A Dream So Soon Real
by Stephanie Sladek


Feeling locked up inside my head.
Being suddenly awaken from my bed.
Cold sweat drips from my untidy hair.
Tell me, is this life fair?
No one understands the emptiness I feel.
I had a dream about a flying motorcycle; is this real?
I want mum to save me from this place.
trouble is, I havent even seen her face.
I'm pushed aside from a race i thought I belonged.
I only wish that I'll live in the world of which I so longed.
This world, in it,I'm respected and loved.
and no longer pushed and shoved.
I have magic, powers, and friends galore.
I have a purpose to live and become more.
I can feel this dream as I touch it by night.
Hoping, by day, to get Privet drive out of my sight.
Maybe, just maybe, I will finally learn about my past,
and maybe I'll feel a sense of my parents at last.
However, this dream is just a dream.
No matter how real it may seem.
So I reluctntly pull the covers back over my face,
wishing, dreaming, longing . . .
to be saved from this place.

Author's Note:

< >Harry still doesn't know he is a wizard and wakes up in the middle of the night conflicting with his thoughts. He feels alone and that there is somehting missing in his life. He longs to have a sense of who he is and to be loved. He imagines this world he "thinks" he made up during childhood. He realizes its just a silly story he wishes were real, and falls asleep. I wrote this in first person, in Harry's thoughts.

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