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The first colour picture of J. K. Rowling we ever saw; with strawberry-coloured hair.

Again, absolutely no idea where/when this is; she still has red hair!

Book signing of Goblet of Fire somewhere in the United States; cute kid.

Promotion for Comic Relief of Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts. All proceeds from the selling of these books go to the organization, helping kids.

One of the first pictures ever seen of J. K. Rowling, including the red hair, 1999.

The best picture of J. K. Rowling that I have personally ever seen. I love it.

Milling around a German bookstore.

Older picture of Joanne from 1999; with red hair! :-)

A book signing in 2000.

Still from one of the first television interviews.

Picture off of the original Scholastic website for Harry Potter.



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