A Story From Hogwarts
by Lokin Nabsirinia


Chapter Six: The Ravenclaw Room

< >"Zippzee!!! Is he dead?"

< >"No... he has a pulse." Zippzee opened his eyes. It was dark, but he made out Fred and George's faces. He sat up.

< >"I'M NOT DEAD?!"

< >"You're up!" Fred exlaimed.

< >"Zippzee, if you weren't a man, I'd hug you right now." George broke into a huge grin.

< >"What happened?"

< >"When you fell, you hit the tower side. But you didn't bounced off, it kinda sucked you in." Fred started. He looked very shaken up, like he was going to be ill. "George figured it out. He read it in Walls, a Complete Guide, or something like that."

< >

< >"It was A Complete Guide to Muggle and Magical Walls!" George said.

< >"Trick walls or something. They look like real walls, but they're just an illusion."

< >"So I realized what it was and jumped in after you!" He said brightly, as if he were saying he had just got the morning paper.

< >"Yeah, and I came after him, you were knocked out."

< >"Where are we?" Zippzee asked.

< >"Well, according to the Marauder's map, we're somewhere in Ravenclaw's Tower. Its not really excessible through ordinary ways. You have to take a secret passage down in the dungeons. We've been in there a couple of times, but it was just an empty room." Fred answered, looking at the Maradaurs map.

< >"So... there's just a tower in Hogwarts that is completely abandoned?! "

< >"Well, there's lots of towers in Hogwarts. This one is just, empty. No-one really bothers with it." George said.

< >"Ok..." Zippzee said, still slightly puzzled. "Lets find out whats in it."


< >Mysty had followed Zippzee until they got to the invisible tile. She didn't want to risk the fact that the tile might move or dissapear. It was dawn and she was too excited about the passage to go back to sleep. She crept slowly down to the Great Hall. The Christmas decarations were up, and there was only one other person in the room. Lily Lupin. She was sitting at the Gryffindor table fingering a cloth napkin.


< >Zippzee, Fred and George stepped into the tower. It was tall and bare, with only a metal staircase circling upward around the perimeter of the room. They started climbing. The window through which Zippzee should have jumped through was about ten feet above the floor.

< >"That's where we came through. We didn't want to chance missing the trick wall." Fred told Zippzee. They marched up the stairs. Zippzee was looking at the Marauder's Map, watching it write in the part they were traveling through. He was marveling at the way the map was constructed when George, who was ahead of him, stopped so suddenly that Zippzee almost toppled back down the many stairs they had climbed. A trap door was just above him. George opened it up, and stepped up into the next room. Zippzee came next, followed by Fred. It was also bare, with two sarcophagus' leaned up against the wall.

< >"Weird place, Hogwarts." George mumbled. They walked over to the egyptian coffin and looked it over. "Hmmm... looks like Gryffindor and Ravenclaws' remains. That's three mummified body's. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor. All we're missing is Slytherin."

< >"They wouldn't have Slytherin. He left the school before he died. Read it in Hogwarts, A History. How do you know that those are Ravenclaw and Gryffindor?" Zippzee asked.

< >"Well, it's kinda obvious, isn't it? I mean, the poem said 'The third wall is the placement of Herbert Hufflepuff.'

< >The wall with the three on it had a sarcophaegus in it. I figured that since this is Ravenclaw tower, and the way to get into it is in the Gryffindor common room, then those bodies must be Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor." George responded.

< >"The question is why are they here?" Fred asked.

< >"Well, there is a reason. I myself am very hungry, so I say we find an alternate route out off here, seeing as how I don't really think we can go out the same way we came." Zippzee observed. They walked back down the stairs, and stopped when they got to the landing. "Look at the Marauder's Map. There's a floor right beneath us, and there's a thin spot right there." Zippzee pointed to a spot on the floor to the right of room. "But how do we do it?"

< >Fred conjured up three shovels. "Weeeelll.... lets get to work!" He said. Zippzee and the twins started digging at the spot Zippzee had pointed out. In less than twenty minutes they had broken through the floor, and ten minutes after that, they had created a hole big enough for one thin person to slide through. Luckily, none of them where chubby at all, so they slipped through the hole with ease. They fell about eight feet into the room below. It was also bare, except a part of the wall had been blasted through. Fred and George looked guilty.

