A Story From Hogwarts
by Lokin Nabsirinia


< >While Zippzee was in the staff room, Mysty and Lily were walking along the hallway with Percy and the rest of the screaming Gryffindors. There loud, piercing screams filled the air, and Percy was trying to calm them down.

< >"Please, don't scream. If you scream, it will lead the troll right to us!"

< >No matter how hard he tried, Percy couldn't pacify them. They finally reached the Gryffindor house.

< >"Pigsnout!" Screamed Percy over the ruckus behind him. The fat lady swung open and all of the Gryffindors stepped in. All but Mysty and Lily that is. While they were walking to their house, they hadn't seen Zippzee with the Gryffindors or Serena with the Hufflepuffs. When they didn't see them, they decided to go searching for them to see if they were up to any mischief or something. They ran away from the door and down the hallway. Mysty looked back at the door to see if anyone was following them when she ran into a boy coming down the hallway.

< >"Oh, sorry. I didn't see you." He said. He had silvery eyes and a mop of brown hair.

< >"Hi, I'm Mysty Riddle. What's your name?"

< >"My name is Aeson Atzima. I think I've seen you around. Your a Gryffindor, right?"

< >"Yes. Are you that Ravenclaw boy? I think I've seen you around, too. So what are you doing out here? Why aren't you with the rest of the Ravenclaws?" Mysty asked

< >"Well, why aren't you with the rest of the Gryffindors?" Aeson said with a smile.

< >"You can't answer a question with a question. To tell you the truth, we are looking for a friend. Maybe you've seen him. He has green hair and he has goofy looking ears."

< >"Uh, yeah. I saw him and Serena, a Hufflepuff, run into the teachers lounge. And to tell you the truth, I got lost and I'm going to go back to my house so if you'll excuse me, I think I'll continue my trek." And with that he left for the Ravenclaw house, which was the other direction than the one Aeson had been taking.


< >Zippzee went directly to bed but did not sleep. He kept thinking about Serena. He felt wonderful at his newfound romance. It wasn't his idea that they kissed, but Zippzee had a strange feeling that it wasn't Serena's either. It just happened. Then Zippzee started thinking about other things. Does this mean they were "going-out"? He didn't like the sound of that. Was it love? He didn't think that was possible for someone of his age to know what love was. What would happened if Serena asked him a question he couldn't answer. Did he love her? Zippzee didn't know. After many different questions passed through his mind, he finally dropped off to sleep.


< >The next morning, Zippzee awoke to find the Gryffindor common room empty, and, figuring that the rest of the Gryffindors were at breakfast, headed for the Great Hall. When he got there, he found that just as deserted as the common room. He wondered where everyone was. Then it hit him, what if he overslept? He pulled out his wand and whispered a charm.

< >"Dissengi!"

< >The wand spurted out a silvery thread, which formed the numbers 10:30 A.M.

< >"Oh man!" Exclaimed Zippzee, and he ran out to his third class of the day, having missed the first two.

< >When he got to Herbology, he found there had been a slight difference in the schedule. Hufflepuff's now had Herbology with Gryffindors, and Ravenclaw (who had Herbology with Gryffindors before) now had History of Magic with Gryffindors instead. Zippzee liked the change, because he got to talk with Serena without getting into trouble, but Mysty wasn't to thrilled with it.

< >"How am I going to get to know Aeson now!!" She was exclaiming to Lily.

< >"How do you know he wants to know you, whoever he is?" Zippzee said.

< >"Oh shut up!" Mysty shrilled.

< > Proffesor Binns class was as dull as ever, but Zippzee found it more interesting as Mysty kept trying to impress Aeson by giving the right answers when Proffesor Binns asked a question. She would whisper for Zippzee to give her the answer, and Zippzee would intentionally give her the wrong answers, that made her look like a fool. On one such occasion, Mysty finally snapped...

< >"Who was the hero of the 1794 goblin rebellion?" Proffesor Binns had asked.

< >"Zippzee what's the answer?" Mysty whispered.

< >"Binns the Exceptionally Stupid." Zippzee whispered back.

< >Mysty raised her hand high into the air, along with Hermoine Granger, another Gryffindor.

< >"Yes, Mysty" Said Binns.

< >"Is it Binns the Exceptionally Stupid?" Mysty said, with a glance at Aeson. The whole class laughed out loud, thinking that, yet again, Mysty was making fun of Professor Binns. The Professor was sitting looking quite angry, while Mysty rounded on Zippzee.

