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< >With the upcoming PC games (being released November 16, 2001) to the already best-selling board & card games, this section is full of family fun! Your webmistress personally plays the cards with her parents as much as possible and always treats herself to a round of board games each Friday night. It's so much fun and it can be fun for your family, too! Inqueries accepted here and help yourself to the hottest games on the market!


Harry Potter Booster Pack Collector CardBooster Pack
< >The new Harry Potter trading card game literally lets participants play their favorite characters from the book. In the game, two players assume the roles of wizards at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. Each player strategically casts spells and uses magical creatures depicted on the cards to play the game. The first wizard to make his or her opponent's cards "disappear" wins. Each card in the Harry Potter TCG is illustrated with all-new art created specifically for the TCG and captures favorite characters, potions and spells, creatures and situations from the novel. Includes one Booster Pack with 11 cards.

Mystery at Hogwarts Board Game
< >By Mattel. Personally, it's a fabulous thing to have!! ::hugs her game:: It's so awesome. ::grabs Janine and Chris to come play with her:: :-)

260-Piece Puzzle of Potion Preparing
< >By Mattel. Also very cool - Mom, is this on my gift list yet?! ::grins innocently::

300-Piece Puzzle of Fluffy
< >By Mattel. I actually have the poster-form of this in my room. ::gazes at it::

260-Piece Puzzle of Boat Ride w/ Friends
< >By Mattel. Something I wish I had. ::grumbles:: I have no money - I'm so broke it's pathetic!! :-)

Harry Potter Trivia Game
< >By Mattel. Actually, this thing looks very cool!

300-Piece Puzzle of Gringotts
< >By Mattel. Dag nabbit, I want this!!

Quidditch Card Game
< >By Mattel. Unfortunately, this is out of stock, but check frequently.

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