Whispers in the Halls
by Misty


Whispers in the hallways,
Rumors in the air,
Death is lurking forward,
All characters beware.

Ms. Rowling, their creator,
Has given a decree
That death shall claim an unknown;
We guess, who will it be?

Not our wondrous Harry Potter,
Though many have the fear
Our hero may not see
His final, seventh year.

Perhaps Hermione
Is sentenced to her doom.
Could more than grades and spells
In this girl's future loom?

Or maybe poor Ron Weasley
Is cause for our sorrow.
The hero's best friend often
Dies, as many people know.

She wouldn't dare take Hagrid,
Who loves creatures great and small.
Yet from the evil of You-Know-Who,
No one is safe at all.

We simply can't lose Dumbledore -
Such a great man is he -
But Hogwarts may need do without
The man who kept it free.

So many others, friends and foes,
On whom Death's shadow falls,
That it isn't any wonder,
There are whispers in the halls.

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