Moony's Poem
by StarEye


Stars scatter.
it appears
the tangible form of my pain
of my fears
I feel it swallow me
feel it rip me apart
as moonlight washes over me
and freezes my heart
I'm a beast, I'm a monster
lock your doors, hide.
I'm a beast, I'm a monster.
But I'm human inside
My howl is my tears
my growl is my scream
I'm a monster tonight
but tomorrow, human being.
I'm cowering in a corner
wounded animal, broken man
I'm crying for kindness
take my paw, hold my hand
I didn't ask for this
I never wanted this to be
How much I wish I could look at the moon
and see there, it's beauty
I cower in a corner, I'm hurt alone
But hell-here ends the man
Tomorrow I'll deal with human pain
but tonight-wolf again

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