A Story From Hogwarts
by Lokin Nabsirinia


< >After the part that's missing. After potions, Zippzee walked back to his dorm room. Now that he knew the freezing charm, they could get to the aranix! Zippzee figured that they had better wait until the weekend to get it, though. He couldn't afford to stay up another night, and they were all desperatly in need of rest. He walked to his bed, freezing the water on his nightstand along the way. He crouched down, and pulled the old Egyptian spell book out from his trunk. Zippzee flipped through it's yellowed pages. He found what he was looking for. An ancient spell to conjure scorpions, and, on the next page, how to send them to Osiris' realm, the underworld. He wanted to learn this spell, in case he needed it. He couldn't really fight that well against a full grown wizard, yet.

< >Zippzee ran down to the Great Hall and ate a rushed supper. Hardly anyone was there because it was still pretty early. He ran to the room they were in the night before, and started practicing.

< >"Lokis Scorpiniana!" His wand flashed a little, and a scorpion tail flew out of his wand. He tried again.

< >"Lokis Scorpiniana!" Again, his wand flashed, but this time a small, single scorion fell out. It scuttled along the floor, rushing for the door. Zippzee hustled to say the banishing spell.

< >"Karktaan Taanaa!" With a flash of black light, the chair next to the scorpion vanished. The scorpion ran even faster.

< >"Crap... STUPIFY!" He yelled. A beam of red light shot out at the scorpion. It stopped scuttling. In fact, it stopped movement all together. "Karktaan Taanaa!" Zippzee said, aiming directly at the scorpion. It vanished with a flash of black light. "I guess the spell works on everything, not just scorpions." Then, he chuckled a little. The thought of Osiris, sitting on his noble throne, getting hit on the head with a british made chair, was quite funny. He spent hours getting the spell perfected, until finally, he could get about twenty scorpions out, and control them as well. He could get them to sit in front of him, so he could banish them. At about Ten O'clock he went to his dorm room to sleep.


< >Whether it was fate, or whether it was because it was locked in his trunk underneath his bed is unknown, but Zippzee forgot all about the Bottled Imp. The rest of the week went by rather slowly, but, once it was all said and done, the thought of the Arcanix raised the energy for the weekend. Fred and George were waiting in the Ravenclaw tower (Snape would be more suspecting if they were all together. Four students usually don't go down to the dungeons often), practicing their freezing spell, while Zippzee went to get Serena. They went to the bottom of the four flights of stairs, and then waited for George and Fred. They would be arriving in ten minutes. Serena sat close to Zippzee, holding his hand. They both locked eye's. Serena smiled, and they kissed.

< >"There are no words in this language to express..." Serena started.

< >"Saying nothing is best." Zippzee said. They kissed again, and another time. Then, once more. In the middle of another kiss;

< >"Oh, get a room you two!" Fred called out. They stopped, Serena blushed a little bit.

< >"If you two are finshed, we'll get started." George said. "I'll go first, for the boggart."

< >"Brave of you, George." Fred commented. "You're usually the coward."

< >"Shut up!" George walked towards the door. "Rattre!" The door opened, and George went in. The door shut behind him, and the group heard a scream. Then, a loud growling noise. There was a strange noise, like the noise of someone being ripped apart. More screams and cries followed. Zippzee looked at the others. Then, after a unique sucking sound, a very welcome "Ridikulus!" was heard. There was a flash from under the door, and then George called out to them.

< >"Allright, its gone!" The door was opened, and George was in the middle of the room, looking "slick" you might say. It didn't look like he had been troubled by anything in quite sometime.

< >"What happened in here?" Zippzee asked.

< >"Nothing, why do you ask?" George said. Fred shook his head and walked to the other door.

< >"Shall we continue?" He said. The group crouded around the next door. They could feel the heat coming from inside the next room. "Are ya ready?" Three heads nodded, and they opened the door. Heat blasted them. They couldn't see anything except red, and sometimes a burst of yellow. Fred struggled in, and held out his wand. The rest followed.

< >"Hetrifig!" They all cried at once. A blast of blue light came from each wand, meeting together to form a bigger blast. It hit the center of the molten rock, causing it to freeze, spreading in rings like a water drop in still water. They kept the blue light connected, and only until the whole thing was frozen did they let go. Their arms went down, and the freezing stopped. The floor was now solid ice.

< >"All right," Zippzee said, sweat beading at his brow, "Lets go." They crossed the ice floor, more or less (George worked up some speed and slid across it). The group reached the next door. Serena opened it, and stepped in. Inside, there was about a foot of rock, then a solid cliff. Serena stepped to the side, allowing the rest of them to get in.

