A Story From Hogwarts
by Lokin Nabsirinia


< >The owl took off in flight, and Zippzee watched it fly, until it wasn't visible to the normal eye. About once every two weeks, he would get a letter from her, and he would send a letter back.

< >...Life went on. Three months passed. Zippzee decided that hating George wasn't going to help anything. He tried to quell his anger, control it, and he finally made friends with George once again. This took his mind off Serena being gone. They could once again have "adventures", but, it just didn't feel the same any more. They decided that they should go out and find the Arcanix, so that it could cause no more trouble. But, Dremy Noondrell was the only live person to know about the Arcanix.... and he was dead. With nothing to work on, they started by looking through a book called Hogwarts, A History. It turned out that Dremy was the second Headmaster of the school, well, fifth, actually, and that he was the first headmaster to act alone, rather than with partners. He died of old age, and was buried in Stratford upon Avon. He was the first headmaster to employ the use of teachers being house-heads. But, he left no known writings or things of the sort. They had reached a dead end. The end of the year was coming up also, and finals made it hard to do anything. End-of-school finals were much worse than end-of-first-semester finals. It seemed that if the Arcanix were to be found, it would have to be sometime next year. They still hadn't figured out how to destroy it, even if they had found it. This was all very depressing, and with Serena gone, it only made it worse.

< >One day, Zippzee was sitting in one of the comfy-chairs, looking through the egyptian spell book. He was reading the note Serena put on the first page. He finished the note, then closed it shut. He went to set it on the table, but dropped it on the floor. It fell open to a papryrus that seemed older than the rest. On it was Raising the Mummified Body in big, Caligrified letters. Zippzee stared at it for a second, then he realized.

< >"I could raise Gryffindor from the dead. He could destroy it for us." Zippzee whispered. "Thank you, Serena!" He then ran up to Fred and George's dorm. George was reading The Quidditch Times. "George! Come here! I've figured it out!"

< >"Huh?" George looked at him, very confused. "What out?"

< >"The Arcanix! Where it is, how to destroy it!"

< >"You're kidding."

< >"No!" George became very excited, and jumped up from his bed. He ran down to the empty common room.

< >"How do we do it?" He asked. Zippzee held up the book.

< >"We raise Gryffindor from the dead, he would be able to tell us where it was hidden, and then we would find it, and bring it back to him to destroy."

< >"But he said that he didn't have the power to destroy it."

< >"That was when he was alive, in his old age, almost dieing anyways. His power would have been failing. Besides, we could add our power to his. It's worth a try, at least." Zippzee finished.

< >"Lets find Fred." They left in search of Fred. After a manner of minutes, they had tracked him down (finding people with the Mauraders Map was pretty easy) and told him their plan.

< >"Hmmm. It's best to do it after the finals, when everything is calm." He said. They decided to do it two days after the finals, so that they had a day to rest. The finals were one week away, and anticipation was growing. Almost all the classes were study or reveiw classes, and almost no homework was assigned. This left much room for studying, and relearning. This also left lots of time for sitting around, doing nothing, at least for Zippzee, who, for some reason, didn't need to re-learn anything. Once it was there, it was there it seemed. This was good for him, because with all the trouble he gets into, he hardly has time to study. But, now he wished he had to study. Zippzee didn't have anything to keep his mind off Serena, what she was doing, how she felt. He kept thinking about what they could've been doing, if she was here. He had to stop. Dreaming wouldn't do any thing spectacular. He missed her. Zippzee decided to go and write her a letter. She hadn't written in a while, or maybe the owl got mixed up. That didn't happen often, though. He felt a little bit better after the owl flew off. The week passed with nothing exciting happening. The final's week wasn't any less dull. It was as dull as a butter knife tring to cut a rock. The days went by slowly. The finals seemed worse without Serena around to talk to afterward. She still hadn't written back. Zippzee was starting to feel the first syptome of stress. He was worried about her. Did she forget him? Did something happen to her? Either would be like death to Zippzee. Finally, after one and a half weeks of dullness, and half a week of worrying, the "day of re-awakening", as Fred and George named it, came. Zippzee sat in the common room that night, holding the Egyptian spell book in his hands. Fred came in through the portrait passage.

