A Story From Hogwarts
by Lokin Nabsirinia


Chapter 1: Three Wizards in a Tub

< > In the year 1990, the same year a special boy named Harry Potter entered Hogwarts, there were three young wizards who were cast into Hogwarts history by dumb luck. But before I talk about their adventures in Hogwarts, we need to know the basics. You already know about witch's and wizards, and all about Harry Potter, or you wouldn't be reading this. But you do need to know a little about three special persons before we go on.

< >Zippzee was a boy of eleven years of age. He was part of a well-known wizard family, who was of elven heritage. He started developing his wizard powers at the age of six. At the age of nine, he had mapped out the forest in his backyard and knew the best spots for hiding, should the need arise. The need had arisen many a times before, when he had angered his mother by making knives out of a thin straw, or blowing things up in his bedroom. It was no surprise to him when he received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. On the day of his departure from platform 9 and 3/4, he waved goodbye to his family, thankful for the chance to get away, yet already missing his quiet home in the woods, and the forest where he ambushed his younger brothers. Despite his homesickness, he planned to have quite a year at Hogwarts.

< > Our next wizard, or witch I should say, is Mysty Riddle. She was a serene little girl, unlike her father, Tom. Her mother, Eve, was murdered by a Muggle who deeply opposed wizards. Tom went crazy and soon decided to kill his former companion and a bunch of other Muggles. When his power fell, Mysty was handed over to her aunt and uncle for safety from the wizards that despised Tom. Noone knew of her presence there and soon she was forgotten. Her father still remained in the newspapers, known as Voldemort, an evil hairy creature who had only been spotted twice, but been talked about for a few years. When Mysty was accepted to Hogwarts, she was excited to be able to learn new spells and magic, yet she was so sad to leave her dear Aunt Polly and Uncle Tim. She finally said goodbye at platform 9 and 3/4 with one last kiss from them.

< >The last and youngest wizard of the three is Charm. He had been considered a Muggle and when his letter of acceptance came he didn't know what to think. His parents were both wizards, but had not used magic since they were 14. They didn't want Charm to leave for seven years, but in the end they decided it was best to let Charm go and learn the arts of wizardry. As he waved good-bye, his parents ran along with the train until it was too fast for them to keep up with.

< >The two wizards and the one witch join together in the same train car as other witches and wizards pile into their own cars. And this is where the adventure begins.

< >"Get outta my way!" came a shrill voice from the car ahead of them. "I'm gonna drop my stuff on yer head if you don't move!" The door of the car bursted open and a small, pale boy came into the light of the train car. "People need to just get outta my way!"

< >"Who are you?" Zippzee asked.

< >"My name is Marun Dalfpod, like it's any of your business anyways!" he replied

< >"You certainly are a rude fellow!" Mysty replied to the reply

< >"Well, you can't go around judging everyone in the world, can you?" Marun retorted, and with that said, proceded to the next car. Just as the door closed, the other one opened.

< >"This certainly is a busy train, isn't it?" said Charm

< >"Have you seen this boy's toad?" asked a girl with brown, curly hair sternly. A little boy with a bright red face was with her. Zippzee was first to reply.

< >"We haven't seen any kind of animals-"

< >"-and we certainly will not see a toad," interrupted Mysty, "I am dreadfully afraid of toads."

< >"Well, if you do, catch it at once and return it to Neville immediately!" and then she and the little boy were gone, into the next car.

< >"There are a lot of rude people around here, aren't there?" Mysty observed.

< >"Are you rude?" Zippzee asked, "because un-rude people don't usually interrupt."

< >" Un-rude people don't point out others mistakes, either." Charm muttered under his breath.

< >"Excuse me?" Zippzee said. But Mysty interrupted,

< >"I suppose I should learn your names if we are to become friends,"

< >"Who says we're becoming friends?"

< >"Well, I want to know your name anyways."

< >"I'm Charm," Charm quickly said, so Zippzee wouldn't have the chance to respond.

< >"Zippzee," he said unwillingly.

< >"My name is Mysty, and I do believe we will become good friends" And they did, for even though Zippzee was reluctant, he became friends with Charm, and Charm was friends with Mysty, so naturally, Zippzee had to be a friend to Mysty. The quarreling had ended between the three and they were all silent for awhile, until the treat cart arrived.

< >"Would you like anything to eat or drink?" the cart witch asked softly.

