Art by Robyn, who can be located at her LiveJournal (mondegreen), 2003. Some of Robyn's comments have been added about the pieces without her permission, but I'm fairly sure she doesn't mind! *g*

This is a profile of Hermione. Please ignore the nose-cut-off. I tried to scan it correctly, but alas, it wouldn't.

For The Spirit Room. Draco in "Death Eater" robes.


And this is Ginny featured in Speak, Desire by Audrey. Am loving that fic. The way she looks is according to the descriptions found in the fic.

This is a picture I drew of Draco and Harry. Inked. Lettering stolen from the cover design of the fantasy book Sabriel by Garth Nix.

From DT. Pansy in the ugly green dress. Ignore the lace, I messed up.

Nekkid Rhysenn.

Blaise Zabini.

A random sad girl leaning against a transparent wall. She is contemplating her sad, sad life and determined to look wistful about it. Maybe you can decide who she is. Inked.

I tried to draw her body in a difficult position (at least to me), while at the same time maintaining a realistic quality. Instead, she came out deformed. Sigh. Colored pencils.

Hermione's portrait. Can only draw faces, but still they come out strange. A bit out of proportion, and her nose is messed up. Colored pencils.

You knew another Speak, Desire Ginny was going to make a showing. Inked and colored.

Fighting!Hermione, shouting out "Silencio!" at that Death Eater dude near the end of Order of the Phoenix.

Silencio! Coloured version of the one above.

Ron clutching to an invisible Harry near the end of Order of the Phoenix.

Art for DV13.

In response to a conversation with Gypsy (Shayna), who now has to write a fic for the piece. Hehe.

It's supposed to be Hermione witnessing an Avada Kevadra hitting its mark. Its mark being a person. I used a mirror (and therefore a reflection of myself), but changed most of the features to fit Hermione's image. Drawn in colored pencil.

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