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< >Welcome to the page for the cast working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! I'm hoping to fill this whole page up with every cast member, even the extras (if a list is released)! And it'll happen, even if I have to run down to the cinema in November 2002 and pay to watch the credits over and over! :-)

< >However, if I don't have all the info I should or you have pictures I should have, E-mail me immediately!! It should be also noted this isn't exactly a complete cast list - this is just for the cast we have pictures of, so if you want to read a complete cast list, click here!


Daniel Radcliffe
NAME: Daniel Radcliffe
AGE: 13
BIRTHDAY: July 23, 1989
PART: Harry James Potter
OTHER WORK: Young David Copperfield (BBC TV), The Tailor of Panama
QUOTE(S): "I cried." (concerning his casting) / "I am supposed to wear glasses, but I never wear them."

Rupert Grint
NAME: Rupert Grint
AGE: 14
BIRTHDAY: August 24, 1988
PART: Ronald "Ron" Weasley
OTHER WORK: School plays, Thunderpants
QUOTE(S): "I got a phone call saying that I had to come up on Monday for a big announcement . . ." (concerning his casting for the movie)

Emma Watson
NAME: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
AGE: 12
BIRTHDAY: April 15, 1990
PART: Hermione Granger
OTHER WORK: School plays
QUOTE(S): "When I found out I was in the film, I [didn't] have a word for it . . ."

Robbie Coltrane
NAME: Robbie Coltrane
AGE: 52
BIRTHDAY: March 30, 1950
PART: Rubeus Hagrid
OTHER WORK: Cracker, Nuns on the Run, GoldenEye, The World is Not Enough, Buddy, Message in a Bottle, On the Nose, Frogs for Snakes, Slipstream, Henry V, Where the Heart Is
QUOTE(S): "I should'na told yeh that."

Maggie Smith
NAME: Dame Maggie Smith
AGE: 67
BIRTHDAY: December 28th, 1934
PART: Professor Minerva McGonagall
OTHER WORK: Sister Act, The First Wive's Club, The Last September, The Secret Garden, Tea With Mussolini, A Room With a View, Death on the Nile, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, & much more, including many plays
QUOTE(S): "I don't know how you three found out about the Stone, but I assure you it's perfectly well protected."

Alan Rickman
NAME: Alan Rickman
AGE: 56
BIRTHDAY: February 21, 1946
PART: Professor Severus Snape
OTHER WORK: Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Rasputin, Sense and Sensibility, Dogma, Galaxy Quest, The Search for John Gissing, "The Billy Elliot Boy" (TV), Standing Room Only
QUOTE(S): "I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensare the senses . . ."

Kenneth Branagh
NAME: Kenneth Branagh
AGE: 41
BIRTHDAY: December 10, 1960
PART: Professor/author Gilderoy Lockhart
OTHER WORK: Hamlet, Wild Wild West, How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog, Alien Love Triangle, The Road to El Dorado

Fiona Shaw
NAME: Fiona Shaw
AGE: 44
BIRTHDAY: July 10, 1958 (?)
PART: [Aunt] Petunia Dursley
OTHER WORK: The Last September, Anna Karenina, The Avengers, Richard III, My Left Foot, The Butcher Boy, Jane Eyre, Super Mario Brothers
QUOTE(S): "Here he comes, the birthday boy!"

Richard Griffiths
NAME: Richard Griffiths
AGE: July 31, 1947
PART: [Uncle] Vernon Dursley
OTHER WORK: Sleepy Hollow, Ghandi, Superman II, Chariots of Fire, Naked Gun 2, King Ralph, Goldeneye, "Pie in the Sky," "Hope and Glory," Blame it on the Bellboy, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Vatel Greystroke.
QUOTE(S): "Dosh, who would send you a letter?"
MORE INFO: Richard Griffiths Fan Site

Ook the Owl
NAME: Ook the Owl
AGE: Between 4 and 8
PART: Hedwig (Harry's owl)
OTHER WORK: Tours schools, wild life zoos, etc. in Britain
QUOTE(S): "Hoo?" (I'm being stupid as I type this; ignore me)

