< >Leaving? Why so soon? Don't you love me? No! How dare you! You can only leave if you've seen everything on my site! Do you promise me that? ::narrows her eyes:: I think you may be lying. . . . I'm watching you, fool! ::squints::

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Sister Sites

< >An absolutely brilliant website on Tom Riddle. I absolutely love the translations of Tom Marvolo Riddle/Lord Voldemort/You-Know-Who/Heir of Slytherin's name in a bunch of different languages. And there are some bloody sexy bookmarks.

Dark Order
< >Run by my pal Karen Riddle, this site focuses mainly on the Dark Arts - if that couldn't be inferred - and the relationship between Tom Riddle and Lily Potter. 'Tis a great site! Karen and I are also working on "Dark Projects" together.

Dead Muse Rising
< >Home to my beta-reader and very good friend, Savidana. She's an extraordinary writer and I can't compliment her enough. Her work will squick you, though, if you do not like Draco/Harry slash, and most of her fanfiction is rated NC-17. Not a place for children, but I recommend it to all slash-fans. Savi was also recently quoted in the Scotsman defending slash and I'm very proud of her!

The Humor Asylum
< >My Internet-sister Michela's hilarious, absolutely Harry Potter-unrelated website. Visit Mickey and meet all my other friends (who, ahem, I haven't talked to in a while . . .), as they're all Potter nutters anyway.

Naadi Moonfeather's Fiction & Art
< >Truly a beautiful site that houses one of my favourite Draco/Harry fanfictions, Checkmate. Anyone who ships those two should read Naadi's fic! And Naadi is also one of the best artists I know - you have to check out her work.

Spiced Peaches
< >Another girlfriend of mind, this is the character section artist's website. All of Meg Kerin's art is stored here, including more Harry Potter art, along with Mighty Duck and Sailor Moon art. Much yayness!

McTabby's Fan Fiction
< >Mostly slash, mostly brash, and makes me laugh. Hysterically. Minerva McTabby's great and I love her. Worship her, even. Kids shouldn't go here, but if you're a more adult reader of slash writing, you'll love this site.

Unofficial Auror Academy
< >Clover and Azelie's interactive Auror academy site, if you could tell from the title. ;-) Enroll in this great RPG-site, get an education at the academy, and just have a ton of fun.

Vaguely Alive
< >Rhi's - with cohort Skye - lovely site, just right for the Animorph and Harry Potter soul! Mmm, soup. Anyway, provided here are in-depth looks at the characters, rants on the old AniTV crap, and their own takes on the movie, which gets very bizarre after a while.

Want to Be a Sister Site?
< >If you do, you cannot be a supersite. I absolutely do not support or even look at supersites, so don't bother. You must also be fourteen years or older, have a button, be ready to listen to me rant about things, have a nice website, and E-mail me.

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Official Sites

Warner Brothers:
< >The official .com of Harry Potter. Since AOL Time Warner bought the rights to Harry Potter, this is the official movie site and there's really nothing on the books unless you go discuss them in the pretty cool message boards.

Scholastic, Inc.
< >Publishers of United States of America, features really nothing because I don't believe it's been update since Goblet of Fire was released, in July 2000. No information about the movie, either, but that's somewhat expected.

Bloomsbury Publishing
< >The British (and Canadian) publishers of the Harry Potter books. I actually really like this site because you can send people howlers and that's just funny.

Little Literary Agency
< >J. K. Rowling's agency website. It lists all the current publishers of the books around the world. I noticed they stole my globe image. ::raises eyebrows suspiciously::

Rupert Grint Official Site
< >Still under construction. ::thinks about this:: I'll do the site, dag nabbit! I want it up! Now! ::sob::

Chris Rankin Official Site
< >This is the very nice site for the young man playing Percy Weasley in the movies. He seems very cool - too bad he has a girlfriend already - and you can even send him an E-mail!