< >"All right, come on, the coast is clear." George had made Fred make sure Snape was nowhere to be found. He didn't want Zippzee getting in trouble again. Zippzee objected, but George insisted. He said he felt bad about what had happened last time. He said he didn't want Zippzee to become American! Zippzee felt that he could put up with Americans if he could be with Serena again. He left the common room, and they headed for the "Ravenclaw" tower. Watching the Maurader's map the whole time, they saw that Proffessor Snape was patrolling the third floor. They slipped past his office, and entered the big gaping hole next to it. They worked their way to the room with the sarcapheagus's. George pointed out Gryffindor's coffin, and they all crouded around it. Fred and George opened it, exposing a mummified skeleton, the skin all dried up like roasted chicken skin that had been left out to dry. Zippzee opened the book. He had had no practice with this particular spell, of course, because there weren't many mummy's to try it on. He pointed the wand at the muumy.

< >"Del---" He started, but he was cut of by a voice.

< >"Mr. Nabringer!" Said the voice. Zippzee turned around. Serena was standing there, smiling.

< >"Serena!" He said, pinching himself. She smiled and nodded.

< >"Thought you'd never get rid of me?" She joked. Zippzee ran to her and nearly knocked her down. She smiled and kissed him, right in front of Fred and Goerge.

< >"Serena!" George was almost as happy as Zippzee was. He ran towards her and hugged her. Zippzee gestured for him to back off.

< >"Why are you here?!" Zippzee asked, looking into her eye's.

< >"It's quite a story."

< >"Tell it to us." He said.

< >"Well," She started., "I got to the American school. It was in some forest in the northern part of Minnesota, I think. I stayed there for a few months, then a noticce came out. All magical 'beings' were to leave the states within the 25th of the month. It seemed that the government was never informed that witches or wizards existed. I guess after the Salem Witch Trails, the wizards of that time decided to go into hiding. Anyway, the CIA, kinda like the Queens Secret Service here, ("Oh, ok. I got ya.") well they found out somehow, and ordered an extermination notice. Basically 'GET OUT OR DIE' kinda deal."

< >"Some land of the free." Zippzee critisized.

< >"Yeah, so I had to leave. Most of the students got transfered to the Canadian school, but I sent a personal request to Dumbledore, and he said I could come back. He said it was never his idea for me to leave, but my dad wanted me too. Speaking of the devil, he and my mom decided to get back together. I can't believe she still loves him.... So here I am."

< >"Serena that's great! Well, not about your dad and all, but your back!" Zippzee said, and he hugged her.

< >"I know. I can't wait to see Snape's face." George said.

< >"Yeah! Dumbledore's pretty mad, because apparently Snape went directly to my dad, and one upped Dumbledore because Dumbledore said no." There was a pause where Zippzee hugged Serena again. Fred was speechless. The shock of her being there was too much for him. George was exstatic. This meant that Zippzee would most likely not be so grumpy all the time. Then George grew very sober.

< >"Serena." George started. "I'm sorry..."

< >"Don't be. I understand." She said. George seemed very relieved. "So what're you guys doing?"

< >"Raising Gryffindor from the dead." George said.

< >"I've been away to long." Serena sighed. Fred finally started to talk.

< >"We're going to raise him so we can find out where the Arcanix is, and hope he would be able to destroy it." Fred explained. "Zippzee, why don't you try the spell again?" Zippzee was so caught up in Serena, he didn't even realize he was being addressed.

< >"What?" He said after a second.

< >"Try the spell again?" Fred repeated.

< >"Oh, yes..." He smiled at Serena again, then turnd towards the mummy. "What was it again? Oh, yeah..." He raised his wand, his mind forced to focus. "Dellraa Knutraa!" A white, sandy substance flew out of his wand, hitting the mummy and soaking into his skin. The coarse, beef-jerkyish skin turned into living, breathing flesh. Gryffindor's eye's rolled back into his sockets, and he opened his them. He was an old wizard, not unlike Dumbledore, except he had what seemed to be a tan.

< >"Hoouuuuurrrrraaaarrghhh!!!" He groaned. His mouth was still re-fleshing. Finally, the tranformation was complete. "Wha---what? What is going on?" He asked. Zippzee stepped foward.