< >"Well, Zippzee, were's your magical path?" Serena asked jokingly.

< >"Let's grab some gravel." He responded.

< >"That trick again, huh?" George said. The four of them each grabbed a handfull of gravel, and threw it out about three feet apart. Each time they threw it, it just fell into the darkness.

< >"I don't think there is a path, Zippzee." Serena said.

< >"Maybe we're supposed to use broomsticks." Fred proposed.

< >"Even if there is a path, that's not a bad idea." Zippzee agreed.

< >"I'll go get them." George chimed in.

< >"How? You're not gonna walk, are you?" Serena asked. Then George dissapeared.

< >"AH!" Zippzee cried. "Oh! Right.... you guys can apparate." A minute later, George re-appeared with two broomsticks.

< >"It's all I could get, without getting in trouble." George said in response to the looks on their faces. Fred and George mounted the brooms, and flew across. Then, both Serena and Zippzee called the brooms back to them. They then crossed. They opened the next door, anticipation growing. On an alter stood a book, opened with the spine down. Zippzee went to the book. On it read;

< >"'Hufflepuff...dead.

< >Ravenclaw...dead. Murders at my hand. Anger rose within me. I was unable to control it. They had created a thing, so terrible, it was like Slytherin's ordeal all over again. They must be honored, I had thought. If they leave the school, everyone would think they were just like Slytherin. All they wanted was to leave their mark on the school. I didn't let them! I... I am a traitor to them... But this arcanix! It's power so dreadful, even I cannot destroy it! This is why I am leaving it. Hidden. I am writing this to anyone who has the strength to find it. DESTROY THE ARCANIX! I no longer have the power to do this. My anger has engulfed me, and soon, I will be no-more. Dremy Noondrell, my replacement, will take care of my remains. He is in charge now. He is the last person to know about the arcanix. If he is still alive, he knows were the arcanix is hidden. He will give to anyone who wishes to destroy it.' It's a suicide note!"

< >"That's creepy." Serena said.

< >"We know what we have to do, right?" Fred asked, looking at each of them in turn.

< >"What? Destroy it?" George asked cynically. "Gryffindor him-freakin-self couldn't do it!"

< >"But look at all the harm that has come from it!" Seren said, sternly.

< >"Look sister. I've almost ended up dead many times on this 'Quest.' It's all been for nothing. We aint gonna destroy that thing!"

< >"Don't talk to her like that!" Zippzee said.

< >"Shut up, Zippzee!" George yelled.

< >"George! Get ahold of yourself!" Fred cut in. "George, we're the only ones who know about this..."

< >

< >"So let it die with us. We have no obligation to do..."

< >"Yes, we do. If we ever once though about using for our own purposes, it's sting will haunt us forever. Think of the power! Could you live, knowing you could have had that? It would drive you mad. Youwould come back here and hunt it down. I know I would."

< >"We all would." Serena said softly.

< >"Which is why we have to destroy it." Fred finished. "It would destroy us all." George steamed a little bit, then calmed down.

< >"We don't even know where it is." George said. "How are we going to destroy it?"

< >"We could take it to Dumbledore. He would be able to destroy it." Serena said.

< >"Dumb idea, Serena." George snapped.

< >"HEY!" Zippzee barked.

< >"Zippzee!" Fred held out his hand in a gesture to stop Zippzee. George continued.

< >"Even if he could destroy it, we would have to tell him all the hours we spent breaking rules!"

< >"He would--" She started.

< >"Shhh... Serena, now isn't the time for this." Zippzee said softly to her. She glared at him.

< >"Lets just go back to our common rooms, until we are calmed down a little bit, huh?" Fred said. "George, apparate them to the Hufflepuff corridor, please." With that, he dissapeared.

< >"You guys are walking." George said, then he apperated. Zippzee growled, and turned towards the door.

< >"At least they left the brooms." He said. He started toward the door. He turned. Serena was still standing in the same spot. She was staring off somewhere, looking mad.

< >"Whats wrong?" Zippzee asked. Serena glared at him, then shoved past him.

< >"I dont want to talk about it." She mumbled as she passed by. She grabbed a broomstick and flew across. Then, she dissapeared through the other door.

< >"Serena, WAIT!" Zippzee yelled. He was stunned! What was wrong? He grabbed the other broomstick and followed her. He entered the other room. The lava was still frozen. The door ahead was just shutting. Zippzee ran towards it. He ran across the empty room after that, and finally caught up with Serena on the stairs. "Serena, wait, whats wrong?"

