Jenny and the Prisoner of Azkaban

By Kate Dixon aka Katie Bell (

Rating: PG

Summary: Jennifer Anderson was an old friend of the late Lily and James Potter and the rest of the Marauders, especially Sirius. But fourteen years before now, Sirius was put into Azkaban, and now he need's his old flame's help - and so does Harry.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J. K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. It's just fan fiction!

Author's Note: At least 90% of this story is made up, including the entire character of Jenny Anderson. I do not pretend to know what's going to happen in future books, though I get a pretty good idea what's not going to happen from all the rumors that are flying around, much like owls. This story was simply written because I wanted to get Sirius Black out of trouble. I was wondering how to do this when Jenny came, took over my brain, and told me what to write. She's threatening me with death if I leave her out. I said, why doesn't she do it herself, but she says she likes ghostwriters. I think it's a threat. Now, on to the tale. - Kate, 1999


< >I'm Jenny Anderson. I was born into an old wizarding family, my parents' only child. I had a happy first few years, content and secure with my life. My parents were both older than normal; my mother had been over forty when I was born. Therefore, I think, they were quite happy to let me live the way I wanted, which was basically not to do much of anything. I'd sit and read books for hours every day, and I had no real friends. Then I turned eleven and went to study at Hogwarts. This was a good thing; Hogwarts is only the best school of magic in all Britain. My parents had both attended there too. But I could not quite avoid people as much as I had in the past.

< >I was so nervous when we were to be sorted. Having the last name of Anderson made me the first student to try on the Sorting Hat that year. I was so nervous. What if I were put in Hufflepuff - or Slytherin? Our family had almost always been in Gryffindor, but sometimes . . . But I needn't have feared - I was put in Gryffindor right enough.

< >I almost immediately made a friend, a girl in my dorm named Lily. I don't know why we became such good friends; we were so very unalike. But she and I did everything together. We were like sisters. Maybe better than that; I had no brothers or sisters, and Lily came from a Muggle family and her sister thought her weird or a freak. I had wanted a fairly quiet time at school, but with Lily there, I did not get it. In fact, she left me with little time just to sit quietly, unless it was for studying. Both of us were very dedicated to our studies, but by no means was I the best student, though I was rather good. No, Lily was the best girl student there, and James Potter and Sirius Black the best boys.

< >James and Sirius were troublemakers, all right. Always getting into one scrape or another. Once or twice they managed to get Lily and me into trouble with them, but usually they just hauled along their friends, Remus and Peter. As time went by, though, we started to spend more time with them. You see - well it was like this:

< >Lily was a bright, bold, flame of a girl. Her laughter could brighten a whole room, and her smile was like a sunrise. I was her best friend, and sometimes it seemed I was a part of her, a dark shadow to her bright flame. Oh, no, I'm not being bitter. Please don't think I am. It was just always the way I was, quiet, retiring, shy. Lily kept that from me, though, made me live instead of watch life. I loved her for that, and being her shadow was all I wanted. So when Lily and James fell in love, I was one of the first to recognize it.

< >They were meant for each other, those two. Both brilliant, skilled, accomplished young people, they complimented each other perfectly. She was gentle, he strong. She was good in some areas, he in others. I knew that they'd make a match of it long before they announced it publicly, perhaps even before they realized it. But Lily and James didn't spend time alone so much as with others. With us, their friends. I was glad to have such a circle of friends after my mother's death in my fifth year at Hogwarts, for all of them helped me through it. And we were all different, in so many ways. I've described James and Lily, but the rest of us….

< >Well, Peter was small and not as brave as the other boys. He was, and I'll put it bluntly, the least talented of us all. He did well, but only because James and Sirius made sure he did well. Remus was reserved with most people, but among his friends, his burdens seemed lifted. I knew, of course, that he was a werewolf. I don't know if the others knew I knew this - Lily did, but we didn't speak of it. But he was a person, firstly, and so I could accept his dual nature.

< >And Sirius. Sirius, the hot-tempered. Sirius, who could never seem to tell the difference between a mischievous idea and a dangerous one. There was an incident that almost resulted in tragedy - but that was only the most severe. Still, you couldn't help but like Sirius. And I found, soon, that I did more than like him - I felt that I loved him. Foolish? Perhaps. We were not much alike. But I couldn't help it. I'd watched Lily, and I thought I knew what love would be like - a bit flamboyant, bright, shining, and obvious. But what I felt seemed much quieter, less hurried.