< >"Godric Gryffindor. We are students from Hogwarts. We have tracked down the Arcanix to your journel entry. The last one you ever wrote?" Gryffindor nodded in acknowledgement. "But Dremy Noondrell is dead. The last remnants of the Arcanix are lost. We wished to destroy it, but we haven't a clue were it is, or how to destroy it."

< >'Yes." Gryffindor said. He spoke slowly at first, as if he was just learning to use english. "I know where it is. If your intentions are true, which I sense that they are, I will tell you. But you must promise me that you will bring it directly back to me. But before you jump to promises, let me warn you. A wizards promise is a thing that is very hard to break, an from the moment you break it, your heart is scarred with it." He paused. He looked at each in turn. "I cannot leave this room. If I were to be spotted, my secret would be exposed. You must fetch the Arcanix for me. Then we will finish this once and for all!" His excitement got the best of him, and he stopped to rest. "You are strong to have come this far. You are worthy of finding this. But, only two may enter the shrine where the arcanix is held. Stand forth, all of you!" Zippzee, Serena, Fred, and George stood in front of him. Zippzee held Serena's hand. "Forgive me, for I do not know your names, so I will try and make this as clear as possible. You, in the silver cloak." He pointed towards Serena.

< >"Me?" She said, thouroughly surprised. She had thought that Fred and George would go. They have had more training, after all.

< >"Yes. And the one next to you." This time he pointed at George. Serena looked at Zippzee.

< >"I'm sorry headmaster, but I do not agree with your choice." George said. "I am not worthy to go in. I am hot-headed, and have caused many troubles. Please choose another." He seemed to be secretly pointing to Zippzee.

< >"Ah, yes, but the only other choice has the scar of hatred in him. He has not yet forgivin someone. This is something he must do before he is worthy." Zippzee twitched a little. "Mysty" He thought.

< >"Your thoughts serve you well." Gryffindor said, looking at Zippzee. The rest of them looked at him also. Zippzee saw that they looked confused.

< >"I...I cannot yet forgive her...She has..." Zippzee struggled.

< >

< >"No! You can, and she hasn't done anything beside's the action that you deem unforgivable." A pang of shame ran through Zippzee. Mysty had purposefully gotten him in trouble, the result of which caused Serena to leave.

< >"Now, think boy! What happened turned out for the best. The result has been reversed.. Her leaving was a blessing, that strengthened the love you have."

< > It was true. Serena left, yes, but now she was back, so it didn't really matter. She is happy. "Yes. You see now. It wasn't her fault, or doing. It was fate! Destiny! You thought it was so horrible! Really it was a test, to see how strong you were! You both passed, and now you reap the rewards!"

< >"Yes. I know now that I can forgive her." Zippzee said confidently, though it took some time for him to accept it. His heart was much lighter. It had been bogged down by the hatred for Mysty, and now it was all gone. It was suprising that it leaved him so fast. She acted the way she did, and Zippzee responded the way he did. That was all there was to it.

< >"Yes, boy. Now you are ready." Gryffindor announced.

< >"Thank goodness, I thought it was me!" Fred exclaimed.

< >"I won't even start with you." Gryffindor mumbled.

< >"What was that?" Fred asked.

< >"Now, I will tell you where to go!" Gryffindor continued, ignoring Fred. He closed his eyes. In Zippzee's mind, a map appeared. It was a map of Hogwarts. It showed a trail, a line going from where he was now through many corridors, and finally ending up somewhere underneath the Forbidden Forest. There, in the chamber, was an alter, and on it was the Arcanix. Zippzee opened his eye's, and the picture was gone.

< >"I understand." He said to Gryffindor. Godric nodded. Then, he motioned for Zippzee and Serena to go. Fred and George stayed. Zippzee held Serena's hand as they walked down the corridors. He had a confidence, somehow, that they would meet no entanglements. Serena seemed to have the same. They weaved through the corridors, hardly noticing where they were going. They went down, into a dark corridor. They both lit their wands and continued. They walked about 50 meters, then saw that their way was blocked by a rock pile. Somehow, an avalanche of rocks had slid in the passage way, blocking anyway through. Then it seemed that Gryffindor had sensed it, for another map came into their minds. They had to go out on the ground, through the forest itself. Zippzee looked at Serena. She looked frightened, but strong. They took a deeo breath, and continued on. They followed the passage back up to the main floor of the castle, and crept out the main doors. They silently crept across the grounds. The groundskeeper's hut was across a field, but the lights were out. He was probably asleep. They went up into the shadow of the forest.

