A Story From Hogwarts
by Lokin Nabsirinia


Chapter 4 The Passageway

< >With the day's getting colder and Christmas coming up, the teachers had much more work to do, as well as the students. Soon, snow began to fall, and the castle got much colder. The statues of armor began wearing scarves and mittens, and Mrs. Norris, Filch's cat, was more edgy than a mouse in a gorilla cage with a bunch of bannanas in his underpants. Zippzee couldn't help noticing that the teachers were getting more irratable. He figured that with the Christmas ball coming up, they had a lot to do. Zippzee had four finals in the coming week, and four the week after that, which was the week before christmas break. There had been a sign up sheet going around to find out who was going to stay during christmas break, and both Zippzee and Serena signed up. Charm signed up as well, and so did Mysty. Zippzee had no "adventures" planned with Fred and George, because they too were studying for their finals. There wasn't much time too do anything but study. Even Serena was spending less time with Zippzee and more time with the books.

< >On the last day of final taking, it was blizzarding. The students took this as an omen and had all their notes at the breakfast table. This made it a great deal harder to eat. Oatmeal and pancakes were falling onto the wrong plates and angry students, already jumpy about the finals, were getting in fights. Charm had Marun in a throat-deathgrip-headlock, with Zippzee jumping around the two shouting out spells and charms to disable Marun. A Slytherin named Draco Malfoy was almost ripping Harry Potter's hair out, and another Gryffindor, Ron, was about to jump on Draco. Suddenly, Dumbledore ran in and set off three purple fireworks, which settled things down. Zippzee offered Marun a truce offering of a five galleon piece. Marun was so happy that he took off for the Ravenclaw coomon room.

< >When Zippzee had finished his last test of the day (Goblin Rebellions of the 18th Century), he headed for the Hufflepuff common-room. He had planned to meet Serena there and go on a walk around the lake. He said the password to the stone gargoyle (Lemon Snot), and walked up the stairs to the warmth of the fireplace to wait. After a few minutes, Serena came down the stairs from the girls dormitory. They kissed and left for the grounds. In less than ten minutes they were walking alongside the almost freezing lake.

< >"Zippzee, as I was coming out of the common-room this morning, I noticed a strange colored rock. It turned out to be a secret passage! But it wasn't on the Maruader's Map. I think we should check it out."

< >"All right, we will after dinner. Let's tell Fred and George."

< >"Ok. Wherever it leads, it should be interesting." Zippzee and Serena finished their walk and went inside for dinner.

< >Fred wanted to check it out right away, but George though it would be better to wait until the next day, when they would have more time. Zippzee didn't want to wait that long, so he suggested that they should go at midnight tonight. Everybody agreed that this was best. So, Zippzee went to the gryffindor common-room to wait. It was about eleven o' clock when the common room finally emptied and Zippzee was finally able to leave. Even though he was early, he wanted to see Serena privatly. He went to the Hufflepuff passage way and entered (Lemon Snot). Serena was sitting in an armchair near the dimly lit fireplace. Zippzee sat in the one next to her.

< >"Your early, by an hour." Serena said, making the fire brighter, so she could properly see Zippzee.

< >"I wanted to come before Fred and George. We haven't had much time together since the finals."

< >"I know..." They kissed, and then sat quietly, Zippzee staring into her eyes. "I......"

< >"Your eyes are the greenest I have ever seen." Zippzee started. "I noticed it when you got sorted."

< >"I know. They match your hair." Serena laughed a little. Then Serena jumped up so fast that Zippzee was startled. "I have something to show you." She said, almost giggling. "I got it at Zonko's for you when we went to Hogsmead." She pulled out a black spellbook with gold lettering on it.

< >" 'Spells from Ancient Egypt' Wow, Serena. I looks authentic!" He opened the pages of the book to find the spells were written on papyrus. A translation of the Egyptian language was in the very back. "It must have cost a fortune!"

< >"I wanted to buy the hairbrush at the same time so you wouldn't see what I was getting, but you had to be the gentleman."

< >"Wow....." Zippzee was looking at a spell on a particulary old peice of papyrus. "I can raise the dead.....if they're mummified of course.......and I can conjour snakes and scorpions."

< >"Ewwww...."

< >"Thanks!" He said, looking up at Serena.

< >"I thought you would like it." They kissed again, and once more. Suddenly, Fred and George burst in, panting.