< >"YOU!!!!!!"

< >"Who? Me?" Zippzee said, looking very innocent. Meanwhile, Aeson slipped out of the room. Zippzee saw this, but didn't mention anything to Mysty, or Binns. After the class had settled down again, Professor Binns fell back into his usual slump of boring-ness, and Mysty stopped asking Zippzee about the answers. She also refused to look at Aeson the rest of the class (Out of embarrassment), even though he wasn't there. After a while, Zippzee wondered where he had gone to. He decided he would look for him. Zippzee made a small disturbance (Setting off a Filibuster Firework under poor Dean Seamus' desk, and he was later reported to Professor McGonnagall) and he too slipped out.

< >He found Aeson after a short time of searching. He was heading towards the third floor corridor. This greatly intrigued Zippzee.

< >"Aeson, why are you headed directly to where your not supposed to be?" Zippzee said calmly after when he had silently crept up behind Aeson, who was stopped at the steel door of the third-floor corridor. He jumped at the sound of Zippzee's voice.

< >"What are you doing here?" Aeson said, innocently.

< >"The real question is, what are you doing here?"

< >"Did you follow me?"

< >"Yeah, because Professor Binns saw you leave and asked me to come fetch you." Lied Zippzee.

< >"......."

< >"Your caught! Are you trying to steal what is behind that door!?" Zippzee asked, more loudly. He, of course, had been behind the steel door many times, with the Alohomora Charm. He knew a really big dog was in there and that he was guarding something under a trapped door, though he didn't know quite what he was guarding.

< >"No! I just, look, I can't tell you now. Quiet down, or we'll get caught!"

< >"You already are caught, Aeson!"

< >"Just listen to what I have to say! I was trying to save what was behind that door! I know something nobody else knows!!"

< >"Yeah! And what's that!? That it gives you never-ending powers, or eternal life or something!?"

< >"No! I don't know! I don't know what it does! I just know someone is trying to steal it!"

< >"Yeah, YOU!!!"

< >"Trying to steal what, Aeson. Or should I say who is trying to steal it?" A greasy, silky voice came out of the shadows. It was Snape.

< >"YOU!!" Gasped Zippzee, fearfully.

< >"Zippzee? I should have known. You've been running around with that Serena, and the Weasly's. That gives me all the reason in the world to suspect you."

< >"What's it to you who I 'run' around with?" Zippzee said angrily. He had had a few run-ins with Snape in the past, and has always looked at him with hatred in his eyes.

< >"All I'm saying, is that you should choose your friends more wisely. And you should hold your tongue." Snape said maliciously. Then, turning to Aeson, he said, "You are out of class, running around with a known troublemaker, Aeson! I hope you don't fall into the wrong crowd."

< >"We're not the wrong--" Zippzee began, but Aeson cut him off.

< >"I cut a deal with you, Severus. I tell you who is after what, and you let me and Zippzee off the hook, and I don't tell every one about your past! I'm sure Dumbledore would be pleased to hear what I have to say!" Zippzee had no idea what Aeson was talking about, but Snape obviously did.

< >"Fine, but blackmail is not an easy way in life!"

< >"All right! Quirrel is after the Stone!"

< >"What!?" Snape was utterly startled.

< >"Quirrel is Defense Against The Dark Arts! Why would he try and steal something?!" Zippzee interjected.

< >"That doesn't matter!! I know why!!" Snape snarled. "You two return to your common rooms now!! You will receive no punishment!" He added, eyeing Aeson angrily. He stepped back into the shadows and disappeared.

< >"How does he do that!!!!" Zippzee exclaimed. Aeson left quickly, before Zippzee could ask him about anything that had just happened. After that, Zippzee decided to go up to the common room until next period.

< >When he finally met up with Serena at dinner, he told her everything that Aeson and Snape had said, and then they both hunted down Fred and George. They found them in the Gryffindor common room, sitting around a little round table in the back, making up a joke book. When they had heard about the conversation between Aeson and Snape, their reactions were mixed.

< >"Snape's past? Do you think this Aeroson kid could've dug up something on Snape we overlooked?" Fred inquired.

< >"It's Aeson! And, unless he can read minds, he couldn't have known anything about Snape." Serena replied.

< >"Maybe he's one of Snape's relatives, like a nephew" George commented.

< >"Or a niece" Fred added. There was a moment of silence. Then they all said the same thing......"EEEEWWW!"