Tom Felton Official Site
< >Cool site for Thomas Felton, also known as Draco Malfoy in the movie. No way to contact anybody on the site, though; obviously, they don't want to be bugged. :-(

James and Oliver Phelps
< >Very nice site for the hilariously funny (is that redundant?) red-headed twins playing Fred and George Weasley. ::hopes they link her::

Sean Biggerstaff
< >A fairly simple-looking official site for Sean, but he writes a lot of the material on the site and it's very honest, which is nice. Cheeky sort of fellow, he is.

Are There Other Official Sites?
< >If there are and I've missed them, I need to be told this instant! Can't leave me hanging, people, I really want to know about more official sites. ::tries not to sound sarcastic::

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Fan Sites

Nitwick! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
< >Mayhem's incredibly cool website. You must check it out. The graphics are awesome and quite funny, the webmistress is just grand, and you'll have a wonderful time!

Fawkes's Perch
< >They've been around almost as long as I have and they're still running, albeit sort of weakly. There's great fan art by Lauren the webmistress, though, and cool info!

The Daily Prophet
< >The original Daily Prophet website and always deserves a look. Editor Meg McGonagall outdoes herself with intriguing interviews, wizard-wire reports, and more!

Gillywead Tweak
< >A very cute, up-and-coming site that's pretty well in-depth with a lot of things. Looks small, but is very big and worth a look!

Shrine to Sirius Black
< >This site houses a wonderful fan fiction by its webmistress, called "Blood Ties." I think I'm going to put it on my site without her knowing.

Society of Severus Snape
< >Rival to site above, this site is dedicated to everything Snape. Alan Rickman won't be too happy, though, with certain things. 18 YEAR OLDS AND OVER ONLY.

The Official Site of Hogwarts MOO
< >While I debate the officialness of the site, this is also an older site that's still running strong. A MOO is basically a role-playing game.

Anything to Win
< >Very amusing because this is a site dedicated to troll-like had-to-repeat-his-seventh-year Slytherin Marcus Flint. I think it's hilarious, but I doubt the webmaster sees it that way. ::whistles innocently::

Moondog's Harry Potter Paradise
< >Rebecca's cool collection of those now very famous banners, donned with such phrases as "I'm Just a Penelope Clearwater at Heart" or "Harry Potter isn't everything, but it's right up there with oxygen!"

Padfoot's Angry Itch
< >A lovely little site run by the Favourite Flea, with tons of insightful theories, news, character origins, and Pottering around Britain.

The Patronus
< >A very cool, very yellow - might blind you! - site with BUTTONS! Very cool buttons, in fact. Buwahaha.

Gringotts: A World of Magic Goes Open
< >Excellent website! Webmaster is based in Holland, and thus the site is not in English, but it's fab.

Astronomy Domine
< >Shut down, but Kellila's adoptees are still available to the public.

Spellbook: A Harry Potter Clique
< >Probably one of the only truly creative cliques around. You actually get to make up your own spell in a very cool way.

Harry Potter's World of Magic Theme Park
< >I find this site very odd and slightly confusing (they think they're a theme park . . . where's the merry-go-round?!) but it's got a lot of stuff to do and read!

Harry Potter Grimoire: Elixir of Night, Potion of Odd
< >A compendium of the way Muggles see ideas and things and creatures in the Harry Potter books and the elements of fantasy. Wonderful site you need to check out!

Support Neville Longbottom!
< >While not exactly Neville's colours, this site is extremely exciting and grand for the Longbottom lover.

Death Eaters
< >Another up and coming site dedicated to the Dark Arts. (I think it's obvious I have a slight liking for the wizardry darkness).

Arabella Figg's Hogwarts Express
< >An excellent piece of craftsmanship, if I do say so myself. This site is really cute and quite easy to traverse.

