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Barnes and Noble promo picture.

In her London home, making friends with a gargoyle.

In 2001, as she accepted an honorary degree at Oxford.

Just a shot of Joanne, looking pensive.

July 8th, 2000 on a train -- release & first signing of Goblet of Fire

Sort of sneering like she has dung under her nose. Like Narcissa Malfoy!

Her red hair would not have looked very good with that coat; 2001.

Press conference about Book 4 sometime in July 2000.

I personally like the flowers -- can I get them?

Closer up picture same day.

That little boy doesn't look like he knows how lucky he is!

Sad? Depressed? Thoughtful? Or . . . extremely happy?!

National (British) news service television interview.

At that lovely book signing; Goblet of Fire release.



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