Harry Potter
The Classification

by Jess


October 1999

< >Okay, I'm one of the greatest fan of the famous Harry Potter novels, and it is because I like them so much that I must bring up what I think is the only flaw that they have: they are classified as children's novels.

< >Don't get me wrong, I love children's books as much as anyone else does! I think kids are amazing and deserve their own great literary star! However, I don't feel that this classification is very appropriate, and I believe that the "children's" image is misleading; I think it is being viewed and looked upon by those who haven't read it as something that it isn't. The only reason that this might be a problem is that people are not reading it because they have a stereotypical idea of what a children's book is. My reasons for thinking the classification is inaccurate are:

  • 1. Children's books are usually written in a juvenile fashion with watered down writing and easy to follow plots (although I think the kids have clearly told us that that is not what they like . . .)
  • 2. Usually these books are written with the target audience in mind; unless I'm mistaken, I thought J. K. Rowling wrote this book for herself, not for children.
< >I don't think these books fit any of these ideas. Right now, I would like to add something on the kids' behalf. The reason that this book has gone to the top is very simple; kids love it! I am convinced that almost any adult who reads it falls in love as well, but kids are not fooled by any best-sellers list. The reason that the kids like it is because it is a good book written in a convincing, real, not dumbed-down fashion. IT IS A REAL BOOK! It isn't that Dick and Jane or Goosebumps stuff that is mass written to entertain kids who want a quick thrill and supposedly can't GET anything else. It isn't television, it isn't simplified, and it isn't cheap and mass produced. It's the real thing. Kids know good stuff when they read it.

< >I would like to add (yes - there's more) that the kiddie classification is frustrating to me as a fan, because people don't take it seriously unless they have read it. And you know how hard it is to be a huge fan of a book you think is so awesome when none of your piers have read it. In fact sometimes I thank goodness there are still kids out there with open minds who will listen to me ramble about my obsessions! ^_^**

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