James Potter
by Courtney


< >"Sirius, how do I look?" asked 17 year old James Potter.

< >"Fine, expect your Head Boy badge is crooked," another 17 year old, Sirius Black, said, laughing. Remus Lupin started laughing. too.

< >James, Sirius and Remus were all getting ready to graduate from Hogwarts a school for magic. They didn't stop laughing until another boy came in their room, it was Peter Pettigrew, "James, Sirius, Remus, come on everyone else is ready and waiting for us."

< >"Coming Peter," James said and he asked again, "So I look alright?"

< >"Yes, Prongs. You look fine," Remus said.

< >James, Sirius, Remus and Peter all made their way to the door. When Peter got there he opened it and, Sirius and Remus stepped aside as James continued forward. As he stepped into the common room, everyone started clapping, they were all around the Head Girl, Lily. Lily stepped up and walked towards James.

< >"Hello James," she said as she walked up to him.

< >"Hello Lily," James replied.

< >Sirius stepped in, "I had to break this up but we are wanted in the Great Hall."

< >Everyone stepped aside and Lily and James walked to the entrance of the common room. After Lily and James came the 7th years and then everyone else. Lily and James lead the Gryffindors down to the Great Hall. All the other students from the other houses were there. When the Gryffindors got the Great Hall, all the 7th years went to a special table where the graduating Class of 1968 were sitting.

< >As they sat Professor Dippet stood up, "Welcome everyone to the End of the Year feast where we also are celebrating the Class of 1968 who are graduating. May I ask the Head Boy and Girl to come up here - ?"

< >Lily and James looked at each other and stood up walking hand and hand to where Dippet was.

< >James, Lily I am proud to give you these diplomas, for you have both completed Hogwarts with grades off the charts," he said, handing them their diplomas. Everyone was cheering expect 7th year Slytherin, Severus Snape.

< >"Thank you sir." Lily and James said and returned to their seats.

< >As James sat down he was clapped on the back by Sirius, Remus and Peter.

< >"As Professor Dumbledore calls your name please each of you come up here and receive your diploma," Dippet said.

< >When Professor Dumbledore called, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, everyone cheered like mad. The cheers almost matched the ones James got. The only person that didn't join in was Snape who hated James and his friends.

< >When Dumbledore finished, Dippet said, "Class of 1968, good luck, we wish you well," he clapped as all the 7th years got up and then sat down.

< >Once they had sat down, they ate. Everyone talked and when everyone was done, Dippet got back up and said, "As this is also the End of the Year feast our House Cup must be awarded. As you see Gryffindor for the sixth year in a row has won it and they also won the Quidditch Cup. The Gryffindors clapped and yelled happily.

< >The feast ended late and everyone was very tired. James walked Lily back to the her dorm and then went off to his own. When he got there he sat down on his bed, being joined in a few minutes by Sirius, Remus and Peter. < >"What a night," Sirius said sitting on his bed.

< >"Yeah it was awesome," Remus agreed.

< >"So Head Boy, what do you think?" Peter asked.

< >"Oh, Lily is so great," James said in a faraway voice.

< >"Oh, no he's thinking about Lily. He probably doesn't know we are here," Sirius said sarcastically.

< >"Shut up you guys," James said.

< >"Wow, this is a first, you in a faraway land thinking about Lily and your talking to us," Remus said.

< >"I'm going to bed, I'm tired," James said changing the subject.

< >All of them said good night and went to bed.

< >The next morning James was awaken up by a pillow being throw at him. He looked up to see who it was, his heart leaped, it was Lily.

< >"You're not supposed to be in here," he said.

< >"So, I am anyway," Lily said sitting on Sirius's bed.

< >"Well, since you are here, I want to talk to you," James said, sitting up. "Lily, what are you going to do this summer and the rest of your life?" he asked.

< >"Well, this summer I was going to go home and from there, I don't know. Why?" Lily asked.

< >"I've been talking to my parents and they told me to ask you if you wanted to live with us. Lily you're a witch, a fully trained one; you don't belong in the Muggle world anymore," James said.

< >"I've been thinking about that and you're right. What are your plans?" she said.

< >"Well, back to my house, get a job and date a witch or two," James said, laughing.

< >"What witch would this be?" Lily asked, smiling.

< >"How about the one that isn't supposed to be in my room," James teased.< >"Hmm, I would like that," Lily said moving closer to James and hugging him.< >"I love you Lily," James said.

< >Lily was about to reply but didn't when she heard a voice, "Woo, I thought you two were just talking." Sirius.

< >"Padfoot, one of these days, I'm going to kill you," James said.

< >"I do tend to come in when I'm not wanted, don't I?" Sirius said laughing.

< >"I'd better go, someone else might see us," Lily said as she left.

< >When Lily left, James through a pillow at Sirius, saying "You always come in when I'm busy."

< >"All a joke, you know you did that to me before you had Lily," Sirius said.

< >"So it's payback isn't it?" James said.

< >"Call it what you like," Sirius said. "How about some lunch? You missed breakfast,"

< >"Why not?" James asked lazily, getting up and getting dressed.

< >Sirius and James went down to the Great Hall to have some lunch. They sat with Remus and Peter.

< >"Mr. Lovebird was in the room all this time having a wonderful time with Miss Lily," Sirius said.

< >"Shut up," James said helping himself to some food. "Hey, last day at Hogwarts, how about tonight we go all over the school one last time."

< >"Sounds cool," Remus said.

< >They all ate lunch and then back up to the dorm. "We better pack our stuff tonight, we will be sleepy tomorrow," Peter said.

< >So that night, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter all went on a final look of Hogwarts. They went everywhere. It took hours but they didn't mind. They got back to their common room at two in the morning.

< >"What a night," Sirius said, yawning, as he got up the next morning. James, Remus and Peter did the same.

< >"Yeah, it's almost nine in the morning; we better get down to the Hall if we want to get any breakfast before we leave," James said.

< >After breakfast they hauled their stuff down to the Entrance Hall where everyone else was getting ready to go.

< >On the trip back to the Muggle world, all the 7th years signed each other books to remember each other and everyone took pictures of each other. It was a special time for each of them. As they got off the train when they reached Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, each had the same feeling. We finally graduated from Hogwarts, what now. As they got into King's Cross, final good byes were said as everyone went to their parents.

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