< >"Well, we had to get through somehow!" George said. They followed Fred out the passage and finally found themselves in the dungeons right next to Professor Snapes office.

< >"That's why we really never bothered with it. Snape was bound to catch us if we hung around there to much." Fred explained. The morning adventure had made them all tired and hungry. They went straight up to the Great Hall for breakfast. Mysty and Lily were about to explode. Their yells echoed out into the hall. Zippzee decided to take his breakfast out on the grounds, rather to stay and listen to them fight. Fred and George stayed, hoping for a cat fight.


< >On the first day of Christamas, my true love gave to me........... nothing at all. That's what Zippzee was expecting when he woke up on Christmas Day. Zippzee sat up in his bed and saw that the other Gryffindors had gone down to breakfast. He figured his parents would send him a present from Maui, but thats all that he would get. Instead, he got four presents. One from Fred and George, one from Serena, one from his family, and one from, surprisingly enough, his uncle. He opened the one from Serena first, it was "The Most In-depth, Precise, and Complete Book of Charms." He spent a few minutes looking through the pages of the book. It was leatherbound, and shiny with gold lettering. He noticed a few of the more striking ones... "How to deal cards, handless! ... Bewitch your hair to change colors! ... Changing the speed of a ball, mid throw! ... Shape shifting Jewelery!" He set that aside and picked up the note from Serena.

< >"Dear Zippzee,

< >Hope you have a great Christmas. I've been missing you. I guess I don't have that long to wait though. It's really strange going back to the Muggle world after four months of Hogwarts. I don't really see how my mum can be so effeciant without magic. It's weird not eating at Hogwarts, too. It became such a home for me. I guess it should be nice, being home and all, but... I miss Hogwarts, I miss magic, I miss you. My family isn't really that great, either. But you don't want to hear about that. I'll see you next year! Ha ha... Love, Serena

< >He put that aside, and thought about Serena's family. "She never did talk about them much." He thought. "I guess I should have asked her about them, I just never have....." Zippzee sat there feeling bad for a few seconds, then saw there was a post script.

< >"P.S. Zippzee, look in your backpack around 2:30, hehehe!"

< >He looked in his backpack, but nothing was there except his books. "Weird..." He thought as he turned to the rest of his presents. Fred and George gave him a box that spouted wings and flew around the room whenever he tried to open it. His parents gave him a book, "The history of Wizards in the Polynesian Islands." Finally he got to his Uncle's present. He wondered what was in it. His Uncle was a great wizard, one of the ones on the cards you get in Chocolate Frogs. What would he be sending Zippzee? He ripped open the package. It was a.... could it be? He stared in amazment. It was a bottle, but not just any bottle. Zippzee knew this bottle. It was a Bottled Imp, no THE Bottled Imp. It would grant him any wish, infinite wishes... except, if you die with it in your possesion, you are cursed in the afterlife. Why had his Uncle sent it to him? Maybe he would be the only one who would understand what it meant, what it did... a thought struck him. "The Arcanix! I can use the Imp to find it! But then, I have to get rid of it. I have to give it to someone..." Many wizards have used it to grant all their wishes, but have died with it, cursing them. The Bloody Baron was one of them. Zippzee set the bottle on his nightstand and went out into the common room. No-one was there, so he went down to the Great Hall. Fred and George were sitting next to their brothers, Percy and Ron, and Harry Potter. Suddenly, an idea struck him.

< >"Forge, Gred, we need to talk..." He wispered. He decided to not tell them about the Bottled Imp.

< >"Right ZeeZipp. Meet you in ten minutes..." George replied. Zippzee went out of the Great hall and into the Gryffindor common room. He thought of something so plain to see that he was kicking himself for not thinking of it sooner. He paced around the common room, waiting for the weasly twins. After what seemed alot more than ten minutes, Fred and George apeared through the hole.

< >"What is it Zippzee?" Asked Fred.

< >"Remember what Hufflepuff wrote? That is all I will tell you, except that the rest of my story is written by Ravenclaw.

< >If that was with Hufflepuff's body, woulnd't Ravenclaw's part be in that room?!"

< >"I would make sense..." George said.