< >"I'd like three Chocolate Frogs and a bag of Every Flavor Beans," responded Zippzee.

< >"Un-rude people say please." retorted Mysty jokingly as she sat up in her seat.

< >"That will be two galleons and twelve Sickles."

< >"Charm is asleep," said Zippzee as he handed over his money. "Give him this when he wakes up." He gave Mysty a Chocolate Frog.

< >" Where are you going?"

< >"Exploring," and with that, he went into to the next car.

< >When Zippzee returned to the car, Charm was awake, and his Chocolate Frog gone.

< >"Neville saw it just as I was about to eat it, and thought it was his toad, so he jumped on me and wrestled it from me, and by the time he figured out it was chocolate, it was all smushed and crushed, so I threw it away." Charm concluded.

< >Charm was on the verge of tears from the loss of his treat. Zippzee handed him another one.

< >"Five minutes to Hogwarts," sounded the PA.

< >"We better get ready to get off the train," said Mysty.

< >As the students filed out of the train, after pulling on their robes in great, great haste, a big, hairy person standing right next to the train was yelling out.

< >"First years to the left, first years gather 'round here!" They did as he said and were led into canoes and across a lake. When they finally reached the castle, they were led into a small hallway where they were left. Hardly anyone noticed the gray spirits floating past above them.

< >"Who are they?" asked a fat monk to a French soldier high above their heads.

< >"Oooooh! Ickle Firsties!" cried a small ghost with a big turban on his head. The door opened and in walked a woman with glasses and a stern, bony face.

< >"I am Professor McGonagall, follow me, please." They were led into the Great Hall. "Here you will be sorted into houses."

< >"I hope it doesn't hurt." Said a boy with red hair and a freckly face, "Fred tells me it hurts a lot!" Prof. McGonagall returned with a tall, scraggly wizards hat. Mysty looked up and all around the large room. There were teachers in the chairs at tables. A frail looking man with a long silvery beard and a pointy, crooked nose sat the highest of them all. Then her attention was diverted back to the hat as it started to twitch. A rip near the brim opened wide like a mouth and the hat began to sing:

"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.
There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.
You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning ,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
to achieve their ends
. So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

< > Everyone burst into applause and, after it had died down, Professor McGonagall started shouting out names.

< >"Abcock, Serena" Serena, a small young girl sat down on the chair and put on the hat. Her face was as white as ghost and her eyes were the greenest that Zippzee had ever seen.

< >"HUFFLEPUFF," shouted the hat. Serena shook hands with McGonagall and ran to sit at the Hufflepuff table next to a girl whom was crying. Must be her sister, Charm thought, sisters always get so emotional. The whole hall was paying close attention to the hat, but Zippzee could hardly keep his eyes open (Charm had to keep nudging him awake) and when he had his eyes open, they were on the Hufflepuff table.

< >"Atzima, Aeson!"

< >A boy with brown hair walked up to the hat and sat on the stool.


< >"Dalfpod, Marun!" He was also made a Ravenclaw.

< >"Granger, Hermoine!"


< >"Kalmener, Dorine!"


< >McGonnagall kept calling names until over half the people had been sorted. The next person was a little boy named Neville who nervously walked up to the Sorting Hat. Neville turned out to be a Gryffindor. He ran up to the Gryffindor table and sat down with the rest of the first year Gryffindors.

< >"Nabringer, Zippzee!"

< >Zippzee went up to the sorting hat and put it on. He really wanted to be Hufflepuff and not Ravenclaw.

< >"Why not Ravenclaw? You're a strong lad. You'd make a wonderful Ravenclaw!"

< >Please not Ravenclaw, Please! Hufflepuff maybe, but not Ravenclaw! Zippzee thought.

< >"Oh have it your way. But you're to good a wizard for Hufflepuff, So it better be . . . GRYFFINDOR!!" Zippzee was pleased with the decision of the hat, even though he had not been made a Hufflepuff. Gryffindor was supposed to be the best.

< >"Pincer, Charm!" yelled Professor McGonagall as Zippzee joined the Gryffindor table. Charm stepped up to the stool, hesitating before he put on the hat. He had heard that freckly-faced kid say something about the hat hurting a lot. He didn't want to be in pain.

< >"Well, are you going to put on the hat or not?" Said the impatient Professor.

< >"Yes Ma'am. I was just... uh... thinking." Charm sat down on the stool and placed the hat on his head.