< >"Are you okay doing this?" Zippzee asked.

< >"What, are you afraid I'll faint?" She responded.

< >"Those Americans changed you. You're no longer afraid. That means I can't protect you anymore." Zippzee said.

< >"Want me to pretend?" She asked.

< >"No, that's allright. I really missed you. I couldn't stop thinking about you."

< >"I know. It was hell. I'm so happy to be back, with you." They kissed, then turned toward the forest. They walked in, keeping close to each other. They heard all manner of noises, but they didn't falter. They had trust in Gryffindor, in themselves. They kept going, trudging through the darkness, their wands held high. They walked into a slight clearing. Then, the animals came. Three wolves circled them, only their eye's showing in the darkness just beyond the circle of light created by the wands. They circled, then stopped, ready to spring, to pounce, to kill. Serena held close to Zippzee. He looked at her.

< >"Don't worry," She whispered, "I'll try not to faint." The wolved stopped growling. For a moment there was comlete silence. Then, the wolves ran away in fright. The ground beneath them was opening. Zippzee pulled Serena back, and the ground opened up to expose a passageway, leading down. There was a rope ladder. This was the place.

< >"I'll go first." Zippzee said. He climbed down the rope, Serena just above him. When they reached the bottom of the ladder, the door above them was closed. Serena and Zippzee were in complete darkness.

< >"Zippzee!"

< >"I'm here!" He said. He grabbed her around the middle, and pulled her near him. Their wands had gone out. He couldn't get his to light again. They just stood there, not knowing what was down there.

< >"I'm in need of some protecting, Zippzee!"

< >"The Americans haven't changed you, they only gave you a tough attitude." Zippzee joked. Serena laughed. Then, the chamber was bathed in light. There was a door to the right, and to the left, stood the alter. But between the alter and the two students, was Aeson Atzima.

Chapter 9: Aeson's Story

< >"Didn't think you would see me again, did you, Nabringer?" He said. Again, Zippzee pinched himself to make sure he was awake.

< >"How is it possible?" He stuttered.

< >"Did you really think the Dumbledore would let students DIE in his school? HA HA HA HA! You really are nieve."

< >"I trust Dumbledore." He said.

< >"No. I knew to much. The system didn't want me to be able to blackmail someone. Snape was extremely angry, he wanted me to leave. He fed Dumbledore a story about conflict of interests, he couldn't teach his own godson, blah blah blah. But Dumbledore found out. He really racked me over the coals. He said blackmailing a teacher was grounds for expellment. But, in punishment, I was to wait down here. He said that I needed to serve a purpose here, then I could go. It's dreadfully boring down here. Dumbledore said that someone would be down here, looking for that." He pointed towards the Arcanix. "He said there would be two, and I was to tell my story and let them have it. But I think I'll change the deal. The girl can have it, but you Zippzee, you've offended me. I dont like being offended. You are going to pay!" He pulled out his wand, and aimed it at Zippzee.

< >"I guess this is how Dumbledore ties up his loose ends." Zippzee commented to Serena. "All right Aeson. I'll play you're game. Serena, take the Arcanix back to Gryffindor."

< >"Zippzee, I won't leave you." She said.

< >"Oh, the poor poor girl. Just follow your master!"

< >Aeson spat.

< >"Aeson, shut up!" Zippzee yelled.

< >"Zippzee, there are alternatives to fighting." Serena said calmly. She looked into his eyes. Zippzee lowered his wand. Serena walked past Aeson and grabbed the Arcanix. As she grabbed ahold of it, a new door opened. It was on the wall, three feet away from the door.

< >"Serena, through that door." Zippzee said. She opened it, and went through the passageway. Zippzee went to follow, but Aeson wasn't satisfied.

< >"Wait, Nabringer! I'm not finished with you!" He said some spell, and qhite light shot out of Aeson's wand, knocking Zippzee unconciouse. The last thing he heard was Serena screaming.

