Harry Potter Was New
by Marek


Harry Potter was new
Until his house blew
with envelopes of submission
to hogwarts with ambition
He was accepted at the school
Before he was thought of a fool
When his points were about to be burned
when he flew and had them earned

Harry Potter was new
until year two
Where he met Tom Riddle
and Fawkes had a fiddle
He was doing the job right
before he had put up a fight
He took the hat because he thought he was finished
Only to find out that Tom Riddle would be diminished

Harry Potter was new
until the year without you know who
but this year wasn't the best
Wormtail was only a test
The dementors were in a pack
Trying to find Serius Black
Who he thought was so bad
but only to know he was a friend of his dad

Harry Potter was new
He had been to the zoo
He was finally in year four
where he would be a representative of Gryffindor
He had learned a lot of tricks
which he soon had to mix
The maze was a hack
. . . Voldemort is back!

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