< >"You're right!" Fred exclamed, thouroghly excited. "All we have to do is get back there, and we can find the arcanix!"

< >"And we'll be the most powerfull wizards on the planet!" Zippzee finished.

< >"Lets go!" Fred almost yelled.

< >"But we can't go through the passage... it's too risky to jump the gap again. We'll have to go through Snape's passage." George said carefully. They left the common room and went to the dungeons. Looking carefully at the Marauder's Map, they watched Snape leave his office and go up to catch a late breakfast. Then the group went through the hole, up into the barren room.

< >"Why doesn't Snape see the big gaping hole blown out of the wall right next to his office?" Zippzee asked.

< >"We bewitched it so that anyone not thinking that it is there, doesn't see it." Fred answered.

< >"Meaning, the only way to see it is to truly believe that it is actually there." George explained. They then procceded to go through the whole they had dug earlier. The trio went to the sarcophagus'.

< >"Which one is Ravenclaw's? How do we know?" Fred asked.

< >"This one!" Zippzee responded, pointing to the one on the right. "I can read the hyroglyphics. How should we open it?"

< >"Stand back!" George said. He raised his wand. "GALPHINO!" The coffin blasted open, spreading dust all over the place. Zippzee could hardly breath. The mummified body of Ravenclaw was there, and next to him was a stone. Fred handed the stone to Zippzee.

< >

< >"Next, George, conjure up a crowbar!" Fred advised, coughing. Zippzee inspected the stone. It was engraved with Heiroglyphics. Zippzee read out loud:

< >"The Arcanix. Hufflepuff and I made it. It gives our power to any who use it. Muggles could become wizards. Our combined power will make the finder of the arcanix greater than Gryffindor himself, which is why we hid it. Four flights down, a Raven will find, the door to our best kept secret. Then, with Turturus, the spell will bind. The book will read and the searchers find.

< >Gryffindor heard of our "arcanix" and "lay Hufflepuff to rest." He then came after me. I ran, down here, to my tower. I can here him coming! For those who find this: seek and destroy the arcanix! A curse and a plauge upon he who uses it! Lay this betrayal to the ground and slaughter it! It has cost three lives already!

< >"There it ends."

< >There was a moment of silence in the room. Then Fred spoke up.

< >"So Gryffindor killed Hufflepuff, and was coming to kill Ravenclaw. So why is Gryffindors body here? Three lives? I count Hufflepuff. Who's the other two?"

< >"Ravenclaw would have known that he could not overpower Gryffindor, so he would be the seconed one, but the third?" Zippzee questioned.

< >"Maybe Ravenclaw and Gryffindor killed each other. At the same time, ya know?" George conjectured.

< >"But who would be left to mummify them both?" Fred argued.

< >"And why would a tunnel from Gryffindor to this tower be made?" Zippzee asked. "Maybe Gryffindor killed Ravenclaw, then felt regretfull, so he built the tunnel in honor."

< >"But what about Hufflepuff? She has no tunnel." George responded.

< >"That we know about." Fred added. "The Marauder's Map is obviously incomplete, because the Gryffindor tunnel isn't in there."

< >"It is now," Zippzee told him, "It automatically writes in anything new."

< >"Cool!"

< >"Nifty-o!" Fred suddenly got exstatic. "Wait! There is another thing in there!" Zippzee looked into the sarcophaegus. He saw a small peice of papyrus underneath the mummy. It was just barely sticking through the cloth wrapped on his back. Zippzee pulled it out, and, inspecting it, found that it was written in english.

< >"In my room there is three challenges. First a boggart. Second molten wood and metal on fire. Third, the floor becomes night. These you nmust passnsss. My lifke isd ovewnr! INmsmut snmdb' It goes on a little bit more, but I can't read it. He must have been shaky or something. It's all gibberish!"

< >"He must have written it after Gryffindor did whatever he did to him. He would have been close to death, and not able to think very good, much less write." George guessed.

< >"It's clear that he wanted the arcanix to be destroyed. So, we should do it. Only we know about it, so it's our duty to fufill his last request. Zippzee, take this parchment, and write down the three challenges, and the directions to the room. They are both riddles, and we'll have to figure them out." Fred ordered. Zippzee wrote it all down. After that, they shoved Ravenclaw back into his sarcophaegus and sealed it back. Zippzee then remembered Serena's letter.