< >"GRYFFINDOR!!!" It announced immediately. Wow! That didn't hurt at all! Charm thought.

< >"Is it supposed to?" asked the hat, before Charm had removed it.

< >I dunno, Charm thought, but too scared to say out loud, for fear he was hearing things. The hat could not read my thoughts, he reasoned.

< >"Potter, Harry!"

< >The hall was utterly silent. Wow! thought Zippzee. Huh?, thought Charm. He's got a scar! thought Mysty.

< >"GRYFFINDOR!" The hat announced after a few seconds.

< >"Riddle, Mysty!"

< >Mysty approached the hat silently. Would she be sorted with her friends, or would she be with that awful Marun? She had one thing in mind. She was going to wish as hard as she could to get into the Gryffindor house. She placed the hat on her head and let it slip down over her eyes. Mysty thought long and hard about which house she wanted. She was careful not to think about her father. Well his name anyway.

< >"Your father is Voldemort? How unfortunate you must be. A Slytherin just like your father. SLYTH-" No! I'm nothing like my father. Put me in anything but Slytherin, she thought in agony. She didn't want to be in Slytherin at all. She was going to tear this hat to pieces if he said Slytherin.

< >"OK, you win. No Slytherin. Maybe a Gryffindor," said the hat, for he did not want to be torn to pieces.

< >Yes, please, Gryffindor! Mysty thought.

< >"GRYFFINDOR!" shouted the hat. She went and sat at the Gryffindor table with everyone else, feeling intensely relieved.

< >When the sorting was over, everyone sat down at their tables. The man with the crooked nose stood, and said:

< >"I would like to welcome you to Hogwarts. We have a few new rules for this year. We would like to remind you that the Forbidden Forest is still off limits. Now, the new rule, the 3rd floor corridor is off limits to all students! Now, let's feast!"

< >The food magically appeared on top of the table. Everyone stared in awe at the miraculous looking delicacies. There was chicken, peas, corn, yams, and a lot of other wonderful foods. The man with the long beard stood. He wasn't very tall and had half-moon glasses. He had a kind, wrinkled face and a wonderful smile.

< >"I would like to welcome you all to Hogwarts. For those of you first years, I am very glad that you could come. After the feast is over, please follow your house leader to the dorm you were sorted into."

< >The feast was spectacular and everyone was stuffed by the time it was over. Professor McGonagall stood in front of the Gryffindor table.

< >"I am your house leader. For those of you who didn't hear my name, I am Professor McGonagall. I expect good behavior from all of you. When we get to our house, I will explain all you need to know about the houses and the dorms."

< >This is going to be a wonderful first year, Mysty thought. I'm going to have so much fun!

< >"I can't wait until we go to Hogsmead!" Zippzee said longingly. Chapter 2: Life at Hogwarts, Serena, and the Untimely Fate of Aeson Atzima

< >The sun shown bright into the boys' dorm. Zippzee had been placed next to the window, so he got to see the beauty of the lake and the Forbidden Forest. He enjoyed Hogwarts already. He got up and stretched. What is my first class? Thought Zippzee as he climbed out of bed.

< >When he was done getting ready, he decided to do a little exploring. He descended the stairway that lead to the dorm room and climbed out of the portrait hole of the Gryffindor Tower.

< >"Your late for breakfast!" Cried the fat lady, who was the protector of the Gryffindor Dorm House. He could hear rustling sounds coming from the Great Hall. He went down and peeked inside. Almost all of the children from Hufflepuff and Slytherin were seated at their table. Ravenclaw and Gryffindor had a few people, but not everyone. Zippzee went down and sat next to a freckly faced kid with flaming red hair. He was chatting with a boy with black hair and glasses. Zippzee tapped the red-haired kid on the shoulder.

< >"Hi, I'm Zippzee. What's your name?"

< >"Nice to meet you, Zippzee. I'm Ron and these are my friends Harry and Hermione." He replied with a wide toothy grin. Ron didn't take notice that this was the same Zippzee that he had been in daycare with. Apparently, neither did Zippzee.

< >"Harry Potter?!." He said, excitedly. Wow, I finally met THE Harry Potter! He thought as he gazed down the table in awe.


< >Mysty awoke to the sound of chattering outside of the window. When she looked out, she saw a tiny blue bird singing a song. That's like my own personal alarm clock, she thought. She hopped out of bed and pulled her robes over her head. Mysty went downstairs and looked around. She really hadn't gotten to look around last night because she was so sleepy. When Professor McGonagall had finally shut up she had climbed the stairs to the girls' dorm room and fallen into bed, she fell right to sleep. Wondering if the boys were up yet, she climbed out of the portrait hole and went down the stone staircase that led to the Great Hall.

