When the Night Broke

By Hannah Davenport (slytherin_punk@hotmail.com)

Rating: PG

Summary: Sequel to "Bent" and "Twisted." Five years later, Ginny is a bored and very depressed employee at Flourish and Blotts. Outside her drawn-in, little world lies an evil overlord of doom by the name of Radoc Lafoym, who is threatening society. How do they relate?

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J. K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. It's just fan fiction!


Chapter Three

< >Lord Radoc opened his eyes. The room was quiet, and looked exactly the way it had when he had fallen asleep. He checked a clock over the mantelpiece, and muttered angrily. Fifteen minutes after he had fallen asleep.

< >He stood, rather stiffly, and put on his bathrobe over his pajamas. He wasn't fond of midnight strolls, but lately they were the only things that could help his insomnia in the least. And as he opened the door, he saw Alexander Nott, Crabbe, and Goyle, standing in the doorway. They looked nervous, yet excited, and Nott had his hand raised, as if to knock.

< >"What do you want?" Radoc snarled viciously. He didn't like the thought that they had been about to wake him up.

< >"My Lord," Nott said, lowering a shaking hand. "Are - are you...?"

< >Radoc raised an eyebrow. Was he psychic? He figured he'd have a little fun. "Yes, Alex," he said darkly. "I am. Now would you please tell me what has given you the notion that you can just traipse on up here and plan on disturbing my sleep?"

< >"My Lord," Goyle said clumsily. "My Lord - we've got information that will be very pleasing to you... If you can just come with us... we have an informant."

< >"Well," Radoc sighed. "I suppose that's rather obvious, seeing as how you three can't tell the difference between a sphinx and a dragon. I would expect you to have an 'informant'."

< >"So, you'll come with us?" Crabbe interrupted, trying to look delighted. The look he ended up getting was not at all pleasant, and Radoc amused himself by wondering if his eyes would be permanently damaged.

< >"Yes," Radoc snapped. "Just - let me get dressed. Idiots..."

< >Not five minutes later, he emerged from his chamber, fully dressed in his evil garb. He followed the three of them down several corridors, until he found himself in the dungeon. He was led inside a chamber not far off from hers, and raised an eyebrow at what he saw.

< >Severus Snape was tied to a chair, glaring around mutinously. He took one look at the Dark Lord, and sneered. "The terror, the terror," he said in a monotone. "Please, someone, save me from this evil former student of mine. I'm afraid he's gone a bit mad."

< >"Snape," Radoc said calmly, walking a bit closer. "What on earth are you doing in my dungeon?"

< >"Why don't you ask your slaves, Draco?" he replied venomously.

< >Radoc was about to acknowledge the name 'mistake', but turned to Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott instead. "What is going on?" he asked sharply.

< >"We've found them," Nott said excitedly. "The Mirrors of Raef and Erised. And all through the traitor, here."

< >Radoc turned to his former Professor, and smiled in a demonic sort of way. "So Dumbledore trusted you, did he, Snape?" he asked cheerfully. "He trusted you to tell him where the mirrors were? Well, that was a mistake, now wasn't it? Ah, well, that's alright. I knew the man had to make one of them sooner or later. Where are they?"

< >"I'm not saying," Snape replied stubbornly. "I don't have to, even if you are the bloody 'Dark Lord'. Just because you can kill me doesn't mean I'm not willing to die to protect the information."

< >"Oh, but I don't want to kill you, Professor," Radoc began, smiling once more. He pulled his wand out of his pocket, and pointed it right between Snape's eyes. "Mens Gubernare Plenus!" he said, and Snape's face went into a very relaxed expression.

< >"Now Severus," Radoc said sternly. "Where are the mirrors?"

< >"One is in a hidden closet off the South Tower," he said emptily. "And the other is in - the other is in the Chamber of Secrets..."

< >Radoc swallowed, and turned to face the three Death Eaters that had brought him this information.