< >"Dissengi!" Silky letters came out of his wand. 12:30. "Good" Zippzee thought, "I still have time." He decided to write a letter to Serena about everything they had done. That should kill some time to find out what Serena "put" in his backpack. They walked out of the Ravenclaw tower, and into the dungeon hallway.

< >"Zippzee, we have to find our brothers, we have an annual snowball fight. See ya!" Fred and George ran off towards the great hall. Zippzee started towards the owlery, but before he could get out of the dungeons, Snape caught him.

< >"So... Mr. Nabringer. What brings you down here for the past two hours? And how is it that when you came past my office, you dissapeared? You can't apparate, can you? That would be against the law! What have you been doing down here?"

< >"Proffesor Snape, you know I woudn't do anything that would upset you in any way!"

< >"ANSWER MY QUESTION, OR YOU WILL BE ANSWERING TO DUMBLEDOR!" Snapes left temple vain was throbbing.

< >"And I will tell him about your temper problem." Zippzee answered calmly. "You have no proof that I did wrong, just try and get me in trouble." With that, he pushed past Proffesor Snape, heading towards the dorm room, in case Snape followed. He got to the fat lady, and pulled out the Mauraders Map. Snape was in his office. Zippzee ran to the owlery. He wrote Serena a complete account of everything that had happened to them, from the invisible passage to the papyrus, and Snape.

< >"Snape needs to get a grip on reality. He doesn't deserve the respect he demands. Oh well. Hope to see you soon. I love you! --Zipzee

< >P.S. Thanks for the spell book. If you need to talk about anything, ANYTHING, I'm here. Thats why I'm here. 'k?"

< >He picked out a big greyish owl and attached the letter. The owl strechted it's wings, hooted twice, and flew out the window. Zippzee went to the Great Hall for lunch, then went back to the Gryffindor common room. At two thirty, he checked his backpack. In it was his books and a note. The note said:

< >"I bet you waited around all day for this! Ha ha! Like I could afford TWO presents! I just wanted to send my love.

< >Love you!
Love always, Serena

< >Zippzee laughed a little bit, and set the note on his night stand. He walked to the common room, and spent the rest of the day reading about spells, and thinking about the arcanix. Fred and George came in when it got dark, soaked to the bone. They went up to change, then spent the rest of the time with Percy, Ron, and Harry. Zippzee did not mind, though, he wanted to think about the riddle. And he did, oh he did! Chapter 7: Snape's Revenge

Four flights down, a Raven will find,
the door to our best kept secret.
Then, with Turturus, the spell will bind.
The book will read and the searchers find.
In my room there is three challenges. First a boggart. Second molten wood and metal on fire. Third, the floor becomes night.

< >Zippzee questioned these over and over again during the weeks of break, and he still hadn't figured them out. If he took it literarely, then he should follow a raven for four flights, which would certainly lead outside of Hogwarts grounds. A ravens flight is most likely a long one. He didn't know what a turturus was, or what spell he should cast on it. The challenges were pretty easy, though. A boggart was some sort of creature, he heard about one in History of Magic. Molten wood and metal on fire probably meant that one of the rooms was filled with fire. The floor becomes night would be a dark floor, one you couldn't see. It's meant to make you think that there is no floor. But where was this room?

< >Winter Break was over, and Serena had returned. The moment she saw Zippzee, she hugged and kissed him, and thanked him for the necklace. "It's beutifull! I love it!!" Zippzee was glad she was happy. Serena and Zippzee had talked about the arcanix and the riddles, but Serena didn't have any clue what the riddles meant. She did say the Turturus was a spell, though, not a creature. This helped a little bit.

< >Classes were getting easier (for Zippzee) and Mysty was almost nowhere to be seen. She figured that Zippzee and Charm had made other freinds by now, and she had her freinds, and that was that. But she never told anyone about her father. She did, however, still follow Zippzee and co. out at night, keeping out of sight. Charm had made good freings with Neville, and was very happy. School went on as usual until one day, the riddles made sense.

< > Zippzee was flipping through a spell book he had gotten from the library when he came across the heading; TURTURUS: The spell of awakining.