< >James and Lily were married only a year after we'd left Hogwarts. Frankly, I was surprised they'd waited that long. But their wedding was like a dream. I was bridesmaid to Lily, of course. She shone more than ever before that day. In fact, dressed in a wedding gown of white silk, she was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen. And afterwards, at the reception, Sirius and I agreed that we'd be wed too. He wanted to announce it right away, but I said that we should let James and Lily have their day to themselves. After all, at that moment it seemed we had all the time in the world. It was the happiest day of my life.

< >I have pictures of it still, but I can hardly bear to look at them. Because, although the next two years were wonderful, with the birth of Lily's son, and my eager anticipation of my own coming wedding, it ended horribly.

< >You see, on Halloween of that year, when little Harry was just over a year old, Voldemort came and - and killed them, James and Lily. I'd not had a good week, for my father had died and I'd just gotten home from his funeral. I was tidying up some things, and had a box of things, mementos and such, open on the table. I got up to get the mail, and set it down on top of the box. I was about to look at it when Remus knocked on the door.

< >"Jenny - did you hear?"

< >"Hear what?"

< >"I see you didn't, then. It's James and Lily. They - Voldemort killed them." I sank down.

< >"Oh, no!"

< >"I'm afraid so."

< >"When was this?"

< >"Last night. He showed up at their house, and-"

< >"What about Harry?"

< >"That's the thing - he survived, and Voldemort's gone!"

< >"Gone? Where?"

< >"Nobody knows. But Harry's all right."

< >"He'll be all right, Lily," I said, to myself. "I'll look after him." I looked at Remus. His face was grim, grimmer than before. "There's more."

< >"I'm afraid so. Jenny, Lily and James knew Voldemort was after them. They tried to use the Fidelius Charm to protect themselves."

< >"That should have worked."

< >"Apparently, they made Sirius Secret-Keeper. And, well…"

< >"No! I can't believe that Sirius would betray them!"

< >"He must have. And, just before I came here, I got more news. That Sirius was trying to run. That Peter - tried to stop him. And - and that Sirius killed Peter."

< >"It can't be- I don't believe it." And I didn't believe it, but the evidence seemed so strong, so sure. Muggles had witnessed it, and Sirius had been the one … It was foolish of me to think that he didn't do it, I told myself. But my heart would not believe that.

< >Sirius was convicted, of course, and when I saw pictures of him, it seemed more likely that he might have betrayed them. He seemed insane, maniacal. This, along with the mountain of evidence, was enough to convict him without anyone having any doubts about his guilt. Except for me, because when you love someone as much as I had loved Sirius, it is very hard to believe such things of him.

< >I tried to persuade Professor Dumbledore to let me raise Harry. But, unfortunately, Sirius had been appointed his guardian. This had been deliberate; James and Lily had known that we were engaged and would raise him together. But I had not been appointed anywhere, so there was no legal claim I had to Harry. I found Lily's family was raising him. It broke my heart to think of my best friends' son being raised by those Muggles, but there was nothing I could do.

< >Hi. It's me, the crazy authoress again. Now, if I was smart, I'd stop right there. So far I haven't made up too much stuff. But I never claimed to have much common sense. And Jenny won't let me stop. Back to the story.

< >Shortly after the trial and conviction, Remus came to see me. I was in a rather bad way at the time. I think perhaps he noticed it.

< >"What are you going to do now, Remus?" I asked as we sat.

< >"I have a chance at a job in Africa. There are some people there who will hire me, even though I am a werewolf."

< >"Good. I knew that some people somewhere had to have sense."

< >"What'll you do?"

< >"Probably the same sort of things I've been doing."

< >"Jenny, what's that?" He pointed at a bottle on my countertop. I'd forgotten to take care of it.

< >"Just an ingredient for a potion I'm making." But he'd picked it up.

< >"This is deadly poison! I don't think it's part of any potion. In fact, I don't think you can get this anywhere but Knockturn Alley!"

< >"Oh, really?"

< >"Jenny, you aren't stupid. You know exactly what this is."

< >"It's very fast and painless," I said softly. "Very easy."

< >"Jenny, are you thinking about suicide?"