< > When she got to the bottom, she stopped dead in her tracks. Right in front of her, about a few feet away, was the Gryffindor table. At it sat Zippzee talking to some boy with red hair. Next to the boy was a girl who had brownish-reddish hair, she remembered who that was because her bed was right next to hers. But Mysty only saw the boy who had the scar. Harry Potter! She ran back up to the portrait of the fat lady and shouted out the password.

< >"Caput draconis!" she spurted out.

< >"My dear you are out of breath!" Said the fat lady.

< >"Yes, I am," Mysty said impatiently.

< >"Well go on in and get some rest. I can report that you are feeling poorly if you'd like me too."

< >"No, I just need to catch my breath for a minute." And with that Mysty ran inside, collapsed on her bed, and cried, thinking of her fathers evil deeds.


< >Charm was awake and buttoning up his shirt when he heard someone crying. He went downstairs and thinking it was the fat lady that was making all of that noise, walked outside. When he saw the fat lady, she was sitting there as usual, reading a book.

< >"Were you crying?" Charm asked

< >"Why, no. Did you hear someone crying?"

< >"Yes. But I was probably imagining things. Lion Shoes"

< >The door swung open and he stepped inside. He still heard the crying! He swung the portrait open but this time he didn't talk or step all the way outside. The sound was far away, so it couldn't be the fat lady. He walked to the foot of the stairs to the girls dorm room. It got closer and he was sure that it was some girl crying. Girls are so emotional. I just don't get why though, he thought.

< >He finished buttoning his shirt and went down stairs to join the other Gryffindors for breakfast. He went to the table and sat down next to Zippzee.

< >"Did you hear someone crying this morning?" He asked him.

< > "No."

< >"Some girl was. I wonder why?" he paused, "Have you seen Mysty?"

< >"I haven't seen Mysty. She probably can't get her hair perfect or her make-up evened out."

< >Hermione, who had overheard their conversation, tapped Zippzee on the shoulder.

< >"Maybe I can go see what is wrong with your friend, Mysty. We met last night since our beds are right next to each other." She said in a soft voice.

< >"I don't care." Said Zippzee reluctantly. He did, however, cared that she left, because now he could get a better view of Harry.

< >"It is not nice to stare, Zippzee," Charm said, after a while.

< >"Whatever." And he left for Gryffindor Tower to get some thing's before his first class. Charm slid over in the seat next to Harry Potter.

< >"Hi, my name is Charm, I heard you were special, and famous, and everything, but no one has ever told me why. I'm from a Muggle family, so I never heard the story. Since you are here, I figured you could tell me."

< >"He is supposedly the best wizard in the world!" Said a Ravenclaw boy who had just passed, and heard the one man conversation.

< >" I am not!" Harry responded.

< >"I'm Marun Dalfpod, I met you on the train. Charm is your name right? Come with me, I'll tell you the whole story." And then Marun and Charm left the Great Hall.


< >"Mysty? It's Hermione. Are you all right? Some friends of yours downstairs said you were crying. What's wrong?" Said Hermione. She felt very sorry for the poor girl.

< >"Harry. Harry Potter," She blubbered. She started to cry even harder.

< >"What did Harry do?" Said Hermione, not understanding what Harry would have done to make her cry. That's not like him, she thought. Harry wouldn't be so mean as to make her cry, would he?

< > "No, you wouldn't understand. Besides, it's kinda personal." She said, not wanting to be rude.

< >"Did he hurt you or something?" Hermione asked, still curious about Harry.

< >No, but my father did. Daddy is such a monster to kill that wonderful family, she thought. Should she tell Hermione about her past? Living with Voldemort, her father Voldemort? Could she trust Hermione with her deepest, darkest secret?

< >"Hermione, what I'm about to tell you needs to be kept totally secret. Your the first person to know about this. Well Dumbledore knows, but other than that you need to seal your lips about it. Well, my father is..."

< >"Girls, class starts now. Please go." Professor McGonnagal had burst in on their conversation. Had she heard the whole thing? Mysty was relieved that she had come.

< >"We'll talk later. OK?" Said Hermione. "Come on, lets walk to class together." Books in hand, they walked off to their first class of the day.