< >"Why did you silence me? You can yell and scream all you want but when I get excited, it's time to cool down?!"

< >"I din't want things to escalate any further." Zippzee answered.

< >"You're just like my dad." She said, turning towards the stairs. She fell down, head in hands, crying. Her shoulders moved as she sobbed. Zippzee moved towards her and sat next to her. He stared at her for a moment.

< >"I don't want to be." He said slowly. "I want to be yours."

< >"Why do you have to be 'mine', or I have to be 'yours'? Niether of us are possesions." She said quietly.

< >"Security, I guess."

< >"I'm seriouse." Serena said, still turned away from him.

< >"I know. I dont know how to respond. I want to be whatever you want me to be."

< >"I want you to be yourself. I'm not going to change you. I'm not going say that you are evil, or wrong, or bad. I'm not going to be my father. I won't....." She cut off. Tears ran down her cheeks.

< >"Tell me...I will understand."

< >"You could never understand. You grew up in a two-story in surburbia, with the perfect family, no fighting. YOU had a normal childhood, grew up in the right influence. I got lucky to turn out good."

< >"My life isn't perfect."

< >"Yes it is! And if you say it isn't, you're lieing to yourself. You don't want it to be perfect! You wished you had problems, just so you could feel sorry for yourself, like you're such a victim. If you knew how it was at home... If you knew what he does..." She shook her head, and her silvery hair flowed down her back like a waterfall.

< >"If you told me, I would know." Zippzee said.

< >"I don't need your sympathy! I can handle this on my own! Just go away!"

< >"Do you mean that?"

< >"No." She looked up at him. Her eye's were filled with tears. She fell into his arms, sobbing.

< >"He runs me down all the time. I'm never good enough for him. He wants to pretend he's rich, and if anything I say is contrary to that, he puts me down. I cant wear what I want to, because it's to POOR, or to trashy. He uses me as a tool to get at my mom. I don't know why they're still married. They got divorced, but then got back together. I guess I should be used to it by now..." She stopped, and looked up. Zippzee fell into her eye's, and the universe seemed to stop still. In one smooth movement, she kissed Zippzee. This kiss was more passionate than the other ones. It was the kiss of true love. They sat on the satirs, not letting go, locked in an embrace that seemed to last for hours.


< >Serena and Zippzee walked up the stairs. They finished two of the flights and were on the last leg of the third.

< >"Shhh." Zippzee said, stopping Serena. Footsteps were coming down the stairs. Two pairs of them, it seemed.

< >"It must be Fred and George, coming to look for us." Serena whispered. They kept walking up. They reached the landing as soon as Fred and George did. But why did Fred look like Professor Snape, and Zippzee couldn't remember George being a girl.

< >"What?!" Zippzee cried.

< >"Are you doing down here?" Snape finished. "I understood that this stairway was forbidden!"

< >"We got lost." Zippzee said. Mysty was beside Snape. Zippzee glared at her.

< >"Unlikely!" Snape snapped. "You're going to get it now, Nabringer! I warned you about hanging around with trailor trash!" Zippzee glanced at Serena.

< >"I dont think it is nessecary to insult her, Snape." Zippzee said, trying very hard to keep his cool.

< >"I will decide that! It's time I broke you two apart! Serena come with me! Zippzee, you follow Mysty to my office and wait for me."

< >"Serena, just stay calm, allright? Don't let him provoke you." Zippze whispered. Serena nodded slightly. Zippzee watched Serena until she was out of sight. Then, he entered Snape's office. Mysty was sitting in a coner, busy-ing herself. Zippzee was so mad he couldn't even talk. After about ten minutes, Snape came back.

< >"Zippzee, follow me please." Snape led him out into the hallway, and down another hallway. He must be taking him to Dumbledore. Snape in fact did lead him to the stone gargoyle that was the entrance to Dumbledore's office, but he didn't stop. He kept going to another hallway, and there he stopped. "I will not take you to Dumbledore. I prefer to deal with misfits on my own."

< >"Makes sense."

< >"You will recieve two detentions and fifty points will be taken from Gryffindor. Your detention will be served on tuesday. Now, go back to your common room, and don't let me catch you in restricted area's again, or else I wont be so forgiving!" Zippzee glared at him for three seconds, and left quickly. He started to head for the Gryffindor tower, then headed for the Hufflepuff tower. He said the password, and the passage to the common room was opened. He creeped up the stairs to the dorms.

< >"Serena?" On her bed she sat, head on the wall.