< >"Nott, Crabbe, Goyle," he said calmly. "Go visit the rest of my - minions. Tell them we have a meeting tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. Breakfast will be provided."

< >The three of them disapparated, and Radoc turned to look at his former Professor once more. "I knew you'd be a help someday, Professor Snape," he chuckled dryly, presently brushing his hair back from his face. "And now, I do believe I'll lock you up until tomorrow morning."


< >Ginny awoke to her room being flooded with light. She opened her eyes, and put on her glasses, which were still clasped firmly in her slender hand. Sitting up, she looked around the room, and spotting some things that hadn't been there the night before. A changing curtain, like people used in the old days, a mirror, and a vanity. On the changing curtain, hung a dress with a note pinned to it. She crawled out of bed, and walked over to read the note.

Miss Weasley,

< >I am having a breakfast meeting this morning, in exactly one hour. You are to be present, and I will send someone to collect you at the abovementioned time.

< >What followed was a bunch of fine lettering, which Ginny could only distinguish as his signature. She discarded the note, and finally took a look at the dress. It was a watery, silvery color, with no sleeves and a skirt that went to the knee. Ginny cocked her head to the side, wondering why she had to look so special for a business meeting, and why on earth she had to attend at all. But, she put the dress on, brushed her hair, and sat on her bed - waiting. She waited for what seemed like years, when someone finally came and opened the door. It was Charles, and he looked a bit stiffer than usual.

< >He lead her out of the small chamber she had been living in, and up a spiraling corridor, which was lined with tapestries and paintings of bloody murder-scenes. She supposed he had these made after every household he mutilated. Trying not to look at them, she soon found herself facing a large black door. She turned to Charles, who was no longer moving.

< >"Go in," he instructed firmly.

< >"Aren't you coming with me?" she asked nervously.

< >He shook his head, and again told her to go into the room. So, she did. The room was even colder than where she had been staying. And to make it even worse, there was an audience of Death Eaters filling most of it. But, there was a podium and two seats next to it, one of which was occupied by - Professor Snape? What on earth could he be doing there? But then she got an idea of what he might be doing there. She remembered Harry and Ron saying something about Professor Snape being a Death Eater once-upon-a-time...

< >She walked up, and sat next to him, and looked at him. He was pale, and didn't look as composed and ominous as she remembered, but, it was good to see someone she knew after her solitary confinement.

< >"Hello," she said quietly.

< >He didn't seem to hear her, but he muttered: "Oh please - just kill me now..."

< >She decided further conversation wasn't going to go anywhere. But, she had another reason to be quiet, because he had just walked into the room. He stood at the podium, and the look on his face terrified Ginny even more than the time Fred had filled her room with mice that ate each other. Because the look was triumph.

< >"Ladies and gentlemen," Radoc said brightly. "Our search is over, thanks to Alexander Nott, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle." Of course, Ginny had no idea what he was talking about, but there was an excited murmur from the masked listeners.

< >"And with the help of one Professor Severus Snape, we have found the Mirrors. Which is the answer to the question you have all been asking me: why am I keeping Miss Weasley alive? Well, because about eleven years ago, there was a plot to destroy her father's Muggle protection act, and Miss Weasley was the one who was attacking all those people at Hogwarts. She was the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets; and that is where one of the Mirrors is. Now, here is my plan..."

< >Ginny stopped listening at that point. A large lump had grown in her throat, and her heart seemed to stop. He couldn't have just said that. There was no way... She looked at Professor Snape, who seemed to be listening with rapt attention. He was frowning now. And slowly, the world came back into focus for poor Ginny, and she heard the cold voice of Lord Radoc finishing his speech.

< >"...And we will all be surrounding the castle. When I give you the signal you will creep in, and attack. Any questions?"

< >"Er - Master?" a man in the front row stammered. "Master - how exactly will we get into Hogwarts? It is very heavily guarded - and has been ever since you killed that horse-faced pullock Dumbledore..."