< >The first class was painful. It was Herbology and they started out with a difficult exercise in mangron planting.

< >"You need to grab the belly of the plant, like this," Professor Sprout, the Herbology teacher, was saying, "And plant it into the middle of the pot!"

< > Some people got theirs in, but most of the students had a hard time doing it. The plants kept using its stems and leaves as whips. Zippzee had just gotten his in when it decided to jump out and do a Broadway style dance across the table. He became so frustrated that he finally flung the plant across the room into the trash can. Charm couldn't keep a hold of his as it kept lashing out with its leaves and vines. When the plant caught him in the eye, he decided he had had enough.

< >"These stupid plants!!!!!" He cried, "They keep snapping me in the eyes and cheeks and ears, and if they don't stop, I'm going to throw it out the window!!!!" The whole classroom was silent, staring at Charm, startled and embarrassed at his outburst. Even the plants stopped fighting and turned their heads to stare. When Charm's plant responded by whipping him in the face once again, he threw it out the window of the greenhouse and into the lake. The other plants took this as a warning and immediately jumped into their pots and settled in.

< >"Well, at least they're planted. Charm, come see me after class. Now, unless there are any more interruptions, we w-" She was cut off as small mangron plant struggled out of the trash can and hurried over to Zippzee's desk and jumped in his flower pot. "Zippzee, see me after class, also. Now we will go outside and set these in the sun."

< >By the time they did this and were all back in their seats, the class had ended. Zippzee and Charm walked up to the front of the classroom, and stopped in front of Professor Sprout.

< >" Now, young men, we need to talk about the outburst today. I know that planting Mangrons is frustrating, but-" and she was cut off for the second time when she heard a piercing scream. " Oh for heavens... You guys are free to go, but no more outbursts!" She added as she ran out the door.

< >"I wonder what that was?" Charm said as they both ran off to see what had happened.


< >"I was sitting here, in the hall, and then that dresser just picked up out of nowhere!" A Hufflepuff named Serena Abcock was on the verge of tears because of the fright. "Then a ghost with a big turban came out and started screaming about Thirsty Pickles or something."

< >"PEEVES!" Shouted a scraggly old man with a hat and overalls.

< >"HISS!" Cried the cat that was following him.

< >"Now Filch, settle down, you're getting your cat worked up." Said a man with greasy black hair and a long pointed nose.

< >"Mrs. Norris is no concern of yours, Snape! I've told that Peeves to stay out of this corridor! I'll have to get the Bloody Baron to settle him down!" Filch, who was the caretaker of Hogwarts, stormed off into the stairway. When the crowd had cleared away, Zippzee, who had noticed Serena at the sorting, walked up to her.

< >"Are you all right?"

< >"Yeah, I'm fine, I was just startled." replied Serena, who was, indeed, looking more ashamed of creating such a comotion than looking scared.

< >"You come from a Muggle family, right?"

< >"Yes."

< >"Then you have nothing to be ashamed of, most Muggles would be scared to death of ghosts."

< >"Yeah!"

< >"What do you have next?"

< >"History with Professor Binns."

< >"Great, so do I!, We can walk there together... so you don't get lost." Zippzee added quickly.

< >"O.K.," said Serena, hiding a smile.

< >When they got there, Proffesor Binns had already started the class. When they came in, Serena was again startled by the appearance of Proffesor Binns. Unlike many other teachers, Professor Binns was a ghost. Legend has it that he woke to teach one morning and left his body behind.

< >Serena groaned and mumbled, "more ghost's," and took the seat Zippzee to her. Mysty was in the class, next to Hermoine. Apparently they had talked all first period, even though they had been warned by Proffesor McGonnagal. They had gone into the girls restroom and stayed and talked all during first hour. When they heard the scream, they had left for the dorm room to get some stuff for second class. History class turned out to be the most boring class in Hogwarts. Professor Binns had the most drawling and monotonous voice in the world, and he read the whole time, so they had to just sit and take notes. Serena and Zippzee started to become better friends, while Hermoine and Mysty became better friends, yet she still hadn't told her about her past. When finally the long and boring period was over, the students filed out and went on to their next class. Serena and Zippzee parted, because Hufflepuff and Gryffindor had different classes. Gryffindor had Transfiguration, and Hufflepuff had Potions. Although they had just become friends, they still hated to part. Charm noticed this and decided to cheer Zippzee up.