< >"I'm right here, Zippzee." She looked at him. "I tried to keep calm, but he kept provoking, I called him a prick." Zippzee smiled and laughed a little. Serena started laughing, too. "He didn't get too bad, though. At least the hundred points he took from Hufflepuff was WELL worth it."

< >"Did you get detention?"

< >"Yeah. But that wont be bad with you. Monday night, right?"

< >"N---" Then he realized. Snape had given them detention on different days! "Mine's on tuesday." He said grimly. Serena raised her eyebrows.

< >"You're kidding." She closed her eye's. "Damn Snape." She whispered.

< >"You'll make it. You're strong. Better get somerest, though. You've had a hard day."

< >"Tell me about it."

< >"I better get back, Snape'll probably check up on me."

< >"See you tommorow." She smiled. Zippzee smiled back, and walked back down the dorm stairs. As he was leaving the common room, a voice sent chills down his spine.

< >"Mr. Nabringer. A pleasure, as always." Snapes voice came from behind him. "I told you to go back to your common room. And you came here, as excpected. I think Dumbledore would like to hear about this." Zippzee was speechless. "I think that if a certain student was making another student break rules, then the student in question should be removed, or transfered to another school, wouldn't you think?"

< >"No."

< >"Dumbledore does. Miss. Abcock is being transferred to an American school, as of next week. Her father agreed to it." He paused, then, with a wide grin on his face, he walked over to the dorm staircase. "Miss. Abcock! Come down here please!" She walked down the staircase.

< >"What's going on Zippzee?" She asked as she noticed the look on his face.

< >"You are to stay here while I escort Mr. Nabringer to his Common Room." Snape said maliciously. Zippzee stared at Serena as Snape pulled him out of the room.

< >"Good Bye, Serena." He said. The trip to the common room was the longest trip to the common room Zippzee ever took. He kept thinking of everything he and Serena ever did. Their first walk to History of Magic. Their first kiss. The trip to Hogsmead. Wrestling her for the hairbrushes. Tickling her, hugging her, making her smile. His inside urched. He would probably never see her again. It was all Mysty's fault. She told Snape they were down there. And George! He made them walk because he was mad at them! Curse him! Curse this arcanix! It had split them apart! He had one week of her left, and then she was gone. His mind reeled. The hallway seemed to spin. They finally reached the Portrait of the Fat Lady. Snape said the password, and almost threw Zippzee inside.

< >"If you leave, I will find out." Snape snarled. Then, with a swish of his cloak, he was gone. Zippzee turned toward his dorm. Fred was sitting in one of the armchairs.

< >"Zippzee! I was wondering when you would get here. Why was Snape--" He cut of at the look on Zippzee's face.

< >"Tell-your-brother..." He couldn't even finish the sentance. He shook his head and walked past Fred to his dorm room. He fell on his bed and half fell asleep, half fainted. He dreamed about Serena.

Chapter 8 The Letters of Love

< >The next week, Zippzee hardly paid any attention in classes. He didn't dare skip class, and neither did Serena. When Snape had returned to her that night, and told her what was happening, she just left him and went to her dorm. There, she cried herself to sleep. The teacher's noticed that they were melancholy, but they didn't ask about it. In Herbology, the only class Gryffindor's and Hufflepuffs had together, they stayed near the back and talked. They talked about nothing, and everything at the same time. Every free time they had they spent it out on the grounds, walking around the lake, like they used to...

< >On the day Serena was scheduled to leave, she was all packed and waiting in the Great Hall. Zippzee was stuck in Potions class. Serena was sitting with her late breakfast in front of her, not even eating anything. A single, white owl flew in from the window, and landed on her shoulder. It held out it's foot, indicating that a message had been attached. It was from Zippzee.

< >"Serena, be strong. Know that wherever you are, our hearts are joined together. Nothing will keep us apart forever. No matter how far, you will still be close to me, every time you think of me. Think of me, please. I love you.
< >Your Love Forever, Zippzee Nabringer"

< >Tears streaked Serena's cheeks. She closed her eye's, the ones so green, they shown like emeralds sparkling in the wide depth of infinity.

< >"Serena? You're cab is here. It will take you to London, where you're father will be picking you up."

< >"Thank you, Monsieur Nicholas." Nearly-Headless Nick looked at her tear filled eye's.

< >"Are you okay?" He asked gently.

< >"Yes." She said, and she stood up and walked to the carriage just outside the castle. This carriage was specially designed so that Muggles couldn't see it, and it could travel at great speeds. The horseman held the door for her, then hopped on his seat and started moving.

< >In potions class, Zippzee could sense that Serena had left, and with her, his whole life.