< >"What's left for me?" I cried out in anguish. "Three of my best friends are dead. My fiancé imprisoned for their murder. I have no family, no other friends than you - I can't go on. Why bother to live? It's too hard."

< >"Too hard?" he said incredulously. "Jenny, you've never been a coward. Suicide is a coward's way out of facing life. You have no right to-"

< >"No right to end my own life?"

< >"No. How do you know what you will or will not do, years from now, that could have a huge impact?"

< >"Like what?" I saw him casting about for something. Then:

< >"Harry! You have a duty to Harry. When he's older, he'll need to know the truth about his parents' death. Who is better to tell it to him, their best friend or someone who barely knew them?"

< >"What about you?" He smiled grimly.

< >"Werewolves have very short life expectancies. If I live another ten years, I'll be amazed. So it could be up to you. That's just one thing. You cannot take the coward's way out. And if you don't listen to me, think about what Lily would want." And he left. When he was gone, I sat, pondering his words. What would Lily want?

< >"It's too hard," I said aloud. "Too hard." But then I remembered a conversation we'd once had, back at Hogwarts. She'd wanted to get involved in a party that was going on to celebrate the Quidditch victory. It was our first year; I had not yet made any friends other than Lily. I told her that I didn't want to go to the party; that it was too hard for me to face all those people.

< >She smiled, throwing her red-gold hair over her shoulders with a careless gesture. "Too hard? Life is hard. The most important things we do are hard. The person who feels he cannot face another day, yet does, is no less brave than he who slays dragons without fear. If you never do anything hard, you won't live."

< >"But it's not fair!"

< >"Fair? What is fair? A coin toss is fair, unless someone uses magic. But life is not fair. No one ever said it was. Life is just the way it is, so deal with it."

< >"I can't."

< >"Why not? Things get a little rough, so you decide to quit? No, Jenny. You aren't taking the easy way out. You are going to try, and fight, and live."

< >So I did. Of course, my life was fairly miserable, and for twelve years it continued that way. Of all my friends, only Remus remained. I tried to help him out as best I could when the job in Africa fell through, but I couldn't do much. Then Professor Dumbledore gave him a job. By this time, of course, Harry was attending Hogwarts. I asked Remus to write to me, about him, and he said he would.

< >

< >Then, one morning at the end of summer, I picked up the Daily Prophet and saw the headline: Black Escapes From Azkaban! It continued with:

    < >Sirius Black, perhaps the most infamous prisoner Azkaban has ever held, has somehow managed to escape. Black was imprisoned twelve years ago for being in league with You-Know-Who, for killing thirteen people with a single curse, and for being an all around bad guy. There are as of yet, no details on how he escaped. However, remember that he is highly dangerous. Any sighting of him should be reported at once to the Ministry of Magic. Minister Fudge calls this a very grave emergency indeed.

    < >"I mean, we can't just have evil wizards like him running around," Fudge said in a statement earlier today. "He's too dangerous. Be careful, everyone." Sentiments that we hear at the Prophet highly concur with. We'll give you more details as soon as we know them.

< >I stared at the photograph of Sirius. You could hardly tell that it was the same man in the picture on my mantelpiece. He looked at least thirty years older than he actually was. I wondered how he'd escaped, and what he planned to do. The old feelings of disbelief about his guilt flooded me again. I shook them off. I was being stupid.

< >Only I wasn't, because months later, Remus wrote to me. Sirius had not been captured in all that time, but that morning in the Prophet I'd seen that he'd been almost caught but had gotten away. Then I got Remus' owl.

Dear Jenny,

< >I just got back from Hogwarts. You may have read that Sirius was there. Well, I spoke to him. He's innocent, Jenny. Completely innocent. So you were right, twelve years ago, when you said you couldn't believe it was he.

< >The letter went on, telling me about how Peter had been guilty the whole time. As I read it, I felt so happy. Now Sirius would be freed! But the letter concluded:

    < >So we don't have Pettigrew, and there's no way we can convince the idiots at the M. of M. to believe us. I mean, the word of three thirteen-year-old wizards and a werewolf against, well, all the evidence? So we haven't a chance of clearing his name yet. But he's free, and I'm sure he'll be all right. I thought you ought to know the truth.

< >Well, I was very disappointed, but it was good to know I'd been right. Now as long as Sirius didn't lose his head…

< >But a week later, the Prophet's headline screamed that he'd been seen by some Muggles. And one of the Muggles had recognized him from the photograph he Ministry had sent out. And that Muggle had had a gun.