< >"Yeah, but maybe he is related, otherwise he wouldn't have called Snape Severus. He would have said Professor Snape, right?" Zippzee rationalized.

< >"Maybe you should just ask him." Serena said.

< >"Yeah," uttered Fred.

< >"That would be best." Said George.

< >"All right, it's decided." Zippzee declared

< >"Wait! We have to vote on it in council!" Fred burst out.

< >"And we have to vote on a time, and strategy plan!" George said importantly.

< >"You guys are weird!" Serena laughed out loud.

< >"Hey! It's tradition!" Fred was slightly red, Zippzee figured that Fred had never been called weird.

< >"Okay, so we vote!" Zippzee commentated.

< >"All in favor, say AYE!"

< >There was a chorus of four voices all yelling out "AYE!"

< >"When?" Fred asked, completely oblivious to the fact that the whole of the common room was now staring at the four of them.

< >"Tomorrow, after third period, right before lunch. He's always a little late for lunch, we can wait for him outside the Great Hall." Fred voiced.

< >"All right, all in favor, say AYE!" George yelled. And another chorus of "AYE!" ran through the common room.

< >"All right, well, I had better get back to my common room. They'll be looking for me. Bye!" Serena said as she stood up from the table.

< >"I'll walk you." Zippzee said, and he too stood up.

< >As they were walking back to the Hufflepuff common room, Serena and Zippzee inched closer together, whether on purpose or not is hard to tell. Then Serena brought up the subject that Zippzee was wanting to avoid.

< >"Zippzee, are we...... in love? I mean, I don't know what to think. At least, I don't know what I think. What do you think?"

< >"....Well, I think we are.....in love, even though we are young. Maybe we are. I'm not sure. Do you think we are, or......" Zippzee broke off.

< >"I....I think we are in...love. Yes, I love you."

< >"I love you, too."

< >Here they stopped.

< >"Here we are." Serena said. "Good-night." And here, they kissed again.

< >"I love you, Serena," Zippzee whispered, as they embraced in a hug.

< >"I love you, too, Zippzee" Serena said, with the confidence that Zippzee heard in her voice when he first walked her to History of Magic. Serena stepped back, whispered the password to the stone badger that was the keeper of the Hufflepuff common room. She met eyes with Zippzee again, whispered "goodnight" again and went of into the trap-door. Zippzee felt wonderful! He had his first love. He felt complete, more than complete, he felt perfect! He had someone who loved him, whom he loved! He felt the only way a person can feel while being in love, absolutely and positively perfect! He was in love!

< > Zippzee half walked, half stumbled back up the staircase that led to the portrait of the fat lady. But on the way down the corridor, he heard a familiar voice that abruptly awoke him from his trance. It was Professor Quirrel.

< >"NOO.....Please! Noooo! AAARRRGHHGH! NOO!! ARRGAGGAGHHHH!" Zippzee heard numerous heavy gasps and moaning. Then he heard Quirrel speak again.

< >"Why.......Master, Why?......Please." Then, Zippzee heard a high, snakelike voice.

< >"I HAVE MY REASONS, Quirrel. Voldemort does NOT tolerate failure! I have to keep closer watch on you! ........You flinched at my name....You mean to say you can't even say your masters name?! SAY IT!"

< >Zippzee heard Quirrel again. "voldermort......Voldermort....VOLDERMORT..... ......VOLDERMORT!!!!!!!!" He said it each time getting louder that before.

< >"There, you can say your masters name. Goooooood." Came the high-pitched voice.

< >"Now, master, about Aeson........"

< >"Yeeessss.... Aeson. He must be terminated! And that boy, Zippzee. He heard too much! And his little girlfriend, Serena. They are planning to talk to Aeson. They must all be eliminated!!"

< >"Yes, master, Master Voldermort!"

< >Zippzee heard moving, someone coming towards the door! He ran off down the corridor towards the Hufflepuff common-room. Someone was going to kill Serena! Not just someone, Quirrel was going to do the job! FOR VOLDERMORT!!! He had to talk to Serena! NO! He couldn't tell her. He couldn't worry her. He would tell Dumbledore in the morning, but first he must sleep. He needed sleep, and then he would tell Dumbledore. He walked into the boy dormitories and flopped down on his four-poster bed and fell right to sleep.


< >The next morning when Zippzee awoke, he at first didn't remember why he had been so worried the night before. But then it all came flooding back into his memory, and he raced out of the dormitories. On the way out of the portrait hole he ran right into Fred and George.