Severus Snape's Fan Club
< >I usually don't support cliques (just too dang many of them), but this is for Severus Snape. And it's green and black. ::tweeds::

Harry Potter's Castle
< >A very pretty site that unfortunately hasn't been updated since January 2002. ::sighs::

The Unofficial Tom Felton Website
< >A great site for fans of Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the film.

Enter Hogwarts
< >A very nice RPG site. There are several different contests, a Witch Weekly, and lots of projects!
< >Superb role-playing site with wonderful pictures. 'Tis great, so go check it out.

Tom Felton Fan Club
< >A cute little fan site for Thomas Felton well worth a visit!

Want to Add a Link?
< >I look for very well-done sites with intelligent and thoughtful/amusing content to put up on this list. If you know of one or even a few, by all means tell me about it. Please, no supersites. E-mail me with your address!

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Fan Works Sites

Fiction Alley
< >Damn, I remember when Fiction Alley started. It's an amazing site now, wielding an infinite plethora of fan fictions - including mine. Schnoogle, Riddikulus, the Astronomy Tower, and the Dark Arts are the fiction categories - and absolutely all wonderful.
< >If it ever comes up for a trivia question (which I doubt), it should be known that I started the Harry Potter section at and posted the first story in September 1999. ::grins:: The section has gotten rather huge, but it's still a good site.
< >A site running beside the charity Comic Relief's website, promoting fan fiction and fan art for a better fandom. Go check them out and donate whatever money you can; it's a good cause.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction Dot Net
< >A great and growing site for all sorts of Harry Potter fan fiction. You can submit or read fics, along with "Books" five, six, and seven. :-)

The Sugar Quill
< >Probably the ultimate Ron and Hermione fan fiction website. Tons of stories (and art) for the Ron/Hermione soul. Joyous day.

< >Awesome site for all HP fan fiction, even R and NC-17 fics. It was set up after the debacle and while it's slightly annoying to use, I love the freedom. :-) I'm also archived there.

Magical Theory: Draco & Ginny Fan Fiction
< >Can you say popular ship? Yup, next to Hermione/Draco and Harry/Draco fanfiction, there is Ginny and Draco. This is a fairly large archive for those who like this stuff. :-)

The Marauder's Map
< >Simply one of the best fan art archives you can come by. Tinaling is a featured artist in the Fan Art section and this is her great site. Tinaling's actually promised to do a piece for my fanfiction, The Spirit Room, at one point and I could kiss her for it! :-)

Department of Mysteries
< >Fan fiction archive dedicated solely to Harry Potter crossover fan fictions. ::grins:: It's pretty cool!

Know a Good Fan Archive?
< >I know there must be many more, very good Harry Potter fan fiction archives out there. I just can't find them. Because I'm lazy. But since you aren't lazy, send me some!

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Other Sites

Death Clock
< >The most morbid website I know. You can find out when you'll die (they're kidding, hopefully, of course). Harry Potter is set to die May 12, 2054 while Hermione Granger will pass on the twelfth of January, 2083. I'm scheduled to die in 2025!

Dumb Laws
< >This site is actually run by teenagers (which is cool for me) and they just recently published a book! This site is very cool because you can read all the dorky laws still in the books and read up on outrageous laws in certain countries.

The Lure of the Ring - Adult Slash Fiction
< >Sexual content all over the place here, so it's obviously not for kids and those who are squicked by that, but I love this site. I'm now dedicated to reading Lord of the Rings!

Orligasm : Orlando Bloom Galley
< >Michelle, the webmistress of this incredible site, is a girl after my own heart. She likes Orlando Bloom, she's a helluva good web designer - I should ask her to teach me - and like I said, her site is incredible. I nearly fainted when I saw the picture gallery.

The Ring of Power
< >Nice little Lord of the Rings fan website. Keep up to date on the next movie!

Sanity Test
< >I'm ONLY 94.5454545454545% insane! That's all! ::sobs::

Have a Site to Contribute?
< >Anything odd, strange, francais, or having anything to do with cheese is welcome to be suggested for this section. I'm easily amused!

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