< >This spell can temporarily transform anything that is non-living into living. Mostly used on statues (because just a plain old rock can get very weird when it becomes living), it was used frequently on Muggle statues of gods to simulate the god "becoming" the statue to talk to the human (see Greek Gods in Magical History, pg 45.). Random trivia for our readers: This was the first spell Hogwart's co-founder Robert Ravenclaw used in his life!

< >Zippzee had found out what Turturus was, so he read the riddle again, with that in mind. The book might be metaphorical, that's what Zippzee had assumed. But what if the book was real! With turturus, the spell will bind, the book shall read, and the searchers find. Maybe the book is stone, and you have to make it real to read it, and the text would tell you where the room was. Four flights down, the raven will find, the door to our best kept secret. "If I thought the book was metaphorical, and the raven literal, and the book was literal, the raven might be metaphorical!" Zippzee thought. He read the poem again, thinking that the raven was a metaphor for something. "He is RAVENclaw, after all." He then stuck the word you in. Four flights down, the raven you will find. "If the raven was not really a raven, then flights wouldn't make sense! Wait! Flights of Stairs! Four flights down! I have to find Fred and George!" Zippzee ran out of the common room, down to where Fred and George were eating.

< >"Fred, George, I've figured it out! Where are there four consectutive flights of stairs in Hogwarts?"

< >"In the hallway at the end of Snapes hallway." Fred answered, a little confused. "Why?"

< >"The riddle! I've figured it out!" Fred and George jumped up from their seats, and almost leaped out of the Great Hall.

< >"C'mon then!" George said as they passed Zippzee. They lead him to the dungeons, and then sowed him the staircase.

< >"No-one ever goes down there, though. There's about 400 stairs per flight, plus, it's restricted." Fred informed.

< >"We haven't even been down there, but Padfoot, Prongs, Wormtail and Moody have." George added, nudging the map in his pocket.

< >"Well, we're going!" Zippzee said. They started walking. And walking. And walking. They stopped every now and then, resting. They finished the first flight in ten minutes. Fred was wrong. There weren't 400 steps, only about 450. After about an hour of walking down steps, they reached the bottom. They sat down to rest, and heard footsteps walking down the steps.

< >"Oh no! Snape! We're done for!" Fred gasped.

< >"He must have followed us out of his office!" George said.

< >"Apparate, and I'll be the only one to get in trouble." Zippzee commanded.

< >"No! He saw all three of us. We dont want to get in trouble with the law." George responded. All they could do was sit, and listen. Listen to doom walking closer and closer. Feet appeared twenty steps up. Snapes body was still covered by the low ceiling. The ends of his black robes. Then, they watched as he tripped over a particulary old stair that even Zippzee who had exceptional balance, had trouble with. They heard a girl's voice exlaim a very moving "AHHH!". Zippzee gasped a gasp of realization, and jumped up and caught Serena as she fell.

< >"Serena! What are you doing here?!" George yelled. Fred started cracking up.

< >"What? Sad to see me?" She smiled.

< >"We thought you were Snape, coming to expell us." Zippzee explained.

< >"Trying to have an adventure without me, eh?" Serena accused.

< >"Zippzee figured out the riddles, and we couldn't wait. C'mon, we better get going." George said, calmer than he looked. They looked behind them. A long corridor was there, with torches along the walls. They started to walk. The corridor wasn't very long, though it looked it. At the end was a cirular room with a stone raven sitting on the mantle of a door, and a book on an altar. The book was stone.

< >"Turturus!" Zippzee uttered, wand pointed at the book. The book changed into a leather bound Volume of Passwords. It started to talk.

< >

< >"The password is Rattre. The password is Rattre. The password is Rattre." Over and over again, the same words. Then, as the group stared in awe, the book stopped, and turned back into stone.

< >"Well, I guess the password is Rattre." George said. As he said "Rattre", the door behind him opened.

< >"Zippzee, since you figured out the riddle, you do the honors." George cautiously said.

< >"'K" He said.

< >"I'm going with you!" Serena yelled. She ran to Zippzee's side. They both inched into the room. The door behind them closed, and the room lit up. They were in some sort of field. "Optical illusion" Zippzee thought. He saw something. A man. He'd seen this man before. His name was Sephiroth. He also saw Serena, struggling against Sephiroth's tight grip. Sephiroth pulled out a dagger, and plunged it into Serena's heart. Serena fell to the ground.