Warwick Davis
NAME: Warwick Davis
AGE: 32
BIRTHDAY: February 3, 1970
PART: Professor Flitwick, the goblin banker at Gringotss
OTHER WORK: Return of the Jedi (an Ewok extra; when he was 11), Labyrinth, Willow, Leprechaun, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (three roles), The Tenth Kingdom (NBC TV mini-series)
QUOTE(S): "Swish and flick!"
MORE INFO: Connie's Warwick Davis Fanpage

Sean Biggerstaff
NAME: Sean Biggerstaff
AGE: 19
BIRTHDAY: March 15, 1983
PART: Oliver Wood (Quidditch Capt. for Gryffindor)
OTHER WORK: The Winter Guest (directed by Alan Rickman)
QUOTE(S): "I took a bludger to the head, two minutes in[to my first Quidditch match]. Woke up in hospital a week later."

Devon Murray
NAME: Devon Murray
AGE: 12
BIRTHDAY: November 1989
PART: Seamus Finnigan
OTHER WORK: Gangs of New York, Angela's Ashes, This is My Father
QUOTES: "I don't appree-cee-ate the insinuation, Longbotten! And if you haven't noticed, my eyebrows have completely grown back!"

Tom Felton Thomas Felton
NAME: Thomas "Tom" Felton
AGE: 14
BIRTHDAY: September 22, 1987
PART: Draco Malfoy
OTHER WORK: Anna and the King, The Borrowers, Second Sight II: Hide and Seek (TV movie), & many commercials
QUOTES: "Red hair, a hand-me-down robe. You must be a Weasley!"
MORE INFO: Tom Felton

Richard Harris
NAME: Richard Harris
AGE: 71
BIRTHDAY: October 1, 1930
PART: Professor Albus Dumbledore
OTHER WORK: Gladiator, Cry My Beloved, Camelot, Unforgiven, & much more
QUOTES: "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

Alfie Enoch
NAME: Alfie Enoch
AGE: 13
BIRTHDAY: December 2, 1988
PART: Dean Thomas
QUOTES: "Hey, Neville's got a remembrall!"

John Cleese
NAME: John Cleese
AGE: 62
BIRTHDAY: October 27, 1939
PART: Nearly Headless Nick
OTHER WORK: Monty Python troupe, The Swan Princess, The Jungle Book, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, George of the Jungle, The Out-of-Towners, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, A Fish Called Wanda, The World is Not Enough, Isnít She Great, Brazil, "Fawlty Towers" (TV series), Time Bandits, Rat Race, Yellowbeard
QUOTES: "[Summer was] dismal. Once again, my request to join the headless hunt was denied."

Julie Walters
NAME: Julie Walters
AGE: 52
BIRTHDAY: February 22, 1950
PART: Mrs. Weasley (orginally rumored to be Madam Hooch)
OTHER WORK: Billy Elliot, Educating Rita, Personal Services, Prick Up Your Ears
QUOTES: " . . . packed with Muggles."

ZoŽ Wannamaker
NAME: ZoŽ Wannamaker
AGE: 53
BIRTHDAY: May 13, 1949
PART: Madam Hooch
OTHER WORK: Wilde, Raggedy Rawney, The Hunger, Gormanghast, Leprechauns (NBC television movie)
QUOTES: "If I see anyone in the air, you'll be out of here faster than you can say Quidditch." NOTES: Her part was cut from the movie after some unhappy dealings with producers and officials at Warner Brothers studios, but we love her anyway. She's a cool Madam Hooch.

Leslie Philipps
NAME: Leslie Philipps
AGE: 77
BIRTHDAY: April 20, 1924
PART: Voice of the Sorting Hat
OTHER WORK: Out of Africa, You Must be Joking!, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
NOTES: May not appear in this movie; could hear a bit of his voice when Ron and Harry follow Snape to the office.

