When the Night Broke

By Hannah Davenport (slytherin_punk@hotmail.com)

Rating: PG

Summary: Sequel to "Bent" and "Twisted." Five years later, Ginny is a bored and very depressed employee at Flourish and Blotts. Outside her drawn-in, little world lies an evil overlord of doom by the name of Radoc Lafoym, who is threatening society. How do they relate?

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J. K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. It's just fan fiction!


Chapter Eight

< >"A girl's toilet?"

< >"Yes."

< >"A girl's toilet?"

< >She looked at him blankly. "Tell me a single reason I have to lie to you," she insisted. "And if you can think of a realistic and somewhat possible one, you can feel free to put the Veritas Curse on me."

< >She watched him raise an eyebrow in thought, and after a split second he said: "While you were berating Mr. Macnair, you managed to swipe his wand, and you're waiting to lure me into a dead-end so you can stupefy me and you can run."

< >She folded her arms across her chest. "But if that was my plan," she replied, "why wouldn't I just do the whole world a favor and kill you?"

< >He laughed. Hard, as if she had just made a joke. "Kill me?" he chuckled, after he had caught his breath. "You couldn't kill anyone, let alone me."

< >"Then how could I do something like stealing?" she retorted. And with that, she opened the door - ignoring most of her feelings of fear and dread.

< >"What on earth do you think you're doing here?"

< >Ginny turned, to see Moaning Myrtle (unfortunately just as she was remembered) floating by one of the stalls. Myrtle looked extremely surprised to see anyone in this particular bathroom, not to mention a graduate of the school.

< >"Er, hello, Myrtle." Ginny replied, feeling slightly annoyed that she and Radoc had company, especially in this situation. "Say, did you know the seventh-year boys are all skinny dipping in the lake?" No more needed to be said, obviously. Myrtle was off like a rocket, and Ginny approached the sinks while Radoc looked around the forgotten lavatory.

< >"Even the abandoned girls bathrooms are in better condition than the boys..." he said slowly, walking in circles as he inspected the place.

< >The serpent inscribed on the sink tap looked as she remembered, as well. She really wished that something - anything - had changed. But, alas, all was the same - if a bit dustier. She took a deep breath as more blurred memories came flooding back, and hissed, "Blast it all..."

< >The sink opened up into the slide-like pipe, and she closed her eyes briefly. Radoc came up behind her, watched the sink until it was completely done changing, and smiled. "After you, Virginia."


< >"I can't."

< >He looked at her, his eyes red from the dust that clouded around them. "What do you mean, you can't?" he growled, feeling extremely frustrated and anxious.

< >"I can't is what I mean," she whispered, taking a deep breath. "If I go any further, I'll...."

< >He gave her a fairly stressed look. She looked back, tears of trepidation flooding down her face. "Listen," he said austerely. "you're going to open that blasted door, or suffer the consequences." Then he bit his tongue. Or suffer the consequences . . . he thought angrily. Could I say something that was any more clichéd?

< >She continued looking at him for a moment, then nodded weakly and proceeded to open the door.

< >She hissed something - the doors slid open, and the two of them walked into the Chamber of Secrets, their eyes wide, and their nostrils full of the smell of mildew and moss as water dripped from the ceiling.

< >"It's..." he began, but words failed him momentarily.

< >"Oh dear," Ginny gasped.

< >"It's marvelous... Magnificent..." he finished, completely in awe of the dank chamber and its watery mists, which were making him somewhat damp. He turned to look at his guide.

< >She was kneeling on the stone ground, shaking madly, just inches away from a gigantic decayed body, half of which was bone, the other half mangled scales. Ginny's eyes were wide behind her glasses, and her freckled face was overcome with pallor.

< >"I think I'm going to be sick," she said quietly.

< >"Oh, come now," he chuckled, kicking the carcass of the giant snake. "It's not that bad."

< >She choked back a sob in reply, covering her mouth with her hands.

< >A long, awkward pause.

< >"Well, I'm going to look for the mirror, now." he pronounced finally. Pause. "Er... want to come?"

< >No answer. "Well then, I guess I'll be going..."

< >He began to walk away, when he heard a frantic shuffling noise, and he turned to see her walking beside him. Once again, he raised an eyebrow.

< >"Even though I hate you," she whispered, "I can't be alone in here."


< >"It's horrible," she shuddered, her eyes unable to move from the dark thing in the corner.

< >The Mirror of Raef consisted of a large, jet-black marble frame, that was embedded with emeralds. It was even more ornately and exquisitely carved that the Mirror of Erised. And as for the mirror itself, the actual reflecting surface... It was almost as black as the frame. And around the top, in sunken, gray lettering was the following statement.

