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< >The webmaster of this site, Gypsy, has created this place to bring ease to shopping for Harry Potter products. I know as well as you do its a hassle to find every company that sells Potter merchandise, but you want to know something? You don't have to do that anymore! HPRealm did the work for you!

< >I've gone from the very cool Learning Network to Amazon to Toys R Us to LEGO to Jelly Belly, Inc. and beyond to bring everything right to your fingertips! Just point, click, and buy - that's all you need to do! Every Potter product imaginable is here and ready for you to bring 'em home!

< >This site is always updating with new gadgets, toys, books, and accessories, too! We try to have everything here and if we don't, it's a fluke! Thanks for visiting and we hope you find everything to your liking! (My neighbor is so happy about this site - she bought about $120 dollars worth of stuff through this site and she saved over $55 dollars than going to the store!) :-)

< >If you need assistance, please contact Gypsy at or visit the main site,!

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