< >"Spirit.....out in the hallways! We were walking along, and the door to the library opened, and a scream like you've never heard screeched out of the library! Snape ran through the hallway where we were, and he almost spotted us!" Fred burst out.

< >"Shhh! I hear something!" Zippzee warned. They all sat silent. Snapes voice could be heard.

< >"Filch! What is the password to the Hufflepuff room? NOW!'

< >"Ummmm......'Lemon Snot'!" Filch's voice said.

< >"Oh no.....not Snape!" Zippzee groaned.

< >"If Filch finds us out of bed again, we're done for!" George said urgently.

< >"Lets find some place to hide!" Serena whispered.

< >"The passageway! Quick! The gargoyle is out of the way! They're coming up!" Fred yelled.

< >"SHHH!" Zippzee quieted Fred. Serena led them to the secret passage, shut the door. Fred pulled out the Maruaders Map, and George lit his wand. Snape and Filch were both in the common-room, searching, but apparently they had not found the trap door. "That was close."

< >They decided to search the passageway instead of waiting for Snape to leave. With wands lit and spirits high, they wandered down the passageway. Chapter 5: The Writing on the Wall

< >Zippzee was in the lead, with Serena behind him, then came George, then Fred. The tunnel was of decent size, but they still had to crouch to fit inside. It seemed to go almost straight down, into the dungeons. It did this for ten minutes. When it finally leveled out, the party was grateful to see the end. It opened up to a big chamber, lit with five torches.

< >"Woah!!!! Look at the walls!" Fred blurted out. "They're filled with Hieroglyphics!" It was true. The walls had ancient writings etched all over them.

< >"Zippzee! Look! A papyrus roll, in that basket over there!" George yelled out. They ran over to it and pulled out the surprisingly fresh papyrus. It was written in all hieroglyphics. "But we can't read it."

< >"Zippzee! Your book!" Serena exclaimed.

< >"Serena! You're a genius!!!" Zippzee hugged Serena, then pulled out his book from his robes. In minutes he had translated the papyrus onto a spare piece parchment. He read it aloud.

"The third wall is the placement of Herbert Hufflepuff.
There you will find enough
To make you rich,
more power than the witch,
who placed me in this mummified body,
and trod on me,
and hid behind the seconed wall.

< >"Seems to me to be a riddle." Zippzee said finished. "Hmmm...'The third wall'.... there are four walls in the chamber....."

< >"Look! Up there! There is a mark!" Fred

< >"Looks like a one...." George stated.

< >"It is a one!!! Look, on that wall, a four!! And a three on that one!!!"

< >"Then that is were we will find the money."

< >"Wait. The peom says you'll find power. More power than the witch. Which witch?" Zippzee asked.

< >"This witch!" Serena screamed. A giant witch came slamming out of the wall with the "one" on it. It was riding a giant broomstick, and it swooped down on Serena and the others.

< >"DAXINUA!" Yelled George. A golden sliver shot out of the tip of his wand. It hit the witch, and she split, spilling feathers everywhere.

< >"FEATHERS???" Fred aksed, surprised.

< >"THE WITCH! ITS FALLING!!!" Serena screamed, with her hand over her mouth. The witch fell out of the sky, landing on the floor with a thump.

< >"RUN!!! SHE"S AFTER US!!" George yelled, running behind Serena for protection. He hid there, looking over her shoulders to see if the witch was after him, although he was still screaming and wimpering.

< >"COOL IT! SHE'S A DUMMY!!!" Zippzee yelled back.

< >"YOU'RE DARN RIGHT HE'S A DUMMY!!!" Fred yelled over George's continuous screaming.

< >"NO....I MEANT THAT THE WITCH IS NOT REAL!!! IT'S A MANNEQUIN!!!" George stopped screaming and came out from behind Serena.

< >

< >"It...it...it is?" George stamered.

< >"YES!!!" Zippzee, Serena and Fred all yelled at the same time.

< >"All right then." He said, quite coolly. "So where do we look next?"

< >"The third wall, there must be some sort of trap door." Zippzee said. They all set about searching every inch of the third wall. Finally, when their searching came to no avail, George yelled in agravation, and punched the wall, right in the nose of a picture of Anubis. The wall slid back, revealing a long, narrow tunnel. With sore backs and sprained ankles, they emerged ten minutes later. There was a small stone tablet on the floor, and the walls were bare. Zippzee sat down and started translating the tablet.

