Harry Potter - Banned?
by Michela


December 17, 1999

< >This year, the book series Harry Potter is getting a great deal of attention. But not all of this attention is appealing. In some states, people are banning Harry Potter from schools. Some people say they "entice children to be violent". Some people think it's demonic. This, I believe, is not true at all.

< >Firstly, Harry Potter is a fictional book series. Secondly, the books are not enticing children to be violent; they're enticing children to read! What's demonic about reading a fictional book? Is it because envolves Harry being a wizard? Is it the action or the suspense? I, myself, have read two of the three books that are available, and I've found nothing controversial about them. If it teaches children anything true, it teaches them to be loyal, curious, intelligent, and that good almost always triumphs over evil. Not to mention literate.

< >I've read that some kid are taking the books out of proportion. But instead of banning the books, I would recommend that the parent/guardian/teacher of the kids to talk to them about it.

< >Either that, or research. Read the books. If the parent/guardian/teacher approves of them, let the kid continue reading. If the parent/guardian/teacher (so many slashes!) doesn't, which I seriously doubt, I recommend that person talk to the kid about it.

< >If the child agrees with the parent/guardian/teacher, the kid would have the choice of continuing reading or not. If the kid doesn't agree, let the kid continue reading. It's their choice whether they read it or not.

Editor's Note:

< >Well done, my friend, well done. I swear I couldn't rant that coherantly if I was paid. ::cough:: You'll hurt me for that, won't you? Anyway, everyone, this is my good friend, Michela, webmistress of The Humor Asylum, and I suggest you go there. ::grins::

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