< >"Is the plan still on?" Fred asked.

< >"No, someone found out about it, and they're trying to sabotage it. We can't do it today!" Zippzee spurt out. He was in a hurry, he couldn't waste time telling Fred and George about what he heard last night.

< >"How do you know?" George questioned.

< >"I'll tell you later" Zippzee said quickly. "I gotta go, see ya!" And he burst out the door, before they could ask him any more questions. Zippzee raced down the corridors, past the third-floor corridor, onto the second floor. He stopped in front of a stone gargoyle that he knew was the entrance to Dumbledores office.

< >"Um- Lemon Drop!"

< >The stone gargoyle leaped aside. Zippzee raced up the stairs and almost fell over with shock as the door opened right before he reached it.

< >"Come in, Zippzee." Said the voice of Albus Dumbledore.

< >"Sir, Headmaster, I need to tell you something..."

< >"If it is about Aeson, I know."

< >"What?!"

< >"Zippzee, please don't interrupt me when I begin my story. I know you have had quite an ordeal. Because of doing the right thing and coming to me, instead of trying to stop him yourself, you have the right to know the whole story. Let us start at the beginning. Snape was Aeson's God-father, but when Snape got a job here, Aeson had to live with Snape's brother and his family. That is how Aeson knew of Snape's life as a Death Eater." Zippzee knew what a Death Eater was, they were You-Know-Who's followers. "Snape was of course a spy during those days, he was never on Voldermorts side." Zippzee flinched at the name of You-Know-Who. "When Aeson came to Hogwarts, he was deeply interested in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. He said he found out about something that I must be told, about Quirrel, I did not believe him. He had hate in his heart for Quirrel. I could sense it. I realized he was trying to get Professor Quirrel fired from this school, so he could help his god-father, and get on his good side. I sent him back to his common-room, and on the way there....." Dumbledore's voice broke off here. "On the way there, he was attacked...." Zippzee gasped. ".....By a snake. The snake entered the building through a secret passage by the Whomping Willow, it climbed up to the Ravenclaw hallway, and got stuck behind a door. It was hungry, starving, and it acted on instinct. It bit Aeson, in the neck, and before he could get to the hospital wing, he.....fell over dead." When Zippzee heard this, he almost fainted. "The snake was killed, thrown out into the Forbidden Forest, and is decomposing right at this moment." Dumbledore's awful story had finished. Zippzee just stood there, stunned. He couldn't believe it. Aeson wasn't killed by You-know-who, he was killed by a snake. Zippzee hadn't heard Quirrel talking to You-know-who last night, it must have been a dream, and he was really tired last night. Serena wasn't in danger, and neither was he. A surge of relief fell over him, but when that had finished, the horrible dread of a fellow student dead fell over him. He stepped back, but then he thought of something.

< >"Dumbledore, sir?"

< >"Yes, Zippzee."

< >"How did you know what was in Aeson's heart?"

< >"One of the magical power's I developed in my younger age as a wizard was to read peoples hearts. That is all you need to know."

< >"Yes, sir." Zippzee started walking down the steps, but Dumbledore stopped him.

< >"Oh, and Zippzee, Serena is quite safe. Voldermort could not possibly be in this school without my knowing it." Zippzee was in awe. How had Dumbledore known? He said he could read hearts, could he read minds? He walked towards the Great Hall, feeling both happy that he and Serena were safe, but at the same time feeling horrible about Aeson. He figured food would help, and there was a Quidditch game on Saturday he was planning on taking Serena to. He had a feeling he would have to just live with what had happened, and get on with his life. That was the best idea, and Zippzee was sure that Dumbledore would do the same thing. Chapter 3: Quirrel and the Unknown Speaker

< >Zippzee walked down to the Great Hall on Saturday feeling considerably happier than on Thursday, the day Dumbledore told Zippzee about Aeson. He had told Fred, George and Serena what had happened to Aeson, and they had all felt so bad that they forgot about their plan to "Bump into him" in the hallway. Zippzee was glad of that. He walked down to breakfast, and became even happier when Serena hugged and kissed him in front of the Hufflepuff House entrance.

< >"Ready for the game?" She said.

< >"Yeah!" Zippzee replied.

< >They strolled into the Great Hall, hand in hand, and decided to sit at the Hufflepuff table instead of the usual Gryffindor house table. Serena then introduced Zippzee to all her Hufflepuff friends.

< >"There's Jean-Michelle, and next to her is her twin, Jean-Michael."