Chapter 10: Catharsis

< >Zippzee awoke with a banging head. When his eyesight returned, he saw that he was in the Nurse's office, and that it was night. It was surprisingly crowded. Ron Weasly was in the bed next to his, sitting up. Harry Potter was asleep in the other.

< >"What happened to you?" Ron asked.

< >"Long story. What happened to you?"

< >"Long story."

< >"Then what happened to him?" Zippzee asked, motioning to Harry.

< >"Same story as mine." Ron said, looking off into space.

< >"Ahh! Zippzee, you are awake!" Dumbledore seemed to materialize out of the shadows. "Please come to my office." He opened the door, letting in blinding light from the corridor outside. Zippzee left Ron and Harry and followed Dumbledore to his office. Dumbledore sat behind his desk, and otion for Zippzee to take a seat.

< >"Now, Zippzee. I want to talk to you about your adventures. I like to let things happen as they may, as fate would have it decided. Many people don't like that. They say I should be more preventive, so as to not allow anything 'bad' to happen. Many people say that children need to be protected. Now, don't get me wrong, I do protect my students, but not from everything their parents would like. I believe that in order to learn, students have to get into sticky situations. Hogwarts seems to be know for that kind of thing. More happens here than you realize. Some of it can be life threatening, but let me assure you. None of my students will die on Hogwarts grounds, under my surveilance. I know I told you that Aeson had been killed, but that was before I was told the truth. I was in quite a bind there. I thought that I was no longer suitable to be headmaster. But then Professor Snape revealed it to me. It was something I had not seen. Professor Sanpe had expelled Aeson on grounds of blackmail. I told Professor Snape that only I had the right to expell one of my students. Aeson was allowed back in, but only after he had finished his duty I had assigned him. I think he told you what that was down in the chamber. But, his part of the deal was not fufilled, so he has been expelled. He attacked a fellow student with the intent to kill, and I will not allow that in my school. Now, back to your 'exiting adventures'. I do not want you to walk out of here thinking that you are the only group of people that uncover secret things in Hogwarts. As I said before, I believe that experiance teaches students very well. Probably one of the reasons Miss Granger does so well in school."

< >"She breaks rules?!" Zippzee cut in. She didn't seem the type at all!

< >"Yes. I have watched her with great interest. She will become a great witch, assuming she learns something from her freind, Ron. They have had a great deal of sneaking around at night this year. Now, about the Arcanix. You were right in wanting to destroy it. When Aeson attacked you, Serena stunned him and brought you and the Arcanix to me. She confessed all that you had done, wishing for me to help you. I was happy with her courage. I brought her to Godric Gryffindor, and we both destroyed the ancient artifact. Gryffindor was extremely pleased, and left you a gift." Dumbledore opened a drawer in his desk, and pulled out an anciet looking egyptian charm, hung on a gold chain. "It posseses the power to protect you from evil. Keep it with you, in your travels. Each of your comrades recieved one also. Now, I believe Mrs. Abcock will be missing you. You best be off, I have to wait for Harry to wake up." He finished with a twinkle in his eye. "Oh, wait. I have one more matter to tell you about. Although many teacher's disagree, you are allowed into the Hufflepuff common room, if it you desire." He smiled at Zippzee. "You will find this to be very usefull."

< >Zippzee left his office, and went down the escalator thingy. He almost ran to the Hufflepuff common room. He had to see Serena. When she saw him, she almost knocked him down trying to hug him. She was very happy to see him. Zippzee told her what Dumbledore had said, and she in turn told him what had happened after Zippzee fell unconciouse. She told him that Gryffindor was happy that the Arcanix was gone, and said that he could finally rest in peace. She kept kissing him whenever they would pause in the conversation, and they spent the rest of the night by the fire.


< >The year was gone. As it turned out, the thing Dumbledore had told Zippzee about Harry had happened. Zippzee heard all kind of crazy rumors. In one version, Harry and Ron battled Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves controlled by Professor Quirrel. In another, Harry had conjured up toilets that flew around and hit Professor Quirrel to knock him out. And the craziest one yet, that Quirrel had a face on the back of his head, that was actually You-Know-Who. "Now who would believe that?" Professor Dumbledore said when inquiried about the rumors.

