Padfoot's Poem
by StarEye


Alone in my steel imprisonment
Bars on my door, bars on my soul
cold hard ground where a floor should be
For a bed-straw and mold
I was innocent last night-I know it
and I'm still innocent tonight
I was innocent on each and every one of these days stolen from my life
Coldness passes over me
dementors never sleep
years ago, who'd have dared to think
the unstopable Sirius could weep?
Cowering, hiding, whimpering
This isn't me at all
Years ago, we the marauders
stood straight up and tall
Why did it have to end?
why must everything change?
why is the guilty man warm and fed,
while the innocent cries in a cage?
I'm broken, I'm scarred, I hate it
Betrayal haunts my mind
They took my friend, they took my life
I've nothing left to find
Take me, creature, kill me
I'm alone and have been for too long
Free me, warden, free me
I'm innocent as huming bird song
No. I'll never be free from here.
I'll be here until die
coldness passes over again
I curl up and close my eyes

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