< >Raef ts rowsdn imru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi

< >"Glorious, isn't it?" he whispered, his fingers brushing the frame gently. Ginny shivered. "Why don't you come and have a look? You know you want to..." There was a very tempting look in his eyes. Something that suggested that whatever she did from now on would be perfectly alright with him. A look reminiscent of Tom.

< >She went and had a look before she could stop herself. ~

< >The Mirror was out of the Chamber of Secrets. It and its counterpart were currently being stored in an empty antechamber, startling no one and causing no harm. As for Ginny - she was unconscious in Lord Radoc's arms. It was a rather strange story, how she had come to be unconscious, and also in his arms. A strange story which really can be summed up with a single sentence: She fainted, he caught her, and hadn't let go of her since.

< >He simply watched her. He watched her chest rise and fall rhythmically as she took a breath, and let it go. He watched her eyes flutter as she envisioned something subconsciously. He watched her hands laying lightly on her stomach. He watched her hair falling across her face. He watched her, sleeping in his arms, wearing Gryffindor robes, and looking inquisitive although she wasn't awake.

< >It was somewhat familiar to him.

< >The door burst open, and a panting Charles ran into the room, looking quite as though he were about to die.

< >"My Lord," he gasped, his eyes wide. "My Lord -"

< >"Charles, I thought I told you not to disturb me,"

< >"My Lord, the Ministry has found us..."

< >Radoc's heart seemed to stop. He got Ginny off of him, and put her down on the sofa, his eyes almost as large as his manservant's. "They've found us?" he whispered, almost as though it were a statement. "Charles, go and get Narcissa this very instant. They can't Apparate here - we still have some time..."

< >He distractedly ran his fingers through his hair, staring around the office as Charles sprinted out the door. He had failed. He had failed himself, he had failed his followers, he had failed his stupid idiot of a father, he had failed everything that had every been planned for him. And all because of his mother.

< >The anger welled up inside him like a hundred black balloons, burning like the fires of Hades. His innards seemed to be filled with poison as they too began to burn, making him feel nauseous and extremely violent. Once again, he had failed at his goal. There was nothing left to do. He would be caught by the Ministry, sent to Azkaban, and probably executed. His life would be over. The balloons multiplied, inflating him with every sort of malice and vengeance a single human mind can be possessed of. His eyes flashed a deep, blood red.

< >Narcissa was led into the room by Charles. She looked criminally triumphant. But the triumph vanished like a second when she saw her sons eyes.

< >"Draco," she said quietly. "I - I..."

< >"You know," he said, sighing dramatically. "I don't think you were aiming for death when you went to the Ministry. But, that's just too bad. Mortificare!"

< >She was dead in under a minute, and Radoc sent Charles to dispose of her body. His attention turned back to Ginny. She looked lovely. Peaceful. Happy, almost. It literally killed him. He needed her to be pained. He knew what would happen when he was caught. The news would go wild, and he wasn't about to go through that by himself. He had done enough alone.

< >He quickly went to see how far away his pursuers were. Then he devised a plan for sweet Virginia, and got to packing.


< >Ginny opened her eyes, and sat up. Radoc was scurrying around the room, taking anything he could stuff into his pockets or his bag, which was slung over his shoulder. At the sound of her awakening, he stopped, and turned around.

< >"Are you awake enough to walk?" he asked quickly.

< >"Yes - "

< >"Then come with me," he almost yelled, bursting out of the room before she could answer.

< >She followed his ridiculous pace, almost at his heels. They walked, and walked, and walked until they reached the top of what was once the marble staircase in the entrance hall. He took a few deep breaths, set his bag down, and turned to her, a very odd look on his face.

< >"Have you decided yet?" he asked, in a tone of voice that suggested poison was slowly spreading through his veins. "If you'll join me, that is..."

< >She stared at him. He took a few steps closer. "I... won't," she said shakily, feeling her heart stop as his expression changed, and, he walked even closer.

< >"I thought that's what you'd say," he sighed. "But I just wanted to tell you... You are obnoxiously pretty."

< >Uh oh, she thought, her stomach sinking.

< >"...And as we probably won't be seeing each other ever again," he continued. "I thought it would only be proper to say farewell. After all, someone like yourself deserves it."

< >Oh, good heavens...

< >He diminished the remaining distance between the two of them, and kissed her, his hands holding the sides of her face. And it was a painful kiss. It was torture. She was beginning to think he wanted it to hurt, and that it was probably causing him some kind of sick pleasure to hurt her in this particular way. She decided she wouldn't be surprised if she was bruised from the pressure.

< >And yet she couldn't explain why she wasn't doing anything about it.


< >Percy Weasley strode up to the front doors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, ten hit-wizards and a Daily Prophet photographer at his heels. He turned to face them, readjusting his spectacles.

< >"Now, on the count of two," he told them sternly, "we shall burst in there, arrest the crazy fiend, and march everyone off to the office building where they will be interviewed, and shipped off to Azkaban while we work out a trial for the ringleader. Clear?"

