My Harry Potter Mad Inspired Vision

By Helan Alona Kiely (

Type of Work: Fan Poem

Disclaimer: This poem is based on characters and situations created and owned by J. K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. It's just a fan poem!


I'm Flying High
In the sky
Above the clouds
it's not so loud.

I'm in a dream
Or so it seems
I see three strange visions

In the hills a see a bird
Screeching but cannot be heard
It has assorted feet,
Claws and paws
A large beak
Steely Talons,
Sharp jaws.

Next I see
A giant snake
With great big venomous fangs.
And bulb like eyes.
And though it has no hands
It salutes the darkened sky.

I turn a corner,
And I behold
Like a streak of gold.
Gold, red plumage
Healing tears
It will melt away all fears.

Now I'm coming down to earth I read some new books I've unearthed
Written by a great author of today.

Better than Dickens, so they say.
I'm engulfed in wizardry.
And in those books I meet all three.
A Hippogriff my first vision
Gentle if it trusts you.
A king Of Serpents basilisk
With metres long fangs and a deadly stare.
And a phoenix with healing tears.
Shush a loyal and trust worthy bird.

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