< >"Bojour!" The two twins said at the same time.

< >"And there's Gordon, and James, and Melissa, and then there's Eve, and next to her is Palmina."

< >"Hi, Gord, Jame, and Melly. Eve, and Palm....ina" Zippzee said, nodding to everyone as he said their names, and adding "ina" when he caught the dirty look on Palmina's face. He became friends with most of Serena's friends....Palmina was kind of soured against Zippzee because of the "Palm" joke.

< >After breakfast, Zippzee and Serena walked down to the Quidditch field and took their seats next to Mysty and Charm. Gryffindor was playing Ravenclaw. Zippzee knew that Gryffindor was without a seeker ever since Charlie Weasly left, and he was wondering if they had replaced him yet. There were rumors that they had indeed replaced Charlie, but who it was, they didn't know. The Gryffindor players walked out onto the field in dark maroon robes. Ravenclaw was playing in blue robes. Madam Hooch was refereeing. She blew her whistle and the players were off! Lee Jordan, Fred and George's friend, was commentating, his voice magically magnified.


< >Zippzee realized who the new seeker was.

< >"Serena! Look! It's Harry Potter!"

< >"Woah! But first years aren't allowed!"

< >"Yeah!"


< >Gryffindor supporters screamed and cheered themselves hoarse with the save by Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor keeper. Serena hugged Zippzee happily, for she had a rival in the Ravenclaw house, and would love to flaunt the fact that Ravenclaw had lost. Suddenly, Ravenclaw had taken the rebound and scored a goal. Ravenclaw supporter's cheered this time.

< >"RAVENCLAW 30, GRYFFINDOR 30! THIS IS A CLOSE GAME!" Lee Jordan commentated. Then, quite abruptly, Harry went into a steep dive. Rick followed, searching for the snitch.

< >"HE'S GONNA CRASH!!" Serena yelled out.

< >"It's okay! He knows what he's doing!" Zippzee yelled over the screams and cheers of the spectators. Then, just as suddenly as he had gone into the dive, Harry crashed right into the ground. Serena shrieked and hid her face in Zippzee arm's as he hugged her.

< >"Two people in one year!" She sobbed. For a fleeting second, everyone in the audience thought he was quite dead. There was a silence like no other. Zippzee lowered his head, and then the sudden cheering of the crowd made him raise his head up again. Harry had gotten up, and he had the snitch in his hand! Gryffindor had one the match, and no-one had died! Serena dried her eyes and looked up, smiling. Lee Jordan was quite ecstatic.


< >"Yes...we all saw it Jordan, now stop screaming into the microphone." Professor McGonagall said, unenthusiastically. She had probably been so frightened that she had not yet recovered. Serena, although, had. She jumped up and down and kissed Zippzee, that he finally had to grab her around the middle and pick her up and carry back into the Great Hall, where they began lunch. Zippzee thought it best to sit at the Gryffindor table, which is near the Slytherin table, because the Ravenclaw table was near the Hufflpuff table. Serena's rival, Beatrice Moxter, had eyed her angrily as they passed her on the way to the Gryffindor table. Serena had calmed herself down by that time, and was able to talk. She seemed kind of ashamed that she had cried when Harry crashed.

< >"Zippzee, did you think he had died?"

< >"For a minute, yeah, I was afraid."

< >"Ok, I feel a little bit better."

< >"Don't be ashamed. You're dad would've cracked down and fainted if he saw that dive!"

< >"Yeah...."

< >Before Zippzee could comfort her any more, the door of the hall burst open and the Gryffindor team came in. Fred and George raced over to the Gryffindor table. They were as happy as Lee Jordan.

< >"YEEAHHH!!! WE WONNNNNNNN!!!!!! HARRY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!"

< >They came prancing over to Serena, and they took turns giving her hug's. They stopped, noticeing the jealousy in Zippzee's eye's. Then, Fred lowered his voice and said to both Zippzee and Serena, "Still on for tonight, right?"

< >"Yeah." Zippzee said.

< >"Definintly!" Serena agreed.

< >"Good." George said, with a wink.

< >"YEAH!!!! WE WON!!!!!!! Yeah!" And they left, running towards the Ravenclaw table to gloat. They ate lunch and were outside on the grounds the rest of the day, until it got dark. Then, Zippzee and Serena decided to go back to the Gryffindor tower to discuss what they were "ON" for tonight. When they reached the common room, they heard a faint scuttle, and a rat ran out of the room, out into the hallway. There were many rat's in the castle, and they wern't surprised to see one. They sat down in the big comfy chairs in front of the fireplace and began to talk.

< >"So, tonight, we leave at 10:00. Right?" Said Serena.

< >"Yeah."

< >"And we meet at the hump of the witch, right?"

< >"Yes."

< >"What's the password, in case I can't get out of the common room?"

< >"Dissendium."

< >"Alright. Are you ready?"

< >"Yeah, my first trip to Hogsmead!"

< >"Yeah, mine too."

< >"No-one will miss us, right?"

< >"People will miss us, but they won't say anything to any teachers."

< >"Good. We're only staying for the day anyway's."

< >"Yeah. I need to go though. I'm sorry I going to leave so quickly, but I need to get ready, and get my money together."

< >"I won't be sad without you..." Zippzee lied, for he had wanted Serena to stay longer. But, he had to let her go. Serena got up and started for the door, but Zippzee got up and stopped her. He felt weird. He didn't mean to, but he had to stop her from leaving, at least leaving right now.

< >"Zippzee, I have to get packed... I need to go." Serena started.

< >"I'll walk you!" Zippzee said, looking in to her eye's. They were still the green-est he had ever seen.

< >"All right." Serena said with a laugh. "What's got in to?"

< >"I just had a feeling, that I needed to walk you." Zippzee replyed, still looking into her eyes.

< >"All right, lets go then." She still seemed kind of amused at Zippzee suddenness. They went out the door, and started down the hallway. They were talking alot, and so absorbed that they didn't noticed where they were going. They wound up near the library and, on passing the library door, they heard a high, snake-like voice.

< >"Quirrel, what is the last spell??? There is only one we don't know. We MUST find out!"

< >Then they heard Quirrel's voice, "Master, I have a plan. But it requires a dragon....."

< >"I will find a dragon for you then...........Go now! Two students are listening. But they won't matter. This is to over their heads." Their was a sound off a single, scraping chair. Quirrel came bustling out the library door.

< >"Children." He said with a nod as he passed. "Good-day!" He went down the hallway. Serena and Zippzee stood, gaping at each other, then, trying to catch the other person Quirrel was talking to, they ran into the library. It was dark, and deserted. The only exit in the library was the one they had came in by, so the phantom speaker couldn't have left without them noticing. But, there was definitely no-one in the library.

< >"Zippzee, what's going on?" Serena said, grabbing Zippzee's arm, a little too tightly.

< >"Yargghhh! Ouch!" He yelled out in pain.

< >"Oh......Sorry."

< >"It's ok. I'm kinda scared also...." Zippzee admitted.

< >"Don't be......I need someone to be courageous."

< >"Ok, I'm not scared." And he really wasn't. He had been scared, but found it being ridiculous, since nothing would happen while Albus Dumbledore was headmaster. "Just hold my hand."

< >Serena held Zippzee's hand while they searched the library. They both lit their wands, and were soon searching each aisle. The only thing they found out of the ordinary was a book about Norwegian Ridgeback Dragons that was lying on the floor. They put it back, and then left the dark library.

< >"Serena, if you want to go back to the Gryffindor-" Zippzee started, but she cut him off.

< >"No.....I need to get ready. I......I was kind of a wimp back there.....There was nothing to be scared about."

< >"Of course there was! What we heard back there could've been something Dumbledore would've shivered at!"

< >"Oh! Zippzee! I want to be strong, and.....and not be afraid, like you, but I can't! I won't! I......I heard something the other night! I heard that same voice!

< >"The high sounding voice! The day before Aeson died?"

< >"I....I'm so sorry. I thought......I didn't mean to scare you.....I......I heard it the day after he.......he........." She broke off. She burst into tears, and ran into Zippzee's arms, sobbing.

< >"It's okay. Not many people have had this happen to them."

< >"Is everything okay?" Dumbledore's voice rang out into the hallway.

< >Serena gasped, and dried her eye's. "Headmaster, sir."

< >"Serena Abcock, your in Hufflepuff, are you not?"

< >"Yes, sir."

< >"Why are you crying?"

< >"Sir, we heard a voice, in the library." Zippzee said.

< >"Yes...and you where startled by the "high pitch-ness" of it?"

< >"Yes, sir."

< >"Zippzee, Serena, I must tell you something, because I'm sure you will find out anyway. Thing's are going to happen at this school, and I don't want you to interfere. If you do, you could alter the course of the future. I already know that Quirrel is involved, but I dare not stop what is going to happen. I will concern Harry Potter, but that is because of deeper magic than I know. DO NOT try and warn Harry. I will know if you do. He must face this alone." He paused for a seconed, and his stern face turned soft again. "Now, don't cry, for you are in no harm, nor is anyone under my surveilence. But don't worry, your future doesn't hold death, at least not anytime soon, but only love." Here, he looked from Serena to Zippzee, and back again. "Love for each other. Now, go to your dorm rooms, and have a good night's rest."

< >They both walked off towards the Hufflepuff house. But before they had even reached the end of the hallway, Dumbledore called to them.

< >"Have a good time in Hogsmead tommorow!" Serena looked at Zippzee, and all she could do was laugh. They laughed and talked all the way to the Hufflepuff house. They stopped at the stone badger that was the Hufflepuff common-room keeper, and Serena hugged Zippzee.

< >"I know what Dumbledore was talking about. I love you, and I'll always love you."

< >"I loved you from the first time I met you." Zippzee said in reply. They kissed, and Serena went up to the common-room to pack. Zippzee walked back to the Gryffindor common-room, now knowing why he had felt the sudden urgency to walk Serena to the common-room. He really did love her. Zippzee climbed the steps to the dorm room, and fell onto his bed. He lay there for awhile, and dropped off to sleep. When he woke up, he jumped off his bed and looked around. Everyone else was asleep. He pulled out his wand.

< >"Dissengi" The wand spurt out purple lace that formed the numbers 9:50 P.M. Good. He thought, I'm not late. He got his duffle bag out, performed a simple charm, and it shrunk. He could now fit it in the pockets of his robes. He walked down the stairs to the common-room, and found Fred and George sitting in the chairs by a lit fire. They nodded at each other, and they marched out the door. Serena was waiting for them at the witch with the hump, and they said the password (Dissendium). The tunnel leading towards Honeydukes (A shop in Hogsmead.) was not very tall, but it was very long. It went for at least 2 miles, and when they reached the end of it, they were all relieved. There was a trap door leading into the stock room of Honeydukes, where there were lots of boxes of candy and joke toys. Peppered Frog-Eyed Lollipops, Flaming Filibuster Fireworks and Cockroach Clusters were just some of the millions of labels on the boxes. Fred, George, Serena and Zippzee walked through the back door, very quietly. The front room of Honeydukes was dark, and they took almost half an hour going through it. They wanted to be as cautious as possible, because the owners lived upstairs. The group stole silently through the door, once they had it open (which took another twelve minutes). Finally, they ran free in the dark, silent night of Hogsmead, the only completly wizard town in Great Britain. They split up into groups of two, as planned. Zippzee with Serena, and Fred with George. Serena and Zippzee went up a hill, towards the Shrieking Shack. When they reached it, they turned left, and down the other side of the hill. There, they pulled out their wands and conjured up a two-person tent. Zippzee pulled out his pocket-sized duffle bag, and re-sized it to normal size. Out of it he pulled a small, money bag full of galleons and sickles he had gotten out of Gringotts the past month. Then, he pulled out a sleeping bag. Serena had also brought one. They both settled in and quickly fell asleep.

< >Zippzee had charmed the sleeping bags so that they would tighten at a certain time, so as to wake the two sleepers. When the bags started their contracting at 5:30 in the morning, it nearly choked Zippzee to death. He pulled out his wand and caught the struggling bag on fire, and it finally ceased with broken pride.

< >"Astimania!" Zippzee said with a flick of his wand. The sleeping bag went out (for it was still on fire) and jumped into the duffle bag. Then, the duffle bag shrunk again. Zippzee stuffed it in his robes, and exited the tent. Serena had already got her stuff together, and was outside the tent, looking out for any strangers. When Zippzee came out, she turned around.

< >"Tastianna!" She said. The tent sent out a faint =POOF= and then dissapeared. She smiled. "Good morning, Zippzee."

< >"Good morning."

< >"We better be meeting up with Fred and George." Serena said. Zippzee agreed and they went off over the hill. It was still dark out, and quite chilly. Serena shivered as they hiked up the hill. Zippzee handed over his cloak.

< >"Aren't you cold?" Serena asked.

< >"No." Zippzee lied. They met up with Fred and George at Zonko's Gift Shop. "Let's go in!"

< >"Yeah! No! Wait! We need a cover up story!" Fred said.

< >"Hmmmm..... How about we came up with our parents for the weekend." George suggested.

< >"Sounds good to me." Zippzee said.

< >"All right." Serena agreed. Fred also agreed, and they walked in. There were thousands of gift items and practical joke items. The salesman was an aged wizard with gray hair and matching robes.

< >"Hi, can we get two boxes of Filibuster Fireworks, a box of exploding dungbombs, and three boxes of fox-tailed worms in a can?" Fred aked immediatly, while Zippzee and Serena looked around.

< >"Sure can!" Said the old wizard in reply. "Let me get them from the back." And he left for the storage room. Meanwhile, Zippzee and Serena had found something of interest.

< >"Wow! I didn't even know these were around any more!" Zippzee exclaimed as he picked up a five galleon piece that would blow up five minutes after you said the password. "I used to trick loads of people with these! I have to get some!"

< >"Wow, wizards are way more advanced than Muggles will ever be!" Serena asserted.

< >"That's because we have magic on our side." Zippzee stated quite simply. "Hey, look at these!" He held up a dead rat with a sign, 'FORMER BULLY'.

< >"That's gross!" Serena said with disgust. "Why would anyone want a dead rat?"

< >"To put in a bully's bed, of course." Zippzee replied.

< >"Eeew."

< >"Here's something you'll like. A hairbrush that knots the persons hair no matter how hard they brush. Hey! It says you can set it to make the knots tighter the harder they brush!"

< >"I like that! I could give it to Beatrice! Ha! She'd have her hair in knots for weeks!"

< >"Come on guys, get your stuff, we got to find Mom." Fred announced after the wizard came back with his stuff. Zippzee grabbed three bags of Exploding Galleons, two Bully Taw Rat's and a two Knotting Hairbrush.

< >"It's okay, I can buy them." Serena said, when she saw Zippzee pick it up.

< >"No, it's okay, I didn't get you a birthday present." Zippzee went up and paid fifteen galleons for his purchase. Serena bought a hairbrush, as an extra, she told Zippzee.

< >"Have fun kids! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" The saleman said as they left.

< >"That leaves us to do anyhting under the sun." Fred whispered to Zippzee. They went back through the passage and were at Hogwarts two hours before lunch. When they got there, Mysty and Charm were waiting for Serena and Zippzee.

< >"Where have two you been?!" Mysty said, quite like Proffesor McGonnagal would.

< >"On the grounds, with Serena. Here, we found you a hairbrush." Zippzee smiled, handing her a Knotting Hairbrush. Serena nearly knocked it out of his hands.

< >"Zippzee! You said that was for me!" She said, with a look that plainly said 'Don't give it to her!'.

< >"It's okay, I found another one for you." He replied, pushing the hairbrush into Mysty's hand.

< >"I-want-that-one." Serena said, wrestling it out of Zippzee's hand.

< >"Okay, here Mysty, you can have this one." Zippzee said, pulling out another one.

< >"Yoink!" Serena onomatopoeia'd as she grabbed the second hairbrush from Zippzee's hand and ran from the Great Hall. Zippzee chased after her, and Charm wound up with two five galleon peices, which jingled in his pocket as he walked towards the Gryffindor table.

< >Zippzee ran down the hallway after Serena until she reached a stairway. She tried to outrun him on the stairs, but the stairs were too steep. Serena stood at the top, gasping for breath. Zippzee stood triumphantly over her, holding the hairbrushes.

< >"I didn't want to give it to her! She would know you tricked her!" Serena said with urgency, even though there was no urgency in her voice.

< >"Yeah, but it would've been pretty funny." Zippzee said. Serena's face lightened with a little amusmant. Then laughter came over her, and she fell into Zippzee's arms.

< >"Yeah...it would've been." She said, quietly.

< >"I doesn't matter anyways. Charm decided to take two Exploding Galleons from my hand as I ran after you. It's just my luck that they were set and ready to go, or should I say, blow." Zipzee mentioned.

< >"Zippzee! He'll be so scared!" Serena blurted out.

< >"It's okay. It's only an explosion like a black cat fire-cracker." Zippzee insisted. Nonetheless, they quickly walked back to the Great Hall. Just outside it, they heard a sound like two gunshots, and a hoarse scream. The galleon's had gone off and Charm had got quite a scare. Zippzee and Serena ran out onto the grounds, and, once they had got out of any questionable range, pulled out some of the sandwich's they had brought on the trip. Sitting under a tree, they enjoyed a quiet lunch in the autumn sun.

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