< >"Maybe we'll have another class with her, Zippzee."

< >"What makes you think I want to be with her?" Said Zippzee, who had not wished Charm to know of his sudden friendship.

< >"Whatever." Charm said, mirroring Zippzee's words from earlier. They went to their next hour class, transfiguration.

< >When they got there, Professor McGonagall wasn't there, and the room was dark.

< >"Here! There's a note!" said Neville

< >"What's it say?"

< >"It says 'DO NOT GO IN THE CLASSROOM. GO TO YOUR DORM ROOM.' That's weird, it's our first day!"

< >"Well, we better go." Said another Gryffindor.

< >When they had gotten back to the dorm room, Zippzee, Mysty, and Charm sat in the big, comfy chairs next to the barren fireplace. They sat there the whole time until lunch.

< >When Charm was walking to lunch, he thought how weird it was that Professor McGonagall wasn't there for their first Transfiguration lesson. He decided to talk to her about it tomorrow.

< >Charm reached the Great Hall and sat down next to Zippzee. He looked around the extremely large room and saw that there were 4 banners hanging up. Each one of them represented each of the houses and their symbols. Once again, the food magically appeared on the table and everyone passed it all around. He looked around the table in search for Mysty. She must be skipping lunch, just like she did first period, Charm thought. He looked to see if Hermione was also there. But to his dismay, she wasn't. What was up with them? Why are they suddenly deciding to skip every meal and class? All of a sudden, the windows flew open and owls streamed into the room. Attached to their feet were envelopes and white parchment. An envelope, with a package attached, dropped right in front of Neville. He opened it and small ball rolled out.

< >"It's a rememberall! Gran knows I forget things and she sent me one! When it glows red that means.... you've forgotten something" Neville moaned as the rememberall glowed red.

< >"I'll help you remember what you forgot Neville." Charm said.


< >"What were you going to tell me?" Hermione prodded. She just had to know Mysty's secret about her father. Right now, they were sitting on Mysty's bed where they could have some privacy.

< >"All right. You have to promise to keep this an absolute secret. Especially from Harry!! My father is Tom Riddle. If you rearrange that it comes out as I am Voldemort. My father is Voldemort. Don't ask why he went crazy, it's a long story."

< >"OK. Don't worry. I will keep it from Harry and everyone else." Hermione said.

< >Mysty and Hermione walked out of the dorm and down to the Great Hall for some lunch. No. It's just a lie to get attention. I am not talking to Voldemort's daughter. Voldemort doesn't even have a daughter. Even if it is a lie, I won't tell anyone. But what if it is true? Nah. All the same, I won't talk to her, Hermione thought. If she has to lie to get attention, then I just won't talk to her!


< >Zippzee went out onto the Hogwarts grounds and decided to look around. He saw Serena talking to two other, older boys. He figured they were her brothers, so he went over to her.

< >"Serena! Hey!"

< >"Hey, Zippzee! These two guys are showing me around the grounds. This is Fred, and this George. Fred and George, this is Zippzee."

< >"Pleased to-" Said George.

< >"Meet you." Finished Fred.

< >Tweedledee and Tweedledum, thought Zippzee. "Hi, I'm Troy McLure! You may remember me from such films as 'Chimpanzee's on Ice,' or 'When Bird's Run Into Walls'!" he said instead.

< >"Your that kid Ron was talking about!" Said Fred, unexpectedly, "I knew I heard that name before! You went to day care with my brother, Ron!"

< >"Oh, yeah!" Said George

< >"Ron is your brother?" Zippzee asked.

< >"Yeah!" Said Fred and George at the same time.

< >"So you guys know each other?" Serena asked.

< >"Yeah, well now we do. Ron told me you guys were the masters at practical jokes." Zippzee said.

< >"He told you right." Fred said.

< >"We were just going to show Serena around the grounds, and the other grounds." George said, adding the last part as a whisper. "If you know what I mean."

< >"Can I join you?" Zippzee asked

< >"Sure, and if you like, you can take lessons in mischief from us." Fred chuckled.

< >"Cool!"