< > "The confession of Helga Hufflepuff In the third year of my teachings at Hogwarts,Robert Ravenclaw and I learned of Salazar Slytherin's Chamber of Secrets.We grew jealous and wanted to leave our own mark in the school,We had no idea of the power of the Chamber of Secrets then, so we did not try to stop it.That said and done, I may go on.We created an artifact called an Arcanix. A gives great power to the wizard who finds it.. That is all I will tell you, except that the rest of my story is written by Ravenclaw.

< >"And then it ends." Finished Zippzee.

< >"All right then. Lets go sleep on it." Fred advised. So they climbed out of the tunnels, and into the Hufflepuff common room. Fred and George left, but Zippzee stayed behind. He kissed Serena good-night, and once more for good measure, then turned to leave. Serena grabbed his arm and turned him around. They kissed again, and Zippzee left.

< >When Zippzee reached the potrait of the Fat Lady, she was almost hysterical.

< >"Young man!!! Where have you been?! It's the middle of the night, and your running around all by yourself ?!"

< > "Scarlet and Gold..."

< >"Yes!! That is what you should get!! Scarlet and Gold!! Also Blood n' Vinegar! Why if I had a rubber hose-"

< >"Wait! Didn't Fred and George come in?"

< >"Of course not, and they never left either! You should take a leaf out of their book!!!"

< >"Just let me in....." The Fat Lady swung open, still mumbling.

< >'Staying up to all hours.... I should tell Dumbledore!"

< >"He already knows!!!" Exclaimed Zippzee, walking into the common room. Fred and George were sitting in the armchairs. "Hey! How'd you get in? The Fat Lady-"

< >"We know the whining wench didn't see us. We can dissaperate. We also need to talk to you." Fred said, very seriously.

< >"Dissaperate?! How did you--Why did you--Where did--Argghh! Don't they have laws?!"

< >"Yes, but they only keep tabs on the people who take the test. We know how, but nobody knows that except us, and you." George answered.

< >"Can you teach m--"

< >"That can wait. The secret passage......someone else knows about it." Fred stated.

< >"In the library, we heard something--" George started.

< >"You guys were there? But me and Serena search--" Zippzee was perplexed.

< >"We can dissaperate!!!" Fred repeated.

< >"We think Quirril is after the arcanix." George said, sinister like.

< >"Yeah." Fred confirmed.

< >"No.....He's after what ever is hidden in third-floor corridor. Dumbledore told me." Zippzee said, thoughtfully.

< >"Well..........That solves that one!" Fred said brightly.

< >"Good!!!" George exclaimed and they went up to the dorm rooms.


< >Mysty awoke the next morning with quite a headache. She had probably thought too hard the night before or something. She got up and showered, dressed, did her hair (which wasn't very hard) and walked downstairs to breakfast. When she got there, she sat next to Hermione and dug into the sausage and bacon next to her plate. The eggs were out of her reach, but she was sure Hermione could reach them.

< >"Will you pass the eggs please, Hermione?" She asked politely.

< >"Which one? Scrambled or overeasy?" She replied crudely.

< >"Uh, scrambled, I guess. What's up with you? Why are you so mean to me?"

< >Hermione didn't respond. She asked if she could trade places with Zippzee, and he reluctantly agreed. Mysty asked him to pass the scrambled eggs and he did, unlike Hermione. She had no idea what was going on with Hermione, but she didn't care. She was now thinking about Zippzee and what was going on with him and that Hufflepuff girl, Serena. She had figured out that they were an "item" and didn't care about that as much as she did that they were up to something. She decided not to worry about it and to get on with her life when she overheard Zippzee talking to Fred and George Weasly.

< >"Tonight at the witch, right?" He was whispering. She leaned in closer to here what else she was saying.

< >"Right. At midnight." Fred responded. They stopped talking and ate some more. She wondered what they were talking about and decided that the only way to find out was to meet at the witch with them. She would probably have to leave a couple minutes later or before midnight and hide somewhere to see what they were up to.


< >Mysty got to her first class which was Potions and actually survived without getting into trouble or blowing stuff up. However, Neville did get 20 points taken from Gryffindor because he put in the Fish Scales in before the Frog Skin. It wasn't all his fault. The old and worn out pages with the fading letters were hard to decipher. Even she had almost put in the scales before the skin. It was a long period and Mysty was greatly relieved when it was over.