< >"He hit Black in the leg, and Black vanished. His whereabouts are currently unknown. However, it is likely that he is badly wounded and will be caught quickly."

< >I looked at the paper. Hopefully, he had enough sense to get help from Remus - but no, it was the full moon. I opened the kitchen door to remove the garbage. There, in the yard, was a large black dog. Its right hind leg was bleeding… I remembered Lupin's letter, and put two and two together. I looked around. No one was visible, so I pulled out my wand to move the dog inside.

< >Hours later, he awoke. I'd managed to dress his leg, though it had taken some trying to get him back to his normal form.

< >"Jenny?"

< >"You'll be all right, Sirius. Just relax."

< >"Remus did tell you?"

< >"Yes, he told me about who really betrayed James and Lily."

< >" I knew he couldn't help me. You were my only chance."

< >"And I'm glad you had enough sense to come here. Now, stay there, and I'll get you something to eat." After he'd eaten, he looked at me.

< >"Thank you, Jenny. It's been days since I had a real meal."

< >"Sirius, whatever possessed you to risk yourself like that?"

< >"I had to get the security lifted from Hogwarts."

< >"By getting yourself killed? Sirius, that was stupid."

< >"I didn't know he had a gun."

< >"And you without even a wand - hang on, that gives me an idea." I ran upstairs to my attic. It took me five minutes to find what I was looking for. "This is a box of my father's things. I'm pretty sure that his wand is in here." I looked at the box. "I haven't even looked in here since - that awful day." I opened it up. "Here it is! Wait - what's that?" I pulled out the wand, but also a letter, faded but legible. It was addressed to me, from Lily. And it was unopened. I remembered, suddenly, how I'd put the mail down in this box. This letter must have slipped down inside. I opened it. It was dated two days before her death.

Dear Jenny,
< >This letter is just in case something goes wrong, I'm sure it won't, but I want you to know what is happening. James and Sirius and Peter don't know I'm writing this, but I'm worried, Jenny. We should be safe - the Fidelius Charm worked, but if Voldemort finds out Peter is our Secret-Keeper, well… I think Sirius is afraid that Remus is a spy. That's why he convinced us to change to Peter. I don't know why I'm so worried, but I am. But I know you and Sirius will take care of Harry should anything happen to us. Anyway, I'm probably being silly and I'll see you soon.
< >Love from Lily.

< >By the time I finished reading it, tears were streaming from my eyes. But then I realized…

< >"Sirius! This is it! This is proof that you didn't betray them!" He looked at me, then the letter. New light shone in his eyes. He tried to get up. "Where are you going?"

< >"To clear my name!"

< >"Sirius, you're being stupid! If you go out there, there'll be Hit Wizards before you get ten feet! And they won't listen to you; they'll kill you right there! Sirius, I haven't been waiting twelve years for you to let you go and get yourself killed when we're so close, just because you can't be patient! I won't let you!" I glared at him. He sank down again.

< >"That was quite a mouthful, Jenny."

< >"Well, you better listen, or else I'll - I'll knock some sense into that thick head of yours. You never did have any. Now the first thing to do is get you back into hiding. Hang on." I waved my wand, and his beard vanished. "There. Now no-one but one of your old friends would recognize you." I looked at him. "I'd say it's an improvement. Leave this to me. You go hide out somewhere, and if I hear you've let those Dementors get to you, or done something else stupid - I'll - I'll kill you! I've been waiting twelve years, and I won't wait much longer." I smiled. "You can consider that a warning, if you like." He laughed then, the big, hearty laugh I had so loved to hear.

< >"All right, love, you call the shots. But I consider it a promise."

< >The next day I got my broom out and headed north. Six hours later, I stood on the lawn of Hogwarts Castle. It was fairly deserted, but I was sure that the person I needed to see was here. The door was opened by a familiar person - Professor McGonagall. I told her that I needed to see Dumbledore.

< >"The Headmaster is very busy," she said, frowning. I hesitated.

< >"Tell him - tell him I have some new evidence about the deaths of Lily and James Potter. Tell him that I think he'll want to see it."

< >Ten minutes later I was ushered into his office. He smiled at me.

< >"New evidence, you said?"