< >"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! SERENA!!!!" Zippzee ran towards Serena's body. Then, he heard a voice.

< >"ZIPPZEE, COME BACK!" George had heard Zippzee's yell and opened the door. Then someone fell on top of Zippzee.

< >"Zippzee, No! Help me!" It was Serena. She was crying. Zippzee grabbed both Serena's and ran towards the entrance. He fell out of it, and Fred closed the door. The Serena in his right arm dissapeared. Zippzee stood up and hugged Serena, the real one.

< >"You're alive!" He gasped. They kissed. After they both caught their breath, the whole group sat down on the ground. "It was a boggart! I got tricked. I just wasn't ready for that. I thought it would be a big spider or something!" Zippzee and Serena kissed again.

< >"Lets go back to the Common Room and find out what to do next, shall we?" Fred proposed.

< >"Yeah, it'll be relaxing next to the fire." George added, eyeing Serena and Zippzee cautiosly. "Zippzee, grab onto me, and Serena grab onto Zippzee, and we'll apparate." They did as they were told, and a second later, they found themselves in the empty Gryffindor common room. They all took their chairs. Zippzee took his next to Serena, sitting across from Fred.

< >"Next time we do that, someone else tackle the boggart." Zippzee said.

< >"I'll do it. I've done many before." George offered.

< >"All right. After the boggart, there is a room full of molten lava. Anyone know how to get passed that?" Zippzee asked. No-one knew. "Then, after that, a room with an invisible floor. That should be easy enough." Fred and George smiled, knowing that they had gone for over 100 feet in an invisible tunnel. After a while, Fred and George left for their dorms. Serena was getting tired, so Zippzee walked her to the Hufflepuff gargoyle. Then, he decided to check the library before it closed for the night. As Zippzee entered the library, Madame Vulture(?) rushed to him.

< >"We're closed, Mr. Nabringer!" She huffed.

< >"I'm just looking for one book. Can you just find it for me?" He asked, innocently. She hesitated.

< >"...Oh all right. Which book?"

< >"Lava and Magical Ways to Avoid It." She scurried off for a few minutes. When she returned, she shoved the book in his hands and hustled him out the door. Zippzee walked back to his house tower looking through the book. He stayed in the common room looking through it until the wee hours of the night. He wanted to get the Arcanix as soon as possible.


< >Mysty awoke the next morning, got dressed, and went down to the common room. She was the first one up, it seemed. Zippzee was asleep by the table next to the fire.

< >"Idiot." She thought. "Studying all night for a mere charms test." Although he wasn't studying, it was true that a charms test was today, and Zippzee still hadn't done much about it. They had to make a stool pick up and fly across the room using Wingardium Leviosa, a charm they had been practicing all year. They should have done it before Christmas break, but some people needed more time with it. Mysty went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Everything was pretty usual until the mail arrived. A great big owl came down and landed on her lap. A note read.

< >To Mr. Nabringer,

< >"This note is Zippzee's! The owl must have gotten mixed up! Let's see what it says." She thought.

< >To Mr. Nabringer, We are happy to inform you that you have the Bottled Imp in your possesion. It has many magical powers that must be made known to you. If you have any questions about it's powers, contact us via Floo Powder during one of your breaks. Then we will explain it's powers to you. But one thing must be known IMMEADIATLY! IF YOU DIE WITH THE BOTTLED IMP IN YOUR POSSESION, YOU WILL BE CURSED IN THE AFTERLIFE! Thank you for your cooperation.


< >...And then it listed off a bunch of names.

< >"Must be department heads." Mysty thought. "Wonder what it's powers are?" Mysty sat in thought for a second, until a voice came from behind.

< >"Reading MY mail, Mysty?" Zippzee's voice said. His hand came from above and snatched the letter from her. "Nice to know I have some privacy," he grumbled as he stormed off. Mysty finished her breakfast and went to her first class, Herbology. They were taking notes on Sancarm bushes. Proffesor Sprout said that they would have to use them in Potions class that week, so they better listen up. Serena and Zippzee did minimal note taking, though.