< >She didn't feel like going to Herbology, so she stayed up in her room and did her potions homework. Sure she would have to make up herbology tomorrow, but she didn't care. She was still worried about her best friend Lily. Lily was probably was up to something. Hiding some deep, dark secret...just like herself. Mysty had vowed never to tell anyone else, but she had to tell Lily to save her relationship with her. She decided that that night she would tell her, even if it killed her.


< >That morning, Zippzee, Fred, George, and Serena had decided to meet at the witch statue at midnight that night. They were going to go to Hogsmead to do some "research". While they were actually going to do some research, they would also go into the Cave of "Knowledge"... a cave that supposedly has no end, driving people insane. The title was ironic but, it was better than "Cave Which Has No End And Will Turn Humans Insane." That night at midnight, they all left for the witch statue. After climbing the long passage, they emerged in Hogsmead underneath the Zonkos joke shop.

< >"Someday, me and Fred are gonna open a joke shop." George said.

< >"Fred and I " Serena corrected.

< >"Yeah, yeah, yeah." George responded. As they climbed the hill towards the Cave of Knowledge, they hardly spoke, conserving there breath. When they reached the top, a large gaping hole that was the cave stood out in the wall of rock. The entered, and beheld a strange sight. A dark, narrow hallway was there, like the fourth floor corridor of Hogwarts. It was the same place that Zippzee had met Serena for the first time. Zippzee heard Serena gasp beside him.

< >"Wow, the Hogwarts Kitchen Corridor!" Fred cried out, running in the hallway.

< >"No...It's the passageway into Hogsmead!!" George exclaimed running after Fred.

< >It looked nothing like the Kitchen Corridor, or the passage underneath the witch. It was still a hallway to Zippzee.

< >"What are you guys talking about, it's the fourth floor corridor." Zippzee said, staying put, next to Serena.

< >"Wait... everyone is seeing something different... I've seen this before..... The Mirror...." Serena said quitly. "There was a mirror, in a room outside a library. Dumbledore said that everybody see's something different. They see their inner most dream."

< >Fred and George looked back at Serena.

< >"You guys," Serena continued, "see something that signifies your joy for mischief. The kitchen, where you nick food. The passage, where you sneak out of the castle."

< >"What do you see, Serena?" Fred questioned. Serena blushed slightly.

< >".....the hufflepuff common room, where I read... I like reading." Zippzee could tell she had lied. The Weasly twins seemed satisfied, though.

< >"So, that's all the knowledge we get? We got jipped!" Fred declared.

< >

< >"Yeah, lets go." George said. So, they made their way back down to Hogsmead, stocked up on joke galleons, fillibuster fireworks, and jelly-legged tarantula's (scare your freinds and foes!!), and headed back to Hogwarts.


< >Mysty was walking around the corridors around two in the morning, determined to find out what Zippzee was up to. She finally found Fred walking away from a statue of a humped witch. She cornered him.

< >"What are you doing?" She demanded.

< >"Telling Percy the Prefect that you're out of bed!" And he walked straight past her. She decided not to risk getting caught and went to the common room. Lily was waiting for her.

< >"You said you wanted to tell me something?"

< >"What?... I don't remember. I've had quite a busy night."

< >"Well.... you ought to tell me before TWO AM!"

< >"Sorry." They both went to bed, and in the morning, Mysty was glad to hear, Lily diodn't remember a thing.


< >Christmas Break was two days away. Serena was going home for the holidays, and, it seemed, so were the rest of the first years. Charm and Mysty had decided to go home. Zippzee, on the other hand, signed up to stay at Hogwarts. He had recieved a note from home telling him to stay there, his family was going to Hawaii. Harry Potter and the whole Weasly family was staying. On the day before holidays, Serena and Zippzee stayed warm by the fire of the Hufflepuff common room, talking about their future. Mysty was packing to go home, although she really wanted to see what Fred and George were up to. They spent their time in the common room, asking people weird questions about the fire. Charm was sitting on his bed, waiting for Professor McGonagall to give him his ticket for the Hogwarts Express.