< >So Serena, Fred, George, and Zippzee started their adventure's in Hogwarts. Over time, Serena and Zippzee got closer, and Fred and George became some of his best friends. Charm and Mysty would wonder where he went when he would sneak out, and they became used to looking every morning to see if Zippzee had lost Gryffindor points during the night. Classes were becoming easier for Zippzee in some areas, because he used them in his late night plans, but harder in others. He grew to like History, because there was hardly any homework, and when there was, it was usually converting notes into essays. History was also the only class with Hufflepuffs, which meant the only class with Serena. Charm grew more accustomed to wizard life, and Mysty became less afraid that her secret would leak. Hermione never spoke to Mysty anymore, but Mysty had gotten over that quickly. She had figured that if Lily, which was her new friend, became more of a friend, then she would tell her her secret, maybe. Lily's last name was Lupin, and that was a story that she liked to keep to herself. By the time Halloween came around, everyone was quite settled into life at Hogwarts. When Zippzee, Charm, Lily, and Mysty came down to breakfast on Halloween, the great hall was all decorated with real live bats, pumpkins, and more. When the mail came, an owl dropped a package right into Zippzee's oatmeal, splattering it all over him.

< >"Frickin' mail!" He shouted as he stood in anger. Professor McGonagall gave him a dirty look and continued with her breakfast. Zippzee sat back down and opened his mail. It was a small grubby package with a letter enclosed. He opened the letter and read it.

Open the package on your own time. It contains the marauders map. It's a copy, so you can keep it, but it works. You know what I'm talking about, right? At 11:00.

< >He stuck the package in his robes with the letter and left the table. When he reached the dorm room, he blurted out the password, unable to keep his excitement down.

< >"Dorindiver!"

< >"My, your happy!" remarked the fat lady as she swung open. Zippzee ran into his room and ripped open the box. In it was a small rolled up piece of parchment that looked kind of old. He had been told by George that it was a map of Hogwarts, but not just of Hogwarts. It showed where all the teachers were, all the secret passages, and where all of the students were. Zippzee pulled out his wand and said the magic words.

< >"I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good." The map came to life. The parchment read:

Hello, Zippzee, says Prongs
Hi, says Moony
Wormtail sends his greetings,
and Padfoot says hi.

< >And then the parchment was filled with a map of Gryffindor Tower, the passageway out of it, the stairway to the Great Hall, and all the other corridors leading off from the Great Hall. He saw a little dot labeled Proffesor Snape moving around in his office. He saw it leave and head for the Great Hall. Then Zippzee spotted a little dot labeled Peeves, headed directly at another dot, labeled Neville, just outside the Gryffindor tower. A few seconds later he heard the scream from Neville. He saw Harry Potter talking with Proffesor Quirril and a dot named Draco Malfoy. Harry Dotter, Zippzee said the pun in his head. He looked around and found what he was looking for. A dot labeled Serena. It was in the fourth corridor on the second floor. He raced over there and caught up with her just as she was entering the Athrimancy room.

< >"Serena! I got the map!" She turned around and looked at Zippzee.

< >"Really? Here..." She stared at the wall next to her, "One.... two over, three down..." She tapped a brick, and a piece of the wall slid over to reveal a large, dark room. They both entered. "Let's see it!" Serena said excitedly.

< >"Here it is," Zippzee pulled out the map and placed it on the floor.

< >"Wow, it really does work! Look, there's Perren and Doulf and Robert.....Hufflepuffs." Serena added at the confused look on Zippzee face. "oh no! Proffesor Snape!"

< >"Oh man!" For Proffesor Snape was headed directly for the hiding spot, and the door was still open.

< >

< >"Quick! How do we close it?' Zippzee said frantically. Serena held out her wand.

< >"Uh...Dul...Dullmarrius!" She yelled. The door closed and they were left in complete darkness.

< >"Lumos!" Zippzee said, and a little light appeared at the tip of his wand. They both watched the map and when Snape had left, Serena opened the door again. When they were out in the hallway again, they both fell against the oppsite wall and suddenly kissed. It was the best moment in Zippzee's life, so far. They parted lips, and stared at each other.

< >"We better go. Before Snape comes back." Zippzee said, after a moment of silence.

< >"Yeah." And they parted to go their own ways.


< >The Halloween party was tonight and Lily and Mysty were trying to decide what to wear. Mysty's thoughts were on her outfit, and she went to her trunk in search for a costume or a dress that she could wear.

< >"How about this one Mysty?" Lily said as she held a baby blue dress against her body. "You'd look lovely in it, don't you think?"

< >"Yes, but that's for the Christmas party. How about this orange one? And maybe you could wear this black one. What do you think?" Mysty said, holding up two knee-length dresses. They were both sleeveless velvet and brought out each girls' eyes.