< >"Zippzee? Are you in here?" George had been trying to talk to Zippzee since that day, but he just wouldn't listen. Fred understood. When he had been told by Mysty what was going on, he offered to help Zippzee, but he didn't want any help. He just kept to himself, mostly. He only spoke when directly talked to, except for two people. George and Mysty. He didn't talk to them anymore. He couldn't even look at them anymore. All he saw was Serena. "Zippzee? I want to talk to you." George was in the first year's dormitory, looking for Zippzee.

< >"Yes, George?" This was the first time he spoke to George in almost a month.

< >"Ah good! You're speaking to me again!"

< >"Answering does not mean speaking. Speaking is intelligent, answering is automatic." He spoke slowly and in monotone.

< >"Zippzee, you must know I had no idea Snape would find out. I was mad at the time. I... I'm sorry."

< >"You should be. But I caused it, not you, by going to her dorm."

< >"You're not thinking all this was your fault, are you? It's that blasted Snape! He's so wound up, he's worse than McGonagall, by a LONG SHOT!"

< >"He wouldn't have known if Mysty had told him. But, if we had left before he got there, he would think Mysty was lieing."

< >"Or he would have figured out that we could apparate, and then we would be in trouble."

< >"So, you would sacrifice Serena to save your skin?"

< >"That's not what I meant."

< >

< >"That's what it sounded like."

< >"Well, I don't think the same way about her as you do. She's not my girlfriend." That was certainly not the right thing to say.

< >"Glad to hear that." And that was the end of their conversation.

< >At least George made the effort to make up. Mysty hadn't even talked to Zippzee. He was glad, though. She probably would not have survived it. Another week passed. No more adventures were made. No more staying up late, practicing spells. Life had gotten dull. Nevertheless, Zippzee kept his grades up. His parents would be "dissapointed" in him, and start to wonder. Then would come the questions. He didn't need that. Best to put on the mask that he always wore. "No, nothing's wrong, Dad. Why do you ask?" They would never understand.

< >Zippzee woke up on a cloudy, rainy day and went to breakfast. On the way he checked the hourglasses that kept house points. It seemed that Gryffindor had lost one hundred and fifty points, putting them at last. Normally, Zippzee would be upset, but he didn't really care. When the mail came, a great big snowy owl came and landed by Zippzee. He stuck out his leg. Zippzee ripped the letter open. It was soaking wet, but the ink had not run. It was from Serena.

< >"Dearest Zippzee,

< >The name of the school I am attending is Diotla's School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Strange name if you ask me. Sounds like a part of someones abdomen. 'Well, I'm terribly sorry, but your Diotla's bleeding!'...... I know it's weak, but I can't really think anymore. Whenever I do it's either about you or my dad. Love, or hatred....respectivly. The people here are wild! No manner's at all. None of them are gentlemen, they're just beasts. I guess that's America for you. I hope this owl makes it across the ocean. I worried about that. It would be a real bother if I couldn't write you! I'd be afraid I would forget you, however impossible that seems. But I wont! I wont let them win! The world is trying to break us apart, and we can't let them! Never let them, Zippzee! Transfering to a new school is hard, escpecially in the wizarding world. I've done it many times before, and each time is worse than the one before it. People you care about, you never see them again...

< >I thought that going to a Magical school would stabilize my life, but alas! Life tears me from my security once again! Fate and destiny, they are against me. I have a nasty feeling in the back of my subconcious that I will never see you again. I keep beating it down into the depths of my fears, keep hope alive. Seven years doesn't amount to much on the scale of eternity. I wish I could write forever, and when I finish, I wish I could fly out the window and deliver it to you. But, it is not good to dwell on dreams.

< >As soon as Zippzee read this, he left his meal and went to the owlery. He spent a half hour writing his letter, the chose the most beautiful owl he could find.

< >"My Dear Serena,It would seem that fate was against us, but whatever hurts us only makes us stronger. Please, don't ever say there is even the slightest chance that you would forget me. That would be worse than death. I still haven't made up with George, and I havent even talked to Mysty, though she doesn't seem to mind. She set us up.

< > These days are lonely without you. I have nothing to preoccupy me. Day in, day out. It seems the only emotions I feel anymore is love for you, anguish for you, and hatred, for destiny, for cursed Mysty, for fate...

< >I hope that you do well with those Americans. What state is this school in? Hopefully not Texas. I heard it's dreafull there... Don't dwell on me all the time, though. Have a life. Make your freinds. Seeing you happy makes me happy. And though I may not see you, you're words paint your face into my mind. Always hope! Though we may wait long, we will be together again. I promise you that.

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