Sirius Black
by Valerie


Best Friend till' the end of James and Lily,
godfather to young, brave Harry.
Framed by the trator Peter,
convicted wronly by fellow wizards,
For Thirteen awful years.
broke out to put a wrong right,
and catch his best friends trator.
Digused as a dog he slipped away,
back into the real world.
He was the only person who knew,
Peter the trator,
disguised as a rat,
hid with a wizard.
He grew thin a lost his hair,
for fear that Black would get him.
For many months there fear went on,
but finnaly he was caught.
The story can out and Harry learned,
who was the true trator.
But as they took him to arrest,
he escaped once again.
So black must hide,
from the law,
until the truth comes out.
So he hides and keeps up with Harry,
To keep him safe and happy.
All alone.
No one to talk to,
Except the ocasional letter.
Well never know if he'll be set free,
Or forever forced to hide.

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