< >"Oh... There just so smart, aren't they?!" Mysty thought cynically. That class seemed to last forever. Next, they had History of Magic. "Wow! There's something to look foward to! More NOTES!" Then, finally came the best part of the day. Charms class. She looked foward to seeing Zippzee fail because of his laziness. Proffessor Flitwick came into the classroom a little late and scurried onto his pile of books.

< >"All right class. Get out your wands and form a singlefile line on the right of the classroom." He taped an X on the floor next to the first person in line, then another one about 10 feet away. On the first X he placed a stool.

< >"Now, you have to make the object float from X 1 to X 2. Mr. Longbottom, you're up." Neville stepped foward, shaking. He held out his wand.

< >"W..w...Wingardium L..Leviosa!" The stool went straight up and banged into the ceiling. Then, with a slam, it fell to the ground and lost one of it's legs. Proffesor Flitwick scribbled something down, then shouted "NEXT!" Hermione stepped up and performed the charm perfectly. The stool glided smoothly over to the X.

< >

< >Proffesor Flitwick was exstatic. "Very good Ms. Granger!" He scribbled something else down, and called the next person. That one landed good. One by one the students were called, most of them did it right. Charms wobbled a little bit, but his landed safely. Zippzee was next. He stepped up and said the spell. The stool lifted off the ground about 2 feet. Zippzee flicked his wand. The stool flew up and foward, flipping along the way. It stopped in mid-air, twirling and barrel rolling. Then, with one last flip, it landed perfectly on the X. Some people clapped. Both Mermione and Mysty were looking smug. Proffessor Flitwick chuckled a little, then called the next student. Zippzee bowed, then stepped back in line. Mysty's chair went perfectly to the spot, and so did Dean's. The rest of the class went fast for Zippzee. At the end, Mysty shoved past him, grumbling about show-offs.

< >"Wonder what her deal is." He said. He went back to the common room, waiting for Fred and George. Zippzee had fallen asleep looking through the Lava book last night, but that morning he had found what he was looking for. The book told of a way to freeze the lava, and cross it that way. It was used for underground lava flows and it's ilk. They had all the clues to get into the arcanix! After waiting about thirty minutes, Fred and George came back from their last class. Zippzee caught them just as they entered the room.

< >"Hey! I've been waiting for you guys! I found out how to get past the lava!"

< >"Great!" Fred sexclamed. "How?"

< >"There's a freezing charm in here." Zippzee said, gesturing to the book.

< >"Good. Now we just have to learn it!" George said.

< >"We should probably all learn it, incase one of us is incapable at the time." Fred instructed.

< >"Yeah," George agreed, eyeing Zippzee. "And we can all do it at the same time, so that the effects combine for a bigger freeze." So, after they had "voted" on it (the common room was getting tired of many "AYES!" disrupting studies.) , they journied to the Hufflepuff common room. Zippzee went up to get Serena, and they both came back down in a matter of minutes.

< >"What were you guys doing up there?" George asked.

< >"Yeah, it's been like two hours!" Fred added. He was extremely axaggerating, though.

< >"What?! It's only been three minutes!" Zippzee argued.

< >"Let's just go find an empty room." Serena said. They found an empty hallway and pulled out the Mauraders Map. They first checked for three dots. Snape, McGonagall, and Peeves.

< >"There! On the third floor, that whole corridor is empty!" George said proudly.

< >"Idiot! That's the forbiddin corridor!" Fred said.

< >"Oh yeah..."

< >"Hey, what about that one, on the fourth floor?" Serena asked. "I've never seen anyone in there."

< >

< >"All right. Lets go!" They walked from the sixth floor to the fourth, and found the room. It was dusty and old smelling. They missed dinner, and stayed up all night learning this one charm. They freezed and unfreezed chairs, desks, old textbooks, coat racks, and other junk that was stored in the room. Fred even dared to let Zippzee freeze him, and unfreeze him (He didn't trust George). When they had the charm down pat, the night was almost gone. Fred and George stumbled out of the room and went back to the common room. Zippzee and Serena walked together. Whether they were just tired, or whether some other force influenced them, is unknown, but somehow they found themselves in the Great Hall. They both sat down and watched the enchanted roof as the sun began to rise. They decided to go out on the grounds and watched the real sun rise. There, they fell asleep.

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