Lily and James
The Meeting

by Misty



I gazed through the window ahead,
To my mother a tearful goodbye.
I realized I truly was leaving,
And a tear trickled out of my eye.

Then a boy entered into my vision
Who seemed quite as lonely as me.
He said that his name was James Potter,
And was the seat right beside me free?

We talked and we joked on the train ride,
Forgetting the sorrowful farewells.
When at Hogwarts, we'd become fast friends,
And our laughter rang out like bright bells.


On the train that had brought me to Hogwarts,
I made a bright, funny new friend.
Lily, a Muggle-born wizardress,
I know will stick with me to the end.

She met all my other good buddies,
Sirius and Remus like her well.
The three of us, and of course Peter,
Agree that Lily's real swell.

We all got in the best of the houses,
Gryffindor, mighty and strong.
We're sure that this is a clear omen
Our new friendship cannot be wrong.

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