Matthew Lewis
NAME: Matthew "Matt" Lewis
AGE: 11
PART: Neville Longbottom
QUOTES: "You'll get Gryffindor in trouble again! . . . I'll - I'll fight you!"

Jason Isaacs
NAME: Jason Isaacs
AGE: 39
BIRTHDAY: June 6, 1963
PART: Lucius Malfoy (father of Draco)
OTHER WORK: Dragonheart, Event Horizon, Armageddon, End of the Affair, The Patriot, Black Hawk Down, Windtalkers, Peter Pan (2003)
QUOTES: "Your scar is famous . . . and so is the man who gave it to you."

Geraldine Sommerville
NAME: Geraldine Somerville
PART: Lily Evans Potter
OTHER WORK: Gosford Park, Cracker (British television show)

Christian Coulson
NAME: Christian Coulson
AGE: 23
PART: Tom Marvolo Riddle (young Lord Voldemort)
OTHER WORK: The Hours (with Nicole Kidman), The Worst Witch (BBC/HBO show based on the 1986 movie)
QUOTES: "Let's test the power of Salazar Slytherin against the famous Harry Potter." (ooh, sexy. ::coughs very loudly:: I am only kidding.)

Rik Mayall
NAME: Rik Mayall
PART: Peeves the Poltergeist (cut out in 1st movie)
OTHER WORK: Whoops Apocolypse, The Snow Queen (animated), Wind in the Willows (animated), Drop Dead Fred (where he really looks/acts like Peeves!)
QUOTES: "Snotface!"
NOTES: His part was cut in the first movie. Peeves will appear in COS, but as a CG computer graphic and not Mayall.

Hugh Mitchell
NAME: Hugh Mitchell
AGE: 10-13
PART: Colin Creevey
OTHER WORK: Nicolas Nickleby

Harry Melling
NAME: Harry Melling
AGE: 13
BIRTHDAY: March 13, 1989
PART: Dudley Dursley
QUOTES: "Harry's got a lett-ah!"

Bonnie Wright
NAME: Bonnie Wright
PART: Virginia "Ginny" Weasley
OTHER WORK: Swiss Family Robinson (updated version)
QUOTES: "Good luck." ::gags::

David Bradley
NAME: David Bradley
PART: Argus Filch
OTHER WORK: Pas de Trois, Crossings, The World Cup (with Richard Griffiths), Kiss and Tell, Left Luggage, The King is Alive, Blow Dry, Gabriel and Me
QUOTE(S): "Better keep your wits about yeh."

Robert Hardy
NAME: Robert Hardy
AGE: 71
BIRTHDAY: October 29, 1925
PART: Cornelius Fudge
OTHER WORK: Thunderpants, Torpedo Run, Spy Who Came in From the Cold, How I Won the War, Berserk!, Le Silencieux, Yellow Dog, "The Gathering Storm" (TV), Paris By Night, Frankenstein, Mrs. Dalloway, An Ideal Husband, Sense and Sensibility

Mark Williams
NAME: Mark Williams
AGE: 42-44
PART: Arthur Weasley
OTHER WORK: Anita and Me, The Borrowers (with Tom Felton), 101 Dalmations, Shakespeare and Juliet, Sommersby

Gemma Jones
NAME: Gemma Jones
AGE: 59
BIRTHDAY: December 4, 1942
PART: Madam Poppy Pomfrey
OTHER WORK: Bridget Jones' Diary, Sense and Sensibility (with Alan Rickman), The Winslow Boy, Paperhouse, Shanghai Knights

Chris Rankin
NAME: Chris Rankin
AGE: 18
BIRTHDAY: November 8, 1983
PART: Percy Weasley
QUOTE(S): "Caput Draconis" / "We're friends and both very much spoken for!" (said a bit indignantly; concerning his relationship with fellow cast member Sean Biggerstaff." ::can only laugh heartily::
MORE INFO: Chris Rankin Online (official site)


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