< >They all nodded.

< >"Good." Percy smiled to himself. Revenge was a very wonderful thing. He kicked the door open after silently counting to two, and walked into the entrance hall. He was ready to avenge the death of his sister, who - who was making out with the Dark Lord.

< >The Daily Prophet photographer went mad, filling the area behind them with blue smoke from his camera.

< >Percy's jaw dropped. "GINNY?!" he shouted, his heart stopping.


< >He let go of her, and she stepped back at the sound of her brother's horrified voice. She peered down to where the staircase once was, and saw Percy standing there, his face as red as a very ripe tomato, and his expression one of murder.

< >"I'm sure you'll enjoy your publicity from now on as much as I will," Radoc smirked, and moved closer to the edge of the floor. "Hello, Minister," he said to Percy. "Nice to see you. And I'm very pleased to see you've brought hit-wizards..."

< >His jovial voice faded behind Ginny's own thoughts as she realized what he had just done to her.


Three weeks later . . .

< >It was somewhat like a cell, the room in which he was to meet his defense attorney. It was gray, with one reverse window, and a very large, very thick steel door. With a padlock.

< >He ran his hands though his disheveled silvery hair, and wiped them on his gray robes. They didn't exactly promote bathing in Azkaban Prison, and it disgusted him to even look at his once dignified reflection in the mirror/window on the wall. He knew people were watching him from the other side. It was disconcerting.

< >The door, after several metallic noises, slowly opened. And a man, about thirty years of age, walked in. He was very tall, rather thin, and had an expression on his face that reminded Radoc of a man he had seen on a greeting card when he was very small. It was an expression of sympathy.

< >"Hello, Mr. Lafoym," the man said, in a voice almost as kindly as his expression. "My name is Xerxes Fitch. I'm your defense attorney."

< >"How much are they paying you to take the case?" Radoc asked, looking Mr. Fitch over.

< >"Mr. Lafoym?" Mr. Fitch said, raising an eyebrow.

< >"Because," Radoc continued. "you might as well quit now. I'd rather die than be declared innocent."

< >Mr. Fitch looked at Radoc carefully, and made a gesture for the people behind the window to leave. "And why is that?" he asked, taking a seat across from Radoc at the gray table. "I'm sure you have something to live for. Family, friends . . . a girl, perhaps?"

< >There was a long pause. "You flatter me with any misconception concerning friends," Radoc replied. "I have no mother, father, aunts, uncles, siblings, or cousins; thank heavens. And as for a girl . . ." he sighed. "She would rather gouge her eyes out with a fountain pen than look at me with affection. If you let me die you will not only be doing society a favor, but myself, as well."

< >"Radoc," Mr. Fitch said. "If we win the case, I will help you fix your life. We can find you a house in a secluded area so that you can be alone... In fact, there is an entire Wizarding community in Australia that is dedicated to privacy and peace . . . We could get you a small house there, perhaps even a pet . . . . I swear that you will never be bothered again, as long as you tell me how you got to be like you are now." He set a small metal box down on the table. "Mr. Lafoym, would you please tell me how all of your villainy has come to pass?"

< >Radoc sighed, and ran his fingers through his nasty hair once more.


< >Ginny had not left the house. At all. Reporters were skulking around The Burrow, and had been ever since those pictures had been published. There were headlines like Weasley Not Missing! Quite Found, Actually . . . and Weasley + Lafoym! Fiery Pictures Inside!

< >Life was nothing short of torture for Ginny Weasley. Her parents had to board the first floor windows up so that no one could get any pictures. And even then she had taken to only visiting the kitchen during mealtimes, just in case.

< >She wanted to die. Which she was positive Radoc had been aiming for.


< >"Radoc Lafoym, you are being held here, in front of the jury and the Minister of Magic to be tried for various crimes against the country. How do you plead?" Neville Longbottom looked at Radoc with a rather pinched expression.

< >They're making this very Muggle, Radoc thought to himself. "I plead guilty, sir," he replied. "but my attorney over here has something to say . . ."

< >Mr. Fitch stood up, paper in his hands. "Minister, Mr. Longbottom, what I have in my hands is the transcript for a meeting I had with Mr. Lafoym. As you all know, you have sworn yourselves to secrecy on this subject, as what follows is Mr. Lafoym's private business." There was a murmur of subdued agreement from the jury. Mr. Fitch set the papers down on the table, where an image of Mr. Lafoym and himself appeared.

< >"Mr. Lafoym," said the hologram Mr. Fitch. "Would you please tell me how all of your villainy has come to pass?"

< >Radoc smiled to himself as he watched himself and heard his own voice answer: "Firstly, Mr. Fitch, it's not Mr. Lafoym. It's Mr. Malfoy . . ."

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