Am I Insane?
(Or Have I Just Been Reading?)

by Erin the Weird


< >I see a kid at Halloween with a pointy hat, a purple scar, and a broomstick. I get interested in if this kid has read the Harry Potter books.
Am I insane? No, I've just been reading.

< >I spend most of my day thinking up spell words to use on siblings and other people I don't like.
Am I insane? No. See above.

< >I shout, "Expelliarmus!" at a doctor holding a syringe with a needle.
Am I insane? No, but at this point, most people think I am abnormal, even my friends (who like my disposition).

< >Some people think my best friend is a witch, and I'm jelous.
Am I insane? No, but I think I am.

< >My flashlight goes out while I am reading in bed. I pick up a stick and mutter, "Lumos!"
Am I insane? No, but any passersby may think I am, muttering like that.

< >I try to talk to snakes. If I'm not parselmouthed, can I be saur-mouthed? I like talking to lizards, especially geckos.
Am I insane? No. Just ask any iguana.

< >I have been doing math homework on parchment and calling it "arithmancy."
Am i insane? No . . . well, let's hope not.

< >I use purple markers and facepaint to draw lightning bolts on my forehead.
Am i insane? No, but pretty close to it.

< >Well, I'm not insane, or, at least I don't think I am.
Do you think I'm insane?

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