world from what really goes on in Malfoy Manor. Draco is probably ridiculed, humiliated, and beat for even the smallest of mistakes, and then is forced to play as if nothing is wrong. Thus, to the world, he is the compliant son of a great, powerful man. It would suit Lucius' character very well if we were to find out that he had been treating Draco far beyond the means of normal castigation and I will be very surprised if he has not been.
< >Narcissa Malfoy, of what we have seen of her, seems to abhor being around her family, but still remains dutiful. She also spoils Draco, which may tie in with what Lucius' treatment of their son. It's sort of an attempt to help him forget his life. Draco's mother, however, is typically thought of only two ways: she is either too weak too fight her husband or she follows him around like a lovesick dog (it is rare for anyone to think otherwise). I think she falls between both (more here) and Draco is increasingly resentful of her. He hates his father, but also loves him, and miserably finds himself trapped in the same place Narcissa dwells. He hates her for not fighting and, in contrast, also hates himself more for not trying.
< >Otherwise, we do not know much about Draco's family. Lots of people suspect he has a younger sibling, most likely a sister, who is actually quite nice. This is doubtful, because Draco would not be as mean to little Ginny Weasley as he is, even if he doesn't like her family. She would be symbolic of his younger sibling and because she is presented as such a sweet character (gag me with a spork), he would not torment her. I also don't think Draco has any close relatives; if he did, he wouldn't be so locked up in himself and he would also be flaunting their greatness or potential. Albeit, it would be quite interesting to find out if he has a cousin or aunt on the good side . . . ::ominous music plays::

Enemies & Rivals
< >

Most Popular Ships
< >In the heterosexual realm of Harry Potter fan fiction, Draco is most commonly paired with Hermione Granger (thanks to me . . . buwahaha. ::end of ego trip::). This coupling is a little like Romeo & Juliet. Draco falls in love with the girl his parents (especially Lucius) would approve of least, and Hermione falls in love with the boy everyone hates. (Ron usually becomes incensed in D/Her stories; usually because he likes her or he thinks his best friend is being deceived.) The pairing, simply put, is perfect because it brings about arguments of who is right, who is wrong, and what they can settle on for themselves and not base their relationship on the thoughts of others. If they can pull that off, if they can struggle hard enough to discover what's in their hearts, what they truly believe, then the relationship will work, and it's quite heartwarming. This couple also gives the world a glimmer of hope for the future which may be another reason why they are so popular.
< >Other popular ships (relationships) for Draco are Pansy Parkinson and Ginny Weasley. So . . . the first one I get for the obvious reason . . . he's usually dating her for his father's sake and dating other people on the side. Pansy is a pureblood Slytherin girl who Draco's family would greatly approve of him getting involved with, even if she's described as having "a pug face" and wears odd frilly pink clothing. I guess that's better than Millicent Bulstrode, because would a guy rather date a girl who has an odd style of clothing, or a girl who has an odd way of showing her affection? ::snort:: Hermione in a headlock. ::louder snort:: The pairing I don't get is Ginny and Draco, although I can maybe see why. She, like Hermione, is definitely on the bad side - in Draco's case, anyway - and is a Weasley, where you can definitely see controversy. The thing I don't like about this particular relationship is that it looks all too peachy keen, and I dare to think that Draco would feel that he had a certain power over her, or it would seem that way. I don't like at all. Hermione is much more intellectually stimulating and is far more capable than "little innocent Ginny" to have a dynamic, equally-powerful relationship with Draco.
< >The fan fictions, for reference purposes, can occur in any year, although statistically not in the first three years as often. Sometimes, the romance can occur even after Hogwarts, and it's either Hermione or Ginny involved in that circumstance. ::shouts suddenly:: Hermione and Draco forever! ::gets pounced upon by Ron/Hermione and Harry/Hermione shippers::
< >And because I said heterosexual before, most of you knew where I was heading. In a lot of fan fiction, and by stereotype, pretty boys like Draco - ::drools:: - are typically homosexual, or have homosexual tendencies. Taking this in mind and calling Draco a very gorgeous boy who gets (or at least tries very hard to get) what he wants, Draco is becoming a very intriguing character as more and more writers pen him as a homosexual. (To note, these stories typically start off in the fifth, sixth, or seventh year.) He is usually morose, having to deal with what his family would say, what the Dark Lord might do to him if his secret was discovered. In other instances, he's very confident, ready to seduce the one he wants the most. Sometimes, he's both. Yes, all very intriguing. ::rubs chin thoughtfully and attempts, futilely:: But who is this person he almost always wants?
< >Well, jeez, if you couldn't figure that out, you definitely don't get a cookie! It's Mr. Harry Potter! Yes, yes, look at me with those wide eyes, either full of shocked intrigue, or just full out disgust. I'm not kidding, either way. Of course, there are the odd pairings of Draco/Ron, Draco/Neville, Draco/Blaise (whose gender is unknown, incidentally), but none so infamous as Draco and Harry. I'm not going to delve any further because this is still a kids site despite my warning, but let me warn you about reading such slash, especially the more intense: inevitably, someone starts crying and someone gets rather ticked off. Invariably, too, Ron starts yelling and Hermione says, "Oh, honestly!" That's always quite amusing. :-)

Best Descriptive Song(s)
~Trying by Lifehouse
< >Could you let down your hair / and be transparent for a while / Just a little while / to see if you're human after all / Honesty is a hard attribute to find / when we all want to seem like / We got it all figured out / Let me be the first to say that I don't have a clue / I don't have all the answers / Ain't going to pretend like I do / Just trying to find my way / Trying to find my way the best I know how / Well, I haven't got it memorized all of the cute things to say / but I'm working on it / maybe I'll master this art form someday / If I quote all the lines off the top of my head/ Would you believe that I fully understand all these things I've read / Just trying to find my way / Trying to find my way / Trying to find my way the best that I know how / Well, I haven't got it all figured out quite yet / But even if it takes my whole life / To get where I need to be / And if I should fall to the bottom of the end / Well, I'll be one step back to you / And trying to find my way / Trying, trying to find my way . . .

Recommended Fan Works

  • By the Webmistress: Across Enemy Lines . . . Amid the Encircling Gloom
    < >The first two near-novels in a series of five. Draco and Hermione fall in love, but at many costs. Slipping into the stories, six years later abruptly comes and a shocking reality is revealed: Hermione and Draco are no longer together; and Draco is an escaped convict. These are the beginning of the coined "Enemy Series" and I admit they're a bit childish - I did write them when I was fourteen. I will defend to my death, however, that Across Enemy Lines is the first Draco/Hermione fan fiction ever and I'm just, ahem, a bit egotistical of that fact. It's also rather historical, so excuse me.
  • By the great Heidi: Surfeit of Curses (10 chapters thus far)
    < >This is truly the best Draco story written. The authoress carefully untangles a web, explaining Draco's actions, words, and positions. She gives him a background, developing his relationship with his overtly demanding father and distantly coarse mother beautifully. Draco finds himself in the midst of trouble when he begins to slowly form his own ideas of life, all quite distant from those of his father. He finds himself lying to protect Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, and to protect a sickening secret he finds deep within Gringotts. A secret so dark and covered that it could kill him in the blink of an eye . . .

    Draco in slinky clothes - by Meg__Casual Muggle-like Draco - by Meg__Draco Veritas by Julie__Shadow of a Father - by Alithiel__Draco the Gryffindor - by T. K. Yuy


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