< >"Yes, professor, evidence that proves that Sirius Black was innocent." He studied me. I handed him a copy of the letter. Muggles have some useful inventions, anyway. He looked at it, then smiled.

< >"I think that we'll be able to prove it now," he said. "You'll have to testify, though."

< >"I'll do anything."

< >"Now, there's only one difficult thing. Sirius does not legally have any rights at all. We can't open a trial on his behalf."

< >"Could I open it? I am his fiancé."

< >"No, I'm afraid not. If you had married him, then maybe, but…I know, Harry."

< >"What about Harry?"

< >"He can call for a new investigation into his parents' death. If we can clear Sirius of any involvement in that, he'll be free of the other charges as well. But I shouldn't seem too involved."

< >"I said I'd do anything. Tell me what I need to do." < >"First, you'll need to get Harry. Until he's in place, nothing else can happen…."

< >I looked at the address. This was the place. I walked up to the door. A bony-faced woman answered it.

< >"Yes?"

< >"Mrs. Dursley? My name is Jenny Anderson. May I come in?" I asked politely, wondering if she was stupid enough to let a stranger in - she was.

< >"I suppose so." Inside, I saw dozens of photos of a huge, blond-haired boy. I shuddered. Just then, a thin, dark haired, green-eyed boy came in.

< >"Get upstairs!" his aunt screeched.

< >"No, wait." I said. "Harry, my business here is with you." His aunt looked at me suspiciously.

< >"Do I know you?" Harry asked.

< >"No, but I know you. I've come about some legal matters that we need you for. In fact, I'm going to have to ask you to leave this house for the rest of the summer. There are some important matters to clear up, and you'll have to go to London immediately." He looked a bit suspicious. "I'm afraid I can't go into the matter here, but it has to do with your parents. Dumbledore asked me to come here," I added. His eyes brightened.

< >"All right, I'll get my stuff."

< >"Now wait just a minute," his aunt began, but I pulled out my wand and inspected it closely. She edged out of the room. I helped Harry get his stuff into the car.

< >"So, who are you?" He asked, as we set off.

< >"My name is Jenny Anderson. Call me Jenny. I was a friend of your parents," I said, looking at him. "In fact, I think maybe I sent you a few pictures for your book. I'm probably in them, the wedding ones." He looked at me.

< >"Yeah, I recognize you now," he said. "Why are you here?"

< >"Harry, we've come across some evidence that should help us prove that Sirius Black is innocent." His eyes widened. "But you have to start the legal proceedings. I've already spoken to Professor Dumbledore."

< >"What do I have to do?"

< >"Well, it's complicated, but I'll help out. The first thing we have to do is file a request for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your parents' deaths. We do that at the Ministry of Magic."

< >We walked in. At a desk was a very young man, not much older than Harry. He had bright red hair. Harry's jaw dropped.

< >"Percy?"

< >"Harry? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with those Muggles?"

< >I intervened.

< >"I'm glad you two know each other, but we're here on business. Harry here has some things to file." When we left, I told Harry that we had a lot of work ahead of us. "But I know we can prove Sirius innocent." I looked at him and sighed. "You know, Harry, if it weren't for your green eyes and that scar, I'd think you were your father." He grinned.

< >"Lots of people have said that, you know."

< >"It's true, none the less."

< >We started this rigmarole the second week in July. It was a month later that the important event was held, the hearing. Dumbledore had said that if we won this, everything else would be a formality.

< >First came the evidence against Sirius, all the old stuff that had been brought up years before. Dumbledore himself was called up to say that to his knowledge, the Potters' Secret-Keeper had been Sirius Black.

< >Then it was our turn. Remus testified first, then Harry, Ron and Hermione, who had been brought up specially for the trial. Then I told how I had found Lily's letter, omitting the parts about how Sirius had been there. The prosecutors started in immediately. They tried to attack our credibility. Lupin, they said, was an acknowledged werewolf and could not be trusted.

< >The word of three fourteen-year-old wizards, who admitted to wrongdoings of their own, was hardly better. And they insisted that my story was implausible. Through it all, we fought back, protesting, bringing forth evidence. Mr. Weasley testified that the rat, Scabbers, had appeared shortly after the confrontation between Black and Pettigrew, and that his toe had been missing.

< >Even Cornelius Fudge testified, and I could see that he was at least pertly convinced of the truth. Then Dumbledore stepped in, and gave a stirring argument for Sirius' innocence. Then the jury went out. Two hours later, they filed back in.

