Harry's Dad is Alive
by Kathy aka Professor McGonagall


April 19, 2002

< >My theory is that James Potter is alive. If you recall from book one to four the evidence points to the fact that James was not killed the night Voldemort raided Godric Hollow. Anyway, it was clear to me at the end of book four what could have happened.

< >I remember reading that James' specialty was in transfiguration. Lilly's was charms. They mention in GOF Harry's class learning about switching spells. Then it came to me. Sirius and James switched places and James was forced to live as Sirius and vice versa. Doesn't Sirius act more like a father to Harry? Why was he surprised when Harry told him he heard (what he thought was) James in GOF? Why did Lupin act surprised in POA? And the real kicker, the conversation between Pettigrew and Sirius really clenches it. Pettigrew says something like I didn't know what else to do, he would have killed me. And then Sirius says "You should have died for James just like we would have!" Also the fact that he was the first to arrive at the house that night made it seem fishy. He tells Harry that night he checked on Peter and realized something was wrong. He immediately went to the house. He says it was too late. I think he's covering up. He got there just in time and begged James to switch with him so he could live on to protect Harry as only his relations can. He begged Hagrid to let him take Harry but when Hagrid refused he offered Hagrid his motorcycle. I am sure there are more connections but I can't remember them right now.

< >There is obviously something about Harry none of us know about. I have some theories but my favorite seems to be that the whole lot Dumbledore, James, Lilly, and perhaps some other important wizards (although I don't think McGonagall) using old magic created a super wizard born form James and Lilly which would eventually be the downfall of Voldemort. Lilly used her charms to get something from Voldemort (blood?) The reason I say this is because of the "vehement exclamation" Dumbledore and Sirius give when Harry tells them Pettigrew used his blood to come back.) Because of this, Voldemort fell for her. That's why he really did not want to kill Lilly. Why is Dumbledore constantly talking about knowledge is the key to acceptance and he will know when he's ready? Have I been reading into this too much? I guess I just can't wait for book 5 and I needed something to occupy my time.

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