< >"With your tremendous wit, Avery," Radoc replied sarcastically. " I'm sure you'll find a way to outsmart the creatures that are surrounding the castle. I already told you, you idiotic lummox. The things guarding the castle are dragons, and for those of you too thick to listen to me, I'll repeat myself! Ginny Weasley is a parselmouth, and that language includes DRAGONS! Anyone else?"

< >"Er," the man called Avery said again.

< >"Mortificare!" Radoc shouted, and Avery's robes suddenly turned a violent shade of red. And it wasn't till the man fell over onto the floor that Ginny realized he had just been murdered before her very eyes. Everyone in the masked audience started to laugh - cold, bitter laughs. Ginny felt sick as she watched the man writhe on the floor until his blood was a shallow pool of rust, his foot gave one last twitch, and that was all.

< >More people began to laugh, and kick the man's body. Ginny screamed - and then fainted.


< >Radoc sat down in his cushy armchair, a bottle of scotch clasped firmly in his hand. The meeting was over, Ginny was locked safely in her room, and his cronies were busy plotting the tracks they would make for the siege...

< >And yet he couldn't stop thinking about Ginny's scream. At times he forgot just how much of a childlike innocence she had. That her experience with things like murder were very limited. That she probably didn't even kill bugs. In a way, it made him smile to know that not everyone he knew was corrupted. But it made him feel tingly inside to think that he had just forced her to watch someone die, because he didn't like the man's objections. He took a long drink from the bottle of scotch.

His soul stretched tight across the skies

That fade behind a city block,

Or trampled by insistent feet

At four and five and six o'clock;

And short square fingers stuffing pipes,

And evening newspapers, and eyes

Assured of certain certainties,

The conscience of a blackened street

Impatient to assume the world.

I am moved by fancies that are curled

Around these images, and cling:

The notion of some infinitely gentle,

Infinitely suffering thing.

< >The feeling of remorse for making Ginny watch a homicide soon went away. She would have to deal with it if she was going to be his prisoner. And besides, she might have to deal with quite a bit more murder. He smirked. Radoc conjured up another bottle of scotch. A hangover was sure to ensue, but what did he care? It wasn't like anyone worried about his health... Everyone who had heard his name wished him dead.


< >Ginny opened her eyes. She was back in her room, but there was a strange noise going on. Muttering, it sounded like. She sat up, and saw Professor Snape sitting on the floor with his eyes closed, and saying things to himself.

< >"Why are you locked up too, Professor?" she asked gently.

< >He opened his eyes and stopped muttering, looking right at Ginny. "Because of something I did years ago," he replied bitterly, glaring around the room. Now this was the Snape she remembered.

< >"Well, I'm sorry you've been locked with me," she sighed deeply, rubbing her eyes beneath her glasses. "I can't say you'd enjoy my company..."

< >"Good heavens - even you think I hate Gryffindor?" he asked abruptly.

< >"No," she replied quietly. "I never said you hated Gryffindor. You told everyone you hated Gryffindor."

< >He looked very taken aback. "Lies," he snapped. "Fifty points from Gryffindor!"

< >"Er, Professor?" she stifled a giggle. "We're not at school, and even if we were, I graduated."

< >"Right..."

< >She watched him for a minute more, and then asked the question she had been dying to ask. "Professor, what did the Dark Lord say he was going to do?"

< >"Well," Snape sighed warily. "There's going to be a siege."

< >"A siege?" Ginny asked, her voice shaking.

< >"A large and violent siege, on Monday next."

< >She swallowed, hardly daring to believe it. Seizing Hogwarts was practically criminal - even if you had just run out of crumpets for your tea and wanted to borrow some. She rubbed her eyes underneath her glasses, and then the bridge of her nose. And that was when she remembered something her mother had said to her once.

< >"Ginny, there is one thing you have to remember when dealing with difficult people: if they're going to hurt you with anger, kill them with kindness."