< >"It is the finding of this group," the spokesman read, "That the deaths of Lily and James Potter were primarily caused by You-Know-Who. That he was assisted in this by one Peter Pettigrew, who later killed twelve Muggles and caused Sirius Black to be unjustly imprisoned. Sirius Black is cleared from all charges against him. It is noted that he may be punished for the crime of becoming an Animagus illicitly. However, this group feels that the twelve years he served in Azkaban should be considered punishment enough." He sat down.

< >Suddenly, cheering broke out from the crowd. I found myself sobbing for joy.

< >"Sirius!" Harry yelled. I glanced up, and there, in the doorway, he stood. Harry and his friends ran eagerly over to him. I walked more slowly, but when I reached him, he whirled me around in an embrace.

< >"Jenny, you did it! You did it, Jenny!"

< >"I told you I would, Sirius," I said, laughing. "I told you that I wasn't waiting any longer."

< >Once more, the author. This would be the best place to stop if I could. Sirius is free, Jenny and Harry and he seem to have happy lives ahead. In fact, if you like, stop reading now. Its only boring details about - Urk! That hurt!! All right, all right, I'll finish. Seriously, I'll - hey! Point that wand somewhere else!

< >This is Jenny as the new author. This is my story I'm telling it like I want to. Now, it isn't much longer. Oh, and that full-body bind will wear off in twelve hours or so, dear.

< >I told Sirius that I wasn't going to wait any longer, and I meant it. I didn't want a big wedding, so we got things ready in two weeks and had it the day before Harry was to return to Hogwarts, for we wanted him to attend. Somehow, I felt it was fitting.

< >"Sirius! Jenny!"

< >"Hello, Harry. Got all your things?"

< >"Yes, everything." Harry was back for the summer. Sirius and I had both gone down to King's Cross to get him. Harry looked up and pulled a face. "I forgot!" he cried. "I didn't tell my aunt and uncle about not living with them any more. There's Uncle Vernon." The large man I'd seen in the station before, looking rather sullen, was now reluctantly approaching us.

< >"So," he snarled at Harry, "Ready to go?"

< >"No," Harry said brightly. "I'm not going with you."

< >"That's right," Sirius said, staring levelly at Vernon Dursley. "I'm Harry's legal guardian. He isn't going with you." And he turned and headed toward our car. I took a last look back at Vernon. He was standing, puce-faced and bewildered, on the platform, glaring at the people around him.

< >We drove for a while, then Harry said, "So, Sirius, where's your house?"

< >"Oh, I think you'll like it, Harry. Just outside a little Muggle village. One or two wizard families liver nearby." I smiled. Harry was in for a pleasant surprise. As we got closer, he leaned toward the window and frowned in puzzlement.

< >"I know I've been here before."

< >"Look, Harry, that's our house," I said, pointing ahead of us. His brow cleared.

< >"Say, I think that the Weasleys live-"

< >"Just over that hill, Harry. When we found that out, we decided we had to buy it."

< >"That's great. Ron and I can hang out all summer."

< >"Be sure to have him over lots. He's a nice boy," Sirius said. Harry smiled. It looked as though he were looking forward to his holiday, for once.


< >The nurse opened the door.

< >"You can come in now, Mr. Black," she said. Sirius didn't need to be asked twice.

< >"Jenny, are you all right?"

< >"Yes, of course dear, just a little tired." He still seemed worried so I said, "Look, go over there and see for yourself." He went to where I pointed, then seemed shocked.

< >"Three?"

< >"I told you we had to make up for lost time." In the crib by the wall, three babies slept. "Two boys and a girl."

< >"Well, now we don't have to worry about which name to use; we can use all three."

< >"Yes. Little James, Remus and Lily."

< >"I think she has your eyes."

< >"Well, this one has your nose. Hopefully, he'll have a little more sense than his father."

< >"Jenny, aren't you ever going to think I can take care of myself?"

< >"No. That's why I married you." And we both laughed.

< >As I look back on my life, at my childhood, sometimes I wonder at what has happened to me. I've changed greatly, I know. No longer am I content to sit and watch; now I am a part of life, living it to the fullest. Nor am I depressed and miserable, as I was for so long. Perhaps, maybe, I can live happily ever after?

- fin -

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