Potter Author Rowling in Secret Wedding

Big Brother won't rewrite this history!

2001 Reuters Limited/AOL Daily News
Saturday, December 29, 2001

< >Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has married her partner Dr Neil Murray in a secret ceremony.

< >A spokeswoman for the 35-year-old author said the wedding took place on December 26 at the writer's new home in Scotland.

< >The spokeswoman could not comment on any of the details regarding the ceremony reported in the News of the World.

< >In a short statement, publicist Nicky Stonehill said: "JK Rowling and Neil Murray were married on December 26 at their house in Perthshire. Their immediate family attended the wedding."

< >According to the statement, 15 close friends and family were present at Killiechassie House, Aberfeldy, which the author bought two months ago.

< >The bride wore a cream outfit designed for her and her eight-year-old daughter Jessica by her first husband was one of three bridesmaids.

< >The others were Ms Rowling's sister Dianne, 33, and Dr Murray's sister Lorna.

< >The paper reported that plans for the wedding were kept secret by the author, who guards her privacy fiercely.

< >It was reported that caterers were hired from 50 miles away in Edinburgh and wedding guests were sworn to secrecy.

< >The minister who conducted the 20-minute ceremony, who was not named, had also been brought in from outside the area, according to the paper.



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