< >She smiled inwardly. She was grateful now that she had listened to her mother's little tidbits of advice. Although she doubted she'd ever need "When you are allergic to something, Ginny, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth. Especially if that thing is cats..." But she opened her eyes once again, and looked right at her old professor, who looked like he were about to have a nervous breakdown.

< >"Professor," she said timidly. "I think I've just had an idea."

< >"Oh, really?" he replied demurely. "And what, pray tell, is your brilliant idea, Miss Weasley?"


< >Radoc didn't remember the next three days, seeing as he was either drinking, or being sick because of his drinking. He was confined to his bed until Tuesday, when he found himself well again, and tortured Nott for letting him drink too much. But there was something else wrong with Lord Radoc Lafoym - he was experiencing a very intense feeling that he hadn't felt in an incredulously long time: deep, deep regret.

< >Not regret for all the heinous crimes he had committed. But regret for -

< >"Honestly, I am the biggest idiot in the world sometimes, Charles." he said sharply as he sat in his chair as his manservant attended to whatever he needed (which at the moment was some turkey and a bottle of gin). "I could poke out my eyes with my own wand for not killing that Weasley girl when I had the chance!" He sighed, and buried his face in his hands.

< >"She is a primary part of your plan, My Lord," Charles replied as he set Radoc's tray in front of him and pulled off his master's boots. "And she is quite pretty..."

< >"Narcissa is quite pretty, you imbecile," Radoc snarled. "And I'm still trying to kill her! Look what I've done, Charles... Look what I've done..."

< >Charles poured Radoc his drink and tried to console him, but nothing seemed to be working. Finally, after his thir - (teenth?) -d glass of gin, he spoke.

< >"Charles," he said, looking up in an agile movement. "Charles, send Crabbe and Goyle for the head of the Dementors, the leader of the vampires, and the chief werewolf..."

< >Charles hesitated, and Radoc saw a bead of sweat run down the mans pale forehead. "My Lord," he stammered. "You're not thinking of - of -"

< >"Just for back-up, Charles." Radoc replied with a grim smile. "And tell the rest of them - tell them to get a map ready posthaste, because we leave tomorrow night."

< >If Charles had any objection to this idea, he didn't show it. For he nodded in silence, and left the room. Radoc, meanwhile, stood from his chair, and crossed the room to his wardrobe. From one of the cupboards that was too small for clothing, he pulled a bottle of ink, a quill, and some parchment. He brought them over to a table, and in handwriting not his own, began to pen a letter.

< >Thank heavens for my wonderful chameleon-like skill to adapt in any way... he thought lightly - which was the height of happiness for him.


< >"I refuse." Professor Snape said in a firm and disgusted voice.

< >"But why? Why do you refuse?" Ginny almost screamed. "Being nice doesn't hurt anyone! If anything, it makes people happier than they were in the first place!"

< >"I would think you of all people would understand, Miss Weasley." Snape replied curtly.

< >"Understand what?" she cried, looking heavenward in exasperation. "Why do you give me an answer that doesn't match the question?!"

< >He cocked an eyebrow. "You mean your brother and Potter never told you?" he asked, his tone skeptical.

< >"Told me WHAT?" she shouted, putting what she assumed was a serious strain on her vocal chords. She flopped down on the single chair, and folded her arms across her chest.

< >Snape's eyes darkened, and he began to roll up one of his sleeves. And in a moment, Ginny saw what he was talking about. On Snape's thin, sallow forearm, was a brand. A brand that put a lump in Ginny's throat and made her eyes widen. She looked up at him, a softened expression on her face.

< >"You're one of them?" she asked, her voice quavering.

< >"Was," he snapped, pushing his sleeve back down. "Joined at the age of fifteen." His hands were curled into fists Ginny was sure could knock at least four teeth loose.

< >"What happened?" she whispered, a sinking feeling in her stomach.

< >"I quit," he said simply. "Went and told Dumbledore everything. He told me it was alright, and that there was something I could do that would help people to forgive me. I spied."

< >There was a very long, discomforting pause before anyone spoke again.

< >"Professor Snape," Ginny began. "would you like a hug?"