< >"Yes, I think that would be great. But, since I have darker skin, I'll wear the orange one. It would probably look better on me than to have that black one blend in with my skin, practically." said Lily

< >And she was right. Her fair, brown skin was better in the orange.

< >Both girls changed into their dresses just to see how they looked in them. The next problem to solve was how they were going to do their hair!!


< >Charm sat on his bed, trying to get his homework done before the Halloween party. What a day it had been! Neville was in the hospital wing because his potion decided to blow up in his face, causing several burns on his face. Not to mention he got jelly legs. Professor Snape had to carry Neville to the hospital wing because he couldn't walk. Charm decided he would just visit Neville and skip the party. Besides, he didn't have anyone he liked going there, so what's the difference? Zippzee was cool and all, but he's was always hanging out with Fred and Serena. Mysty had Lily and Parvati.

< >He finally got done writing his essay about some guy named Krupsheke who had developed a truth potion. He put on some robes over his clothing and walked out of the Gryffindor house. As he walked to the hospital wing, Peeves the Poltergeist flew overhead. For once, Peeves didn't make up any nasty comment about Charm being an "Ickle Firstie". Or was it "Thirsty Pickles" ? Anyways...Charm continued his trek to the hospital wing.

< >When he got there, Neville was practicing his walking, just to see if his legs weren't wobbly anymore. He still needed some assistance to walk, but he was better off than when Snape had to carry him.

< >"Hey, Neville. Will you be able to go to the Halloween party tonight? Because if you can't, then I will be glad to stay with you if you want me to." Said Charm, hoping he wouldn't have to go.

< >"Actually, I can. Madam Pomfrey said I could if I had some assistance in walking. I'm still a little wobbly."

< >"I'll help you!" Charm said.

< >The Halloween feast turned out to be a disaster. When Mysty and Lily walked down to the great hall, they saw Professor Quirrell running to the front door of the Hogwarts Castle.

< >"I wonder where he was going?" Mysty contemplated.

< >"Oh well," Lily said, looking at the great decorations in the great hall.


< >Zippzee and Serena walked down to the Great Hall together. On the way, they passed the girls bathroom and heard crying from inside.

< >"That's Hermoine Granger, a Gryffindor," Serena commented

< >"I know her," Zippzee said.

< >"She has been crying all afternoon. Poor girl." Serena said.

< >When they got into the Great Hall, the food was already set and people were eating. They had just sat down when Professor Quirrell ran in with a look of abject horror on his face. He sprinted up to Dumbledore and gasped, "Troll--- in the dungeons --- thought you ought to know." He then fainted.

< >The Great Hall was in great pandemonium. Professor Dumbledore finally got the crowd settled down with purple firecrackers exploding in the air.

< >"Prefects! Lead your houses back to the dormitories immediately!" Percy Weasly, the Gryffindor prefect, ran through the crowd to the Gryffindor table.

< >"Follow me! Stick together first years! No need to fear the troll if you follow my orders. If he comes near, we'll be able to smell him!, And if we don't, they usually don't eat humans alive, they kill them first." This comment did not help comfort anyone. Zippzee was at the end of the Gryffindor line with Serena.

< >"Serena, the map!" Zippzee said urgently.

< >"What about it?" Serena didn't get the importance of the map at this point.

< >"We can see where the troll is and maybe tell someone so they can get it out of here!"

< >"And tell them about the map, and Fred and George?"

< >"We can say we got separated from our house and spotted the troll trying to get back to our dorm!"

< >"....All right, come this way." And they slipped through the crowd into the teachers lounge and stayed there at the table, looking at the map.

< >"There's the troll!" Said Serena.

< >"Look! Its in the girls bathroom! And Harry, Ron, and Hermoine are there!"

< >"Hey! They're not allowed in a girls bathroom!" Serena cried, angrily.

< >"I don't think they care. Look, here come Professor Snape and McGonagall, down the hallway, coming towards the bathroom!" Indeed, the professors were at the bathroom door.

< >"Since the teachers are there, I think it's all right. We should go." said Serena. Zippzee agreed and he started to leave, but before he could slip out of the teachers lounge, Serena said, "Wait!" She grabbed Zippzee's arm and they kissed again.

< >" I've gotta go, they'll be looking for me," And Zippzee left, pausing at the door to glance back at Serena before he left. He finally caught up with the Gryffindors at the portrait of the Fat Lady.

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