< >It was the day of the end of the year feast. The house cup was Slytherin's for the eighth year in a row. Zippzee and Serena sat together at the Hufflepuff table. Everyone was still chatting about what had happened down in the Chambers between Harry Potter and Profesor Quirrel. Then, the doors opened and, speak of the devil, Harry Potter himself walked in. Everyone quieted down, watching him cross to his table, then the hall burst into chatter again.

< >"I'm surprised Madam Pomfrey let him out of the hospital wing!" Zippzee said to Serena.

< >"Oh! I hope he's alright!" She said in a fake lovey voice. She then laughed at the look of jealousy on Zippzee's face. "Don't worry. You're mine forever!" She said, and she hugged him. Then, Dumbledore arrived. The Great Hall was silent as he stood at the front of the hall.

< >"Another year gone!" He said cheerfuly. "And I must trouble you with an old man's wheezing waffle before we sink our teeth into our delicious feast. What a year it has been! Hopefully your heads are all a little fuller than they were...you have the whole summer ahead to get them nice and empty before next year starts... Now, as I understand it, the house cup here needs awarding, and the points stand as thus: In fourth place, Gryffindor, with three hundred and twelve points; in third, Hufflepuff, with three hundred and fifty-two; Ravenclaw has four hundred and twenty-six ans Slytherin, four hundred and seventy-two."

< >The Slytherin table almost fell over because the students stood so quickly, applauding and cheering so loudly, you would think it was four thousand people rather that about one hundred.

< >"Yes, yes, well done, Slytherin," Dumbledore continued. "However, recent events must be taken into account." At these word, many of the Slytherins sat back down.

< >"Ahem," said Dumbledore. "I have a few last-minute points to dish out. Let me see. Yes...

< >"First- to Mr. Ronald Weasly... for the best played game of chess Hogwarts has seen in many years, I award Gryffindor house fifty points." Zippzee cheered along with the Gryffindor table next to him.

< >"Second- to Miss Hermione Granger... for the use of cool logic in the face of fire, I award Gryffindor house fifty points." More cheers from the Gryffindors.

< >"Third- to Mr. Harry Potter... for pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor house sixty points." This time, the whole great hall was cheering, except the Slytherins. Gryffindor was tied to Slytherin! Then Dumbledore continued...

< >"There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our freinds. I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom." Gryffindor had one the house cup! The roar of cheering was so great, Dmbledore almost had to cover his ears. He shouted to get the crowds attention.

< >"Which means...." He yelled. When the crowd had quieted down, he began again. "Which means we need a little change of decoration!" He clapped his hands. The Silver Slytherin banners changed into red and gold Gryffindor banners. With that, they began the feast.


< >Final results came out. Zippzee had passed his classes, with better than average marks, but not excellent. He didn't care, of course. Serena passed with flying colors. Fred and George just barely scraped by, with their other freind, Lee Jordan. Most students did fairly well, and it was rumored that Hermione Granger got a 117% on three of her finals. That seemed impossible to Zippzee. Finally, the last day of school came. It was a sad day. Serena had talked about the Muggle school's, where the last day of school was a joyous one, but she said that it wasn't this year. She hated to leave Zippzee, but he said "At least you don't have to go to your dads." This cheered her up a little. They had said their good-bye's to Fred and George, they were going to ride with Lee Jordan in Car 15, and Serena said good-bye to all her Hufflepuff freinds. Zippzee had it pretty easy. He didn't have many freinds, so saying goodbye wasn't as hard. But parting with Serena was worth twenty freinds. Three months seemed an awfully long time. They chose an empty car, and got settled. Just as the train was jolting away, Charm came in to see Zippzee and Serena hugging. He gave Zippzee a knowing look and ran out before Zippzee could get mad. Mysty was nowhere to be found. She was probably sitting in a car with her new freinds, Parvati and Lavender. Zippzee enjoyed the ride home, but feeling the train slow down, he felt a jolt of sadness. He and Serena got their stuff loaded off the train. Zippzee's family was standing on the left, and Serena's on the right. They shared one last hug, then Serena went to her dad and mom, and Zippzee turned to his family.

< >"Who was that?" His father asked.

< >"Oh... just some girl I met in school." Zippzee lied. He walked with them back to the car they had rented.

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