< >A few days later, Mysty was in her room back at home with her aunt and uncle studying for a test they had in Defense Against the Dark Arts when she got back. She knew it was Christmas break, but she had nothing else to do. Her thoughts suddenly went from the spell to petrify a werewolf to Lily Lupin. Lily still wasn't talking to her even after the many attempts to cheer her up. Mysty even said she'd cover for her if she didn't want to go to class. But that didn't help. Lily had automatically assumed that Mysty wanted to catch up to her I.Q. in that class. She got tired of the same old stuff in the book she was studying over and over, so she went downstairs where her Aunt Evie was balancing her checkbook while trying to sautee mushrooms for dinner at the same time. Mysty would have liked to help her, but the students couldn't use magic outside of Hogwarts bounds.

< >"Man, I wish my checkbook would balance itself. And these mushrooms...well, I just hope I don't burn them."

< >Mysty felt bad for her aunt. She thought she'd just put a little temporary spell on her checkbook so it would make it easier for her. She said the "magic words" and, lickity split, Evie's checkbook and calculator were working by themselves. Evie was so relieved to have something done by itself that she picked up Mysty (and practically blew out her back) and twirled her around. Just then there was a knock on the door. Neither of them knew who it was. Mysty guessed it was...no way. He's never coming back for her. Her dad was probably dead by now.

< >"Go answer the door, Mysty." Said Evie, thinking it was someone from Hogwarts to take Mysty back for using magic out side of Hogwarts. Mysty walked slowly towards the door thinking that there was probably a slim chance that her father was standing behind the white washed piece of wood. She stood there in a daze untill whoever was at the door rang the bell. She snapped out of her trance and slowly unlocked the door. Slowly the knob turned by itself. It was her father!!! Tom Riddle was very picky about germs so he probably put a spell on the knob so he didn't have to touch it. The door swung open and Mysty threw herself into the man she thought was her father. Christmas presents flew all over the entry way.

< >"Wow Mysty. You're never this excited when I come home from work. But guess what? Today was my last day at work so I'll be home through Christmas!" It wasn't her father. It was only her Uncle Tim. She felt extremely dissapointed and ran up to her room.

< >"Was it something I said? Does she not want me here for Christmas?" Tim said in awe at Mysty's reaction.

< >"She thought you were Voldemort." Evie said, coming to give her husband a kiss hello, "she has alot of her father in her."

< >"That's a bad thing..."


< >Later during dinner, they heard a great roaring outside in the driveway. Three thumps later, the door was opened and in stepped Hagrid, the gatekeeper of Hogwarts.

< >"Mysty, I think you'd better come with me. Dumbledore is a might mad. 'No magic outside of Hogwarts'. Didn' you listen to his lecture before you left?" Somehow, Mysty knew this was going to happen. She grudgingly got up and picked up her stuff she had packed earlier.


< >On the last day of the first week of Christmas holidays, Zippzee awoke to find Fred and George standing over him hanging an Exploding Galleon tied to a string over his nose, so that it barely scraped his nose as it swung past. He jumped, and threw a Filibuster Firework at Fred, while George fumbled with the Galleon. The Firework and Galleon exploded at the same time, causing quite a ruckus. A few boys mumbled in there sleep. Zippzee noticed that it was still dark out.

< >"What are you doing?! It's still dark out!"

< >Fred answered first, "We want to show you something. C'mon."

< >"Allright, but this better be good, it the first day of break!" He followed Fred and George out the dorm and into the common room. The log in the fireplace was still magically going.

< >"When we were in the Hufflepuff common room, we noticed that the..." George started, but Fred finished.

< >"Fire was out. Now, our fireplace is magicked so that it would never burn out. Ravenclaw's fireplace the same. Slytherin, we don't know. But, we....."

< >"interrogated...," George cautiously said.

< >"In a manner of speaking..."

< >"And, the Hufflepuffs say that it should never go out. It only went out when we opened the passage."

< >"So, we figured that Gryffindor would have a passage also. To put out the flame."

< >"Watch!" George threw a bucket of water on the flame, sizzling it out. There was the sound of stone moving. Zippzee turned around. On the other side of the room, a small part of the wall had dissapeared.

< >"We haven't gone in yet, we wanted you to be here." Fred said.

< >"Yeah, you can kill anything we meet, right?" George said nervously.

< >"I'm sure there's nothing in there." Zippzee could tell that George had not forgotten the Witch incident.