< >He looked at her as though sure she must be joking. "No, thank you, Miss Weasley." he said, his black eyes glittering coldly.

< >"Are you sure?" she asked.

< >"Quite."

< >"All right, then..." There was another pause. "Now, back to the plan..."

< >"They're planning on returning me to the castle today," he said, avoiding the subject. "With a memory charm to keep all this information inside my traitorous head. If I remember right, they forced me to tell McGonagall my sister was ill, and that I needed to go and see her."

< >"I didn't know you had a sister," Ginny said with slight interest.

< >"I don't," he smirked.


(Just hours later...)

< >"... So as you can see, this plan is one-hundred percent flawless." Radoc looked expectantly at the two people and one evil creature that were standing in his office at present.

< >"I'm not so sure this plan is what you make it out to be," said a tall, muscular man with ruffled red-brown hair. This man's name was Brutus Carnegie, and technically, he wasn't a man.

< >"Of course it is," Radoc sighed, feeling more than a bit perturbed. He looked at the other man in his office with something that could either turn into contempt, or rapture.

< >The other man was also tall, but he was not muscular. He was thin, and had pale, waxy skin. Dark hair, dark eyes, and an ominous smile on his face. "I think it's a wonderful idea," he said, turning from Brutus to Radoc. "Tell me, will there be lots of... opportunity?"

< >"As many people as you can bite, Claven." Radoc replied, inwardly gagging. Shedding blood was alright for him. But drinking it? Now that was a different story.

< >Meanwhile, Claven's smile had grown wider. Brutus was rubbing the bridge of his nose in thought. Radoc tried not to look to anxious for their acceptance. After all, he was still 23 years old, and most of the men he worked with were middle-aged. Most didn't take him seriously.... Correction: all the ones who hadn't seen his massacres.

< >"How many of my men would you need?" Brutus asked finally.

< >"Anywhere from five to ten." Radoc said. "The Forbidden Forrest is an excruciatingly large area of land, and we can't afford to get lost."

< >"And how about my men?" Claven queried.

< >"Five, in case someone needs to be reminded where they stand..." Radoc then smiled his twisted, psychotic smile, which meant "Oh, this should be fun."

< >"I agree," said Brutus, extending his hand to Radoc. "But, what about - er - it?" He pointed to the Dementor with his other hand.

< >Radoc shook Brutus's hand. "Oh, he and a few of his troops that weren't needed for Azkaban are going to guard the tower while I'm away." He replied in an offhand tone. "Now, you accept as well, Claven?" he asked.

< >"Of course," Claven said excitedly. "Oh, I can't wait. People. It's going to be delicious...."

< >He rambled on like that for at least fifteen minutes, before Radoc finally yelled that was enough, and shook the vampire's hand as well.


< >"Oh, stuff it, you! Do you think it matters whether or not I stuffed my Miggle Worms up your nose?"

< >"Of course it does! You eedjit!"

< >Professor McGonagall looked at the yelling children in exasperation. They were two first-years, that had just come from wreaking havoc in the Potions lesson.

< >She quickly filled her lungs. "BE QUIET, BOTH OF YOU!" she shouted, and they looked at her in amazement and slight admiration for her shouting skills. But before she could continue, an owl fluttered in and dropped a piece of parchment into her hands. "Just one moment," she added, and unrolled the parchment quickly. Professor McGonagall, it began.

< >I have discovered that the Dark Lord is planning a siege on your noble school in one month. He's filling his ranks with all sorts of horrible creatures... I have to go now.

Remus J. Lupin

< >McGonagall looked at the note in deep thought. Not even noticing that her two delinquents had snuck away. She couldn't evacuate the students. That would cause panic. She would just have to arrange things without the students knowing. Yes. That was it. No one needed to know that The Dark Lord was planning on attacking them. No one needed to know that she was very close to having a nervous breakdown. She put the letter down on the desk, and took a deep breath. Everything was going to be fine.

< >Yeah, right.

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