< >Mysty was asleep in the girls' dorm when she heard mumbling from downstairs. She heard some of the conversation. It was Fred and George, and the third voice was...Zippzee? Her curiosity overtook her and she crept downstairs and kept out of sight. She saw George toss a bucket of water on the fire and it went out. They all walked into some passage way at the back of the fireplace. Quickly and quietly, she followed them into the dark passage.


< >They walked through the tunnel. It was the same size as the one in the Hufllepuff Common Room, but this one had tile floors, that were bewitched so that the designs changed every five seconds.The walls were stone, and the smell of dust was high. The only thing that was clean in this tunnel was Zippzee, and George. Fred had a faint smell about him the Zippzee figured must be his cologne, although George insisted that it was Fred's body odor. They walked, and walked, and after that, they walked just a little bit more, only to walk again. The tunnel floor began to turn into dirt and gravel.

< >"This tunnel leads straight out... wouldn't we be walking straight out of Gryffindor Tower by now?" George wondered. Just as soon as the words came out of his mouth, a speckle of light shown ahead. They ran towards it. It grew bigger and bigger, large enough for a cat to crawl through, then a big dog. Finally they reached it, and looked out. They were almost 500 feet in the air, looking down at the Hogwarts grounds.

< >"NYYAAAA!!!" Fred stammered as he lept back, away from the window. George was hysterical.

< >"WHAT THE..." George cursed very loudly, "...DO THEY THINK THEY'RE DOING, BUILDING A TUNNEL THAT ENDS IN A 500 FOOT DROP?!!!"

< >"Well, they probably didn't expect us to be here." Zippzee calmly answered.

< >"WHY THE..." He cursed again, "DID THEY BUILD IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?!!!"

< >"It's probably a booby trap." Zippzee replied. Fred had his hand to his heart, trying to breath.

< >"But...why would Gryffindor put it here?" Fred asked.

< >"Who knows..." Zippzee said.

< >"I know, 'cause he's..." George yet again cursed, "...insane."

< >"C'mon." Fred turned to leave. Zippzee looked down from the hole that led to nothingness. George turned on his heel so fast that gravel flew everywhere. Zippzee expected the gravel to fall, fall down so far below to the green grass, but it didn't. It stopped in midair.

< >"Woah... Hey, come back!!!" Zippzee called. Fred came back, followed by George.

< >"Holy...." George exclaimed as he looked at the gravel. Zippzee took a handfull of gravel and threw it out into the air. It fell, fell onto something that wasn't there. Zippzee took his wand out, and bent down to the ground. He tapped the air. It tapped back. He tapped it again. His wand wasn't hitting air... it was hitting tile. Invisible tile.

< >"It's an invisible passageway. Where does it lead?" Zippzee said.

< >"Lets find out." Fred replied.

< >"No way, I'm not going out there. How do we know when it ends? What if we're walking along, and suddenly you fall down and bikidy bam, you're dead?!"

< >"We'll keep a handfull of gravel each, and load our pockets with gravel, and we'll just keep throwing it out in front of us." Zippzee answered.

< >"Yeah, George. C'mon. Don't be a wuss." They each filled their pockets with gravel, and grabbed a handfull of gravel each. Then they turned and started out. It was a weird feeling for Zippzee. He was walking on air! He kept throwing gravel out to make sure the floor was still there. No-one spoke. The anticipation was growing. Any minute now, they could fall to their deaths. Adrenaline high, they walked on. Zippzee was in the lead.

< >"The end is right there!" Zippzee shouted. There was another opening in the tower up ahead. He threw his last handfull of gravel... ... and watched it fall. He liked seeing the gravel halt in mid-air. Only this time it didn't. It fell, down...down...down until Zippzee couldn't see it anymore.

< >"Uh...guys, we have a problem."

< >"WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?" George yelled.

< >"Well, the gravel. It fell. The floor ends here." Zippzee reached out to see if anything was there, but he felt nothing. "The other tower is so close though........ We'll have to jump!"

< >"WHAT?!!! NO!!!" George screamed. "I'M NOT DOING THAT!!!"

< >"George, calm down." Fred tried to settle George down.

< >"I'll go first." Zippzee said. He took a big breath. He prepared to jump. Fred and George stood still, waiting. Zippzee jumped, but he slipped on the gravel and didn't jump far enough. He reached out, but he was to far from the tower. He was falling. He could tell he was going to hit the side of the tower. Fred and George were yelling.

< >"SERENA!!!" was the only thing Zippzee